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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1158: Level Seven Laws Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis went to his room, which was still the same. He hadn’t really changed it, and all the things he had owned as a child were still there. It always felt a bit nostalgic to return to this room.

Yet, all the things also elicited a feeling of disconnect with him. It was like the child that had once played in this room wasn’t him.

Too much had happened.

‘Mortis is currently checking out the True Law of Divine Lightning’s Explosiveness, and he should be done soon. I don’t need his help to comprehend the Material Laws since it wouldn’t save us any time anyway.’

Gravis sat down in his room and put the Space Ring holding the hard pure materials in front of him.

Then, he started the long process of studying the materials and seeing how they interacted when confronted with different forces.

After studying one material thoroughly, Gravis would make it interact with different Elements to see what would happen.

Gravis quickly entered his typical state of comprehending Laws, and time continued to pass.

However, it was always a one-of-a-kind experience when Gravis focused on comprehending Matter Laws. Whenever Gravis focused on a new Elemental Law, he was overwhelmed by all the different rules and workings inside the Law. It always felt like Gravis had to learn entirely new concepts.

Yet, when Gravis looked at the materials, he knew that he only had to look at all of them. Even more, Gravis could see his progress. Every single piece of matter he understood reduced the mountain of materials he still had to comprehend.

Gravis was always uncertain for the first half of comprehending a new Law. He had no idea how long he would need to comprehend the Law, but with materials, he could see how much he had to learn from the very beginning. Seeing an approaching goal made the process of getting there easier and more enjoyable.

This would be the first level seven Law that didn’t rely on any level six or level five Laws, and Gravis wondered how long it would take.

The level seven Law of the Pure Elements, the Law of Temperatures, the Law of Emotions, the Law of Primordial Force, the Law of Perceived Reality, the Law of Sentience, and the Law of the Dead World were all comprised of level five and level six Laws.

Even Gravis’ Form Law was made of level five Laws and the Law of Emotions.

One could argue that the Major Law of Death was a Law that didn’t rely on weaker Laws, but the process of comprehending it was special.

Yet, compared to all of these Laws, the Material Laws didn’t require any weaker Laws.

One had to comprehend the entire level seven Law in one go.

Gravis needed around 15,000 to 20,000 years for a level six Law.

How long would he take for a level seven Law?

Gravis wasn’t sure how long it would take, but he knew that a lot of time would pass. The Myriad Sect would have probably undergone a great evolution when he returned.

Of course, Gravis wouldn’t completely isolate himself. He would still talk with his friends and Stella from time to time, and they could even come to visit him. Gravis was willing to waste a couple of days of getting back into his Law Comprehension headspace for some company.

Meanwhile, Mortis had it a bit harder. Level seven Battle Laws were more sought after than level six Laws, which meant that the Myriad Sect didn’t have many of them.

So, Mortis used his unique ability to become intangible to sneak some Law Comprehension from other Sects.

Of course, even if Mortis couldn’t be contacted while comprehending these level seven Laws, he could still visit the Myriad Sect between sessions.

And thus, time passed.

Mortis was the first one to finish with the True Law of Divine Lightning’s Explosiveness. Since the Law was part of lightning, it didn’t take Mortis very long to comprehend it.

It only took him 10,000 years.

10,000 years for a level seven Law was unimaginably fast for a level seven Law.

On the day Gravis had heard of Mortis’ success, he looked at the mountain of materials he still had to comprehend.

It looked just as imposing as on the first day.

9,000 years later, Mortis comprehended the level seven True Law of Divine Lightning’s Cutting.

Gravis still had a long way to go in comprehending his Material Laws.

For the next 5,000 years, Mortis took a break to spend some time with Azure. Gravis didn’t mind it and only felt happy for Mortis.

Then, Mortis focused on the level seven True Law of Blaze’s Explosiveness.

Now, the true extent of how long it would take to comprehend a level seven Law was unveiled.

Gravis finished one material after the other, and he saw the mountain of materials shrinking.

Only when only 10% of the mountain remained did Gravis hear from Mortis.

87,000 years.

87,000 years was a lot, but it was still way above-average when it came to comprehending level seven Laws.

Gravis was already over 570,000 years old by now.

Mortis took some time off, and Gravis finished the mountain of materials in another 8,000 years.

Gravis closed his eyes and gathered all the insights he had gained over the last nearly 100,000 years.


Gravis comprehended the level seven True Law of Hard Pure Materials.

Gravis smiled, and his mind wandered to the middle world.

Gravis remembered the time Azure had punished him by forcing him to stop advancing in his Realm for a hundred years. Back then, Gravis had met Ferris, and the two of them had concentrated on comprehending Laws for a century.

The first Law Gravis had been interested in was the Hard Complex Material Law. Sadly, Gravis hadn’t known back then that the Hard Complex Material Law had been a level two Law.

After a lot of experimenting, Gravis had finally been able to discern what rank the Composition Laws were. Back then, Gravis hadn’t known that the Composition Laws basically referred to the Law of the Dead World and the Law of Life.

Back then, Gravis had discerned the different levels by using the true name of the level one Hard Pure Material Law his father had told him.

It was the Low-Rank Hard Pure Dead Material Law.

Now, Gravis had gotten rid of the Low-Rank part of the name. Gravis just knew the Hard Pure Dead Material Law now.

There was no Hard Pure Material Law above the one he knew.

Gravis was done with comprehending hard pure materials for good.

‘I now know all the hard pure materials that exist in the entire Cosmos,’ Gravis thought.

‘It feels surreal. The Cosmos is so incomprehensibly huge, and I know all the hard pure materials that exist.’

A moment of silence passed as Gravis only tried to take in his current situation.

‘I’ve truly come a long way. Back in the middle world, I couldn’t even imagine how complex level three Laws are, and now, I comprehended a level seven Law.’

Gravis looked at his hand absentmindedly as he clenched his fingers into a fist and let go again.

‘I’m closing in on the true peak.’


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