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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1156: Rich! Bahasa Indonesia

Seeing the fateful day again left an impactful feeling in Gravis.

‘Just wait. One day, I will be just as powerful, and all of this will end,’ Gravis thought.

‘But for now, I have to concentrate on this boring life for a bit longer.’

And thus, time continued to pass for Gravis.

Harold had been quite distraught by the event, but he continued living. His focus had changed, and he focused on becoming more powerful.

After the fateful day, the entire world underwent an upheaval.

Sects filled with Ancestral Gods were annexing all the empty land for themselves and creating subservient Sects.

The powerful Sects had become even more powerful.

And just 30,000 years later, Gravis had appeared in the highest world as a Peak Immortal Emperor.

Gravis could scarcely believe that only this little bit had passed between the time he had embarked on his journey and the time he had returned as a Peak Immortal Emperor.

‘For the people in the highest world, this really only feels like it happened yesterday,’ Gravis thought. ‘Time dilation can be truly scary.’

The remaining 200,000 or so years passed relatively quickly, and the scene switched to the time Harold had been abducted by the Vice-Sect Master of the Lost Wind Sect.

By now, Gravis also knew why the Vice-Sect Master had chosen someone from his own Sect.

Gravis opened his eyes as Samsara ended, and he quickly activated the formation for the True Law of Suffering again.

The people in the main hall had gotten a second of pause just now, but that couldn’t be helped.

“Kill him, please,” Gravis said.


The Ancestral God, Harold, turned into dust before Gravis.

After that, Gravis transformed into lightning and entered his original body again.

The original body of Gravis looked at the Vice-Sect Master of the Lost Wind Sect and summoned a jade token.

Gravis had written down all the relevant knowledge on this jade token.

The Vice-Sect Master quickly read through the jade token, and his brows furrowed.

“I knew it,” he said mostly to himself. Then, he looked at Gravis. “You will keep this a secret, right?”

Gravis nodded. “I will keep all of this secret,” Gravis answered.

The Vice-Sect Master nodded. “Then, thanks. Your service has been more valuable than I had expected.”

“No problem,” Gravis answered.

The Vice-Sect Master handed over ten God Crystals.


And the Vice-Sect Master teleported away.

Now, the question was, why had the Vice-Sect Master chosen an Ancestral God of one of his subservient Sects?

Well, Harold had been a spy for another Peak Sect.

All these super-secret dealings were reports and orders from the actual Peak Sect he belonged to.

The information Gravis had retrieved was the identities of the other spies, the identity of the other Sect, and the plans of the other Sect.

The Vice-Sect Master had known that Harold was a spy, but he hadn’t known the identity of the other Sects.

But now he knew.

Gravis’ actions had once more indirectly resulted in many powerful people dying.

Over ten Ancestral Gods would receive false information, which would lure the other Peak Sect into disadvantageous battles, changing the entire outcome of the battle.

Sometimes, a Star God could seal the fates of many powerful Ancestral Gods and Divine Gods.

The Vice-Sect Master had been annoyed that Gravis had demanded an Ancestral God, but now, he felt like he had benefited a lot.

Ten billion God Stones for such important information was a steal.

“Mom, could you please hide our shop from any prying eyes in the future. There might come more Divine Gods to check out the shop after today. However, we closed for business, and I can’t go through another such intense round of Samsara,” Gravis transmitted.

“Of course. How do you feel?” The Economistress asked Gravis.

“It’s not really a bad feeling. I simply feel like I have gotten older. It feels natural, but it obviously isn’t natural, which makes this entire situation feel surreal,” Gravis answered.

“You only have to become more powerful. Try to refrain from using Samsara,” the Economistress transmitted.

“I will,” Gravis answered. “My body has only lived for about 460,000 years, but my mind has lived for millions. I’m an old man stuck in the body of a young man,” Gravis said with a joking tone.

Gravis and his mother continued talking for a long time. Right now, Gravis only had to wait for his other clients to leave.

While waiting for his clients to finish their sessions, Gravis looked at the ten God Crystals. They looked blue, and Gravis could feel a terrifying amount of power in them.

He had never seen or touched a God Crystal.

Each God Crystal had the Energy of one billion God Stones inside it, but the Crystal itself was worth far more. After all, it was difficult to get them.

It was true that Gravis had gotten ten billion God Stones worth of Energy, but the Vice-Sect Master had essentially given Gravis about 20 billion.


Two of the God Crystals vanished.

The Economistress had taken her share.

Gravis didn’t mind that two God Crystals vanished. They hadn’t been his, to begin with.

“Mom, could you convert six of them to God Stones?” Gravis asked.


Six God Crystals vanished, and Gravis felt a knock on his Spirit Space. Gravis allowed the knocking force to enter, and his mother dumped a mountain of God Stones in Gravis’ Spirit Space.

“Thanks,” Gravis said.

“No thanks necessary. I also profited quite a bit,” she answered with a smirk.

Gravis looked with a wide smirk at his new mountain of God Stones.

‘I’m fucking rich!’

Gravis now had enough God Stones to theoretically become an Ancestral God, but he obviously wouldn’t do that.

If he did, his Battle-Strength would become worthless.

However, Gravis still increased his Realm.

Gravis absorbed a couple million God Stones and reached the fourth level in the Star God Realm.

Why the fourth?

Well, Gravis’ Will-Aura was equivalent to the ninth level of the Star God Realm, which was too powerful for Gravis to find a good opponent while being in the first level of the Star God Realm.

So, Gravis went to the fourth level.

Between the third and fourth level, a two-level jump would take place. After all, the first third of the Realm was over, which represented the Early Star God Realm.

The Middle Star God Realm would go from the fourth to the sixth level, and the Late Star God Realm would go from the seventh to ninth level.

While Gravis was at the fourth level of the Star God Realm, someone at the ninth level would be six levels above him due to the two-level jump between the sixth and seventh level.

That would be perfect as tempering.

Of course, an unreal amount of time would have to pass for level nine Star Gods to actually exist in the highest world again, but Gravis didn’t need to wait.

Gravis already had a plan.

First, he would comprehend the three level seven Matter Laws.

After that, he would need to upgrade his Form Law with all the level seven Battle-Laws.

Following that, he would go to a Heaven’s Trial and get a great opponent.

Then, his Will-Aura should be in the Ancestral God Realm, and Gravis could increase his Realm again.

Lastly, he would concentrate on the level eight Laws, which would be followed by tempering himself against Ancestral Gods.


Gravis looked at the screaming people beside him.

‘But first, I need to wait for them to finish.’


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