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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1206: Break Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis felt quite amazing at this moment.

He had comprehended a level nine Law just like that.

However, he also knew that it would only work on the Law of Freedom since it was very weird to begin with.

But hey, he did something that very many people believed to be impossible.

Even more, Gravis’ problem had been solved.

Now, his Will-Aura could theoretically grow to the Peak of the Divine God Realm, but only theoretically.

‘Level one Ancestral God it is,’ Gravis thought. ‘My longevity will increase by three million years, postponing my tribulation, but that isn’t important. There are enough Ancestral Gods in the world that finding a fitting opponent shouldn’t be an issue. I can essentially temper myself whenever I want.’

After a bit of thinking, Gravis looked at the other three with a smirk. “Hey, guys,” Gravis said.

“What?” Dorian asked without looking away from the map.

“I just comprehended a level nine Law.”


These words took a while to register, but they quickly realized what Gravis meant.

“Oh, you mean in the Heaven’s Trial? Congratulations!” Dorian said with a smile.

“No, as in, right now,” Gravis answered with a smirk.


“What do you mean with right now?” Exar asked.

“Like just some seconds ago,” Gravis said.

More silence.

The events of what had just happened shot through everyone’s minds.

They had talked about tactics. Then, Gravis had asked about Stella, and they had told him that she was currently awaiting her tribulation.

That was it.


What did this have to do with comprehending a level nine Law?

What could this possibly have to do with comprehending a level nine Law!?

They did nothing!

They only talked about random things.

It was like they had just met someone, said, “hi, how are you?” and the other person said, “fine, thank you,” and then they comprehended the Law of Heavenly Fire or something.

It was so random!



What led to this sudden comprehension!?

There were no Law Comprehension Areas around here.

Gravis didn’t ingest any Law Comprehension Life Fruits.

He just talked, stood there, and then comprehended a level nine Law.

“What Law?” Dorian asked.

“Sorry, can’t tell you,” Gravis said with a smile. “It’s that one Law that you shouldn’t know about. Knowing about it makes it harder to comprehend it.”

Dorian gritted his teeth in frustration. “What? So you just throw out this bomb and then refuse to elaborate? Why didn’t you just keep it secret!? Now I want to know even more!”

Gravis only smirked. “Because I wanted to tell you.”

“Tch,” Dorian spat to the side. “Asshole.”

“You’re around Meadow too much,” Gravis said with a reprimanding tone. “You are already talking like her.”

“Fuck you! This little shit can’t insult his way out of a little girl’s tea party!” Meadow interjected. “Don’t compare me to amateurs like him!”

“You’re not really better,” Gravis said with a chuckle. “You always just say fuck you, nothing else.”

“I say fuck you because, in comparison to you, I can’t just fuck myself and create clones upon clones of myself. Every time you use this ability called Lightning Fork, you are cloning yourself like some microorganism. You are literally reproducing asexually, which means that you fuck yourself.”

“And that’s why fuck you!”

Gravis looked at Meadow dumbstruck for some seconds.

“Is that the transformation of impossible complexity to all-encompassing simplicity in terms of insults?” Gravis asked.

“Wow, little scaly boy with six arms to masturbate actually managed to understand my intentions. Too bad that he only understood it after I explained such a simple concept to him,” Meadow added.

“You can’t keep up with my slick tongue, so I had to dumb it down for you. Poor Gravis can’t even understand such a basic insult as fuck you.”

“Your slick tongue?” Gravis asked with a smirk. “You wish you had a tongue. You just use it as an insult because Narcissus wishes you had a tongue to make your time together more fun.”

“Keep me out of this,” Narcissus commented, but his comment was buried immediately.

“Tch,” Meadow snorted. “I’m not interested in having some flexible muscle in the middle of my mouth. You eat meat, and you literally have meat moving around between your teeth. Sounds like a dumb idea to have a tongue. I think you’re just mad cause you don’t have fun tentacle-like roots like me. Imagine being restricted to only having a single-digit number of limbs.”

Gravis and Meadow continued to banter with each other while the other three were still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that Gravis had just randomly comprehended a level nine Law.

The reason why Meadow had suddenly gotten involved was because she felt happy for Gravis. Gravis had become more powerful, and she shared her joy with him the only way she knew how to.

By insulting him.

It was a fun little activity between them.

Narcissus only looked on with a bored expression, but he was also surprised that Gravis had just randomly comprehended a level nine Law.

The others hadn’t even comprehended level eight Laws, and Gravis had just comprehended a level nine Law by randomly standing around?

If it hadn’t been Gravis that told them, they would never believe it.

Gravis spent the next 5,000 years talking with everyone in Manuel’s faction. Stella wasn’t here right now, so he spent his time with everyone in the faction.

Gravis met a lot of new people. After such a long time, everyone had already forgotten Gravis.

First of all, a lot of people of the old Myriad Sect had already died.

Second, Gravis had essentially vanished from their perception for a million years.

Third, there were so many new people in Manuel’s faction.

Fourth, no one was able to feel Gravis’ Battle-Strength.

In essence, Gravis didn’t look any different to a normal, average member of Manuel’s faction.

However, this gave Gravis a lot of opportunities to talk with others. Gravis was a very extroverted person, and he enjoyed sharing his ideas, experiences, and philosophies with others.

Even more, he was very approachable since he never boasted about his power.

Everyone was proud of their own power, and they often compared the situations others had been in to how they would have handled it.

Yet, Gravis never did such a thing.

He only listened to others and gave them some hints on what they should do in terms of Law Comprehension.

Some of them accepted the hints since they sounded rather logical, while others dismissed them.

Gravis only felt like an average level nine Star God. He didn’t know them better than themselves, and he didn’t have any outstanding power to show that his path was correct.

However, even though Gravis appeared like a normal level nine Star God, most people still realized that he was not a pushover.


Because they couldn’t feel his Will-Aura.

That meant that his Will-Aura was more powerful than their Will-Aura.

So, everyone that met Gravis believed that his Will-Aura was just one level above their own.

This, in turn, made them think that Gravis’ Law Comprehension was relatively weak. After all, he felt average, and if he had the edge in Will-Aura, it meant that something else had to be weaker.

After Gravis had gotten to know many people of Manuel’s faction, he decided to visit someone.

He wondered how they would react to his newfound power.


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