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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1159: Surrender Bahasa Indonesia

After finishing the True Law of Hard Pure Materials, Gravis took a break and visited the Myriad Sect.

The Myriad Sect had gained over 500 Star Gods during the last 100,000 years, which was a crazy amount.

However, one had to remember that there had only been so few Star Gods in the world because of what the Opposer had done in the past.

So, the other Sects also gained far more Star Gods.

The Grand Gravity Sect, especially, had over a thousand Star Gods now.

When it came to the number of Star Gods, the Grand Gravity Sect could stomp out the Myriad Sect.

However, the strength of the Myriad Sect’s Elders was what stopped the Grand Gravity Sect from attacking.

Stella, Azure, and Manuel were absolute freaks when it came to Battle-Strength.

Yet, the Myriad Sect was even more powerful than the Grand Gravity Sect anticipated.

Exar’s organization had also gained over 300 Star Gods.

Even more, Meadow and Narcissus had become incredibly powerful with all the Laws they had absorbed. Luckily, they were hidden deep beneath the Sect, and not even the Ancestral Gods of the other Sects noticed the two of them.

Speaking of Meadow and Narcissus, a thick forest with gigantic trees was around the Myriad Sect. Right now, the Myriad Sect was in the middle of a jungle, and a huge amount of the trees had even reached the Immortal Realm.

Even some beasts ranging from the Body Tempering Realm to the Law Comprehension Realm were living in the forest. Of course, the Myriad Sect didn’t attack these beasts. They were only in the Law Comprehension Realm at most, and such a beast couldn’t even threaten the weakest disciple.

The forest mostly acted as a lovely garden to look at. The disciples enjoyed watching the wars between the tribes since it reminded them of their past.

Right now, the Myriad Sect had the power to flatten all the other Sects in the surroundings. Their open power was already enough to stop the other Sects from attacking, and their hidden power would easily make them the hegemon of this area.

The three Ancestral Gods Orpheus had pulled in to help Gravis to overcome his Sin Aura were getting impatient. They were only in the Myriad Sect to eventually join the Eternal Fire Sect.

The three Ancestral Gods knew about the power of the Myriad Sect, and they pushed Manuel, again and again, to finish off the other Sects. On top of that, they also started to ask for several changes in the Sect to increase its power even more.

However, Manuel was the Sect Master. Usually, the Ancestors were the indirect leaders of a Sect since they were the most powerful members, but it was different in the Myriad Sect.

Manuel was the official and unofficial leader of the Myriad Sect. Whatever he said counted.

Of course, the Ancestral Gods became angry more than once when Manuel shot down one of their suggestions, but there was nothing they could do about it.

Orpheus trusted Manuel completely with the Sect, and Orpheus wasn’t even present in the Sect. He was outside, comprehending more Laws. If he needed to return, he could simply crush an emblem to teleport back.

Because of that, Manuel could very directly refuse the Ancestral Gods’ suggestions. Orpheus was Manuel’s backing, and the three Ancestral Gods couldn’t even attempt to fight Orpheus.

Orpheus was essentially keeping the three Ancestral Gods in line.

Gravis spent some time with Stella before going back to comprehending more Laws.

10,000 years later, Gravis went back to Opposer City to comprehend the True Law of Medium Pure Materials.

Mortis was already comprehending the Law of Blaze’s Cutting.

Another long period of comprehension passed.

Mortis finished the Law of Blaze’s Cutting in 80,000 years.

Gravis took a total of 100,000 years to comprehend the True Law of Medium Pure Materials.

Gravis was now 690,000 years old.

Gravis decided to take another break and visited the Myriad Sect again.

The forest was even bigger, and the number of Star Gods had exploded to over 25,000.

Sadly, the total number of Peak Immortal Emperors took a hard hit.

Over 200,000 years had already passed, and the Peak Immortal Emperors had already gone through one round of tribulation, which killed off a lot of the disciples.

However, the tribulations were also the reason for the explosive growth of the Star Gods.

What about the Grand Gravity Sect?

They had 7,000 Star Gods.

Even if all of the other Sects united, they couldn’t even attempt to fight the Myriad Sect.

All the Sects knew that the Myriad Sect was essentially already the winner of this huge war.

Even more, the number of Star Gods in the other Sects wasn’t growing but shrinking.

The Star Gods and Peak Immortal Emperors weren’t stupid, and they knew that they couldn’t possibly win a war with the Myriad Sect.

So, they left their Sects to join the Myriad Sect.

In just the 10,000 years of Gravis’ break, the Grand Gravity Sect had lost over 5,000 Star Gods, making the Sect fall to only 2,000 Star Gods.

Eventually, the first Sect arrived in front of the Myriad Sect to discuss a surrender.

The Ancestor offered up all the remaining disciples for a spot in the Myriad Sect, but Manuel declined.

“Your disciples will come to me regardless. I already technically own them. You can’t sell me my own things,” Manuel said with a smile.

Of course, the Ancestor exploded with anger, but she couldn’t do anything.

She only threw a look at the three Ancestral Gods standing behind Manuel.

All three of them were above her in Realm.

Then, she offered the Law Comprehension Areas of her Sect. As long as she refused to capitulate, the Myriad Sect wouldn’t have access to them.

“First of all, I can just declare an attack. As soon as I declare it, your remaining disciples will join me, and even if I don’t declare an attack, I just have to wait some more,” Manuel said with a smile.

The Ancestor exploded with anger again.

However, anger was useless, and she quickly gave her next offer.

“One billion God Stones,” she said.

“Not enough,” Manuel answered.

“I don’t have more,” she said with narrowed eyes.

“Are you willing to continue that conversation in an Honesty Chamber?” Manuel asked with a smile.

The Ancestor didn’t answer.

“If there is no way for me to join the Eternal Fire Sect, I might as well destroy all the members in my Sect. The Sect is mine, and I won’t lose any Karmic Luck by destroying what’s mine. Accept the billion God Stones,” she demanded.

Surprisingly, Manuel only smiled.

“Bright Furnace, can you take care of her?” Manuel transmitted to one of the Ancestral Gods behind him.

Bright Furnace only furrowed his brows. “Ancestral Gods are not allowed to fight each other in this area. The Eternal Fire Sect forbids it. I can’t even attempt to capture her since that also counts as a fight. The Eternal Fire Sect doesn’t like it when its rules are being broken. If we break the rules, we will lose the status as one of the Eternal Fire Sect’s subsidiary Sects.”

“That will allow other Ancestral Gods to attack the Myriad Sect.”

“I suggest you accept the billion God Stones.”

Manuel’s brows furrowed.

That was an issue.


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