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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1157: Similarity Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis had to spend another 300 years just sitting around and waiting for his clients to finish.

One of them died, but the other ones managed to survive. During the tempering, these people hated Gravis and wanted him to die, but after they survived, they were thankful. They even apologized for some of the things they had said.

Gravis simply shooed them away, and when the last person left, he closed shop.

The Secret Name Torture Chambers vanished.

After closing shop, Gravis threw one last glance at the place he had been for a bit less than a thousand years.

‘Just a thousand years for over ten billion God Stones,’ Gravis thought. ‘That’s really an insane amount of money. Sure enough, creating your own business is always the fastest way to become rich.’

After a bit of looking at his old shop, Gravis went to an ore supplier in Opposer City. Usually, these ore suppliers only supplied ore to forgers, but they also sometimes offered these material packages to comprehend a Law.

When Gravis entered the shop, he saw a clerk standing behind the counter. Ore suppliers were rarely visited due to their choice of trade, which was why there were no customers in here.

“Welcome. How can I help you?” the clerk asked with a smile.

“One material package for the True Hard Pure Material Law, please,” Gravis said.

The eyes of the clerk shone with interest.

That’s a lot of money!


Another person arrived beside the clerk. It was a brown-haired woman, and she looked at Gravis with a suggestive smile. “You want to buy a material package?” she asked.

Gravis nodded.

The woman hummed in a sexy voice as she traced her lips with her long fingernails. “Do you have the money?” she asked.

Gravis took out a God Crystal.

When the manager saw the God Crystal, her eyes shone. “Oh my, you have quite some money, don’t you?” she asked with a smile as she got closer. “That’s enough to pay for a material package.”

“I want 800 million God Stones in change,” Gravis immediately said.

The manager’s suggestive smile vanished for a split second, but it quickly returned. “That’s a bit too much. I don’t think we can pay that.”

Gravis only evenly looked at her. “One God Crystal can be sold for two billion God Stones. The fact that I’m only asking for 1.8 billion God Stones is already allowing you to make an additional profit on top of the sale of the material package.”

“I’ve also owned several businesses in this city, and I know that my offer is acceptable.”

The manager slightly narrowed her eyes, but her narrowed eyes transformed into bedroom eyes. “Don’t take advantage of a poor girl like me,” she said.

“Then, I have a different business proposition,” Gravis said. “You buy the material packages for the True Medium Pure Law and the True Soft Pure Law, and I will buy the set of three for two God Crystals. That should come to 1.5 billion God Stones per God Crystal.”

The manager thought about Gravis’ proposal while playing with her hair. “That’s a possibility, but I have to deduct a hundred million God Stones for all the additional administration effort.”

Gravis’ smile vanished as he looked with an even look at the manager. “Don’t push it. Take it or leave it.”

The manager was a bit taken aback by Gravis’ “outburst”. The guy had appeared so polite and innocent when he had entered. That was also why the manager had tried her best to earn more money with her beautiful and seductive actions.

Yet, when Gravis had told her to take it or leave it, it was like he hadn’t viewed her as a potential romantic interest but as just another random person in the city.

“Fine,” the manager said, her romantic tone gone. Now, she sounded like a typical manager. “Wait here. I don’t trust my employees with so much money. I’ll buy the two packages myself.”

Gravis only nodded.


The manager vanished, and the clerk created a contract for Gravis to sign. After reading through the contract, Gravis signed it. If there were any hidden tricks with the contract, Gravis would have seen them.

A couple minutes later, the manager returned with two Space Rings. Even at this level, Space Rings were the primary form of trading.

The manager put a third space ring down. “These are the three packages. Please check if everything is present.”

Gravis looked into the first space ring.

So many materials!

There were kilometers of space filled with colorful ore, earth, stone, and other kinds of hard matter.

Gravis quickly checked through everything and realized that everything was present. Gravis knew what should be inside the material packages since his mother had given him the properties and names of the materials.

Nothing was missing.

A bit of every hard pure material in the entire highest world was present in this Space Ring. It must have taken an unreal amount of effort to gather all these different materials in one place.

Gravis put the first Space Ring down and looked at the second one.

Wood, leather, sand, brittle stone, and other similar materials littered the Space Ring. There weren’t as many materials in this Space Ring as in the first one, but that was normal. The hard materials were always the most numerous.

Nothing was missing from the second Space Ring.

Then, Gravis looked into the third Space Ring.

Colorful gasses and liquids filled the Space Ring, and it wasn’t easy to discern all the different materials, but Gravis had enough experience in the Matter Laws to notice all the differences.

The third Space Ring was also fine.

Gravis nodded, summoned two God Crystals, and put them on the counter.

“Everything checks out,” he said.

The manager pocketed the two God Crystals, and her smile had returned. She had been quite nervous since she was not normally selling these other two material packages. She had feared that something was wrong with them, and her insurance wouldn’t have covered her loss since she was selling something that wasn’t normally in her assortment.

“Thank you for your purchase. Please visit us again,” she said politely.

Gravis just waved nonchalantly as he exited the shop. “Thanks, bye.”


Gravis teleported away and appeared in an empty room.

“Mind if I stay here until I’m done?” Gravis asked.

“It’s your home,” the Opposer answered.

“Thanks, father,” Gravis said as he walked to the room’s entrance.

However, Gravis stopped and turned to his father as he remembered something.

The Opposer was simply sitting in the middle of the room with closed eyes, something he had been doing ever since Gravis had been born. Back then, Gravis had always been confused about what his father was doing all day, but now, he knew.

“How hard is it to manage your Cosmos?” Gravis asked.

The Opposer opened his eyes and glanced at his son for a second.

Then, he closed his eyes again.

“I’ve gotten used to it,” he said.

Gravis nodded a bit.

“Was Orthar right? Are you continually fighting against Death?” he asked.

“If I weren’t fighting against Death, the old bastard would have already killed me,” the Opposer answered. “Don’t assume he is the victim. He was the one that attacked first.”

“You should know what I mean because you went through the same thing.”

Gravis lifted an eyebrow. “I did?” he asked.

“The old bastard tried to kill me, and he was too powerful for me. With my power back then, I was helpless in front of him. As soon as I returned, I would be killed. This forced me into this path of perpetual war with Death. Does this remind you of something?”

Gravis’ eyes widened as he remembered something.

Wasn’t this just like when he had attuned his Spirit to lightning?

The lower Heaven had pushed Gravis again and again, and Gravis had been too weak to fight against it. So, he had made a very risky and self-destructive decision by attuning his Spirit to Destruction Lightning.

In a sense, Gravis had been in the same position as his father.

Gravis nodded. “I’ve never noticed the similarity. You don’t have to worry, father. I’m not a child anymore. I can see right and wrong with my own eyes,” Gravis answered.

The Opposer opened his eyes again and looked at his son.

Then, a slight smirk appeared on his lips. “You’re right. You’re not a child anymore.”

Gravis nodded. “Anyway, I’ll get to comprehending my Laws.”

The Opposer only nodded wordlessly.


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