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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1155: Fateful Day Bahasa Indonesia

Several people were still screaming around Gravis, but those were the old clients that had already paid. Gravis was about to close his shop, but he couldn’t just abort their sessions.

Meanwhile, the Vice-Sect Master of the Lost Wind Sect threw the Ancestral God over to Gravis. “This one is fine,” he said.

Gravis nodded. He tried to show a polite smile but realized that the other side wouldn’t be able to see it through his hood.

Well, as long as the intentions were there.


The Ancestral God was teleported to an isolated room, and shortly after that, a second Gravis also appeared.

Gravis couldn’t just stop the treatment while undergoing Samsara.

“Keep him steady,” Gravis transmitted to his mother.

Then, Gravis took out his saber and unleashed Samsara on the unconscious Ancestral God.

Samsara immediately started, and Gravis was greeted with the familiar scene of a mother looking at her newborn.

Gravis emotionally and spiritually distanced himself from whatever was happening. The relevant things would only start when the Ancestral God became a Star God.

Nearly a million years passed as Gravis absentmindedly watched.

Time was passing far faster than Gravis was used to, and he realized that this wasn’t a good thing.

‘My perception of time is getting worse and worse. At some point, I will probably feel like I just took a break to do something, but like a million years would have passed for Stella.’

‘My life is filled with irrelevant memories from irrelevant dead people. The majority of my life hasn’t been lived living my life.’

‘This feels like such a waste.’

Gravis spent a long time thinking about his life and the effects Samsara had on his person. Luckily, he had plenty of time right now.

After an unknown period of time, Gravis saw the person becoming a Star God.

At that point, Gravis started to pay attention somewhat frequently.

Whenever the person interacted with his friends, family, or Sect, Gravis noted down all of these interactions in his mind. He was here to do a job, and he had to do it well.

The client had paid good money.

At some point, the victim, Harold, joined a Sect with the name of Greenvile Sect.

The Greenvile Sect had over a hundred Ancestral Gods, and it was only a bit weaker than the current Eternal Fire Sect.

‘That’s probably the Sect he is currently part of,’ Gravis thought.

Then, Gravis snorted.

‘It’s actually funny. The Greenvile Sect is a subservient Sect to the Lost Wind Sect. Yet, the Vice-Sect Master brought me an Ancestral God of the Greenvile Sect, knowing full well that he will not survive Samsara.’

‘I mean, he will probably survive Samsara. According to what I’ve been seeing, the guy seems rather in tune with himself. There don’t seem to be that many regrets. Additionally, he has quite a powerful Will-Aura. However, mom will just kill him after we’re done. I can’t let someone like that survive.’

‘Wonder why the guy brought me someone from one of his subservient Sects.’

Time passed, and Gravis paid attention to the important parts.

Gravis also paid a lot of attention whenever Harold was comprehending Laws. Gravis couldn’t experiment with the Laws himself, but he could see what the other person did whenever someone else was present. It wouldn’t grant him comprehension of another Law, but it would give him quite some experience with multiple Laws.

For the first time, Gravis also saw the world before his father’s fight with Heaven.

Star Gods were everywhere.

There were still more Peak Immortal Emperors, but Sects filled with nothing but Star Gods littered the highest world.

The average number of Law Comprehension Areas a Sect owned were also far lower. There were simply far more Sects and far more Cultivators, making it harder to gain control over a Law Comprehension Area.

More time passed, and Harold comprehended his level eight Law.

‘The True Law of Ancestral Wood’s Soul Consumption, huh?’ Gravis thought. ‘Quite an exotic Law. The guy mainly keeps attacking his enemies’ Spirits.’

Shortly after comprehending a level eight Law, Harold became an Ancestral God. When he became an Ancestral God, he also truly joined the actual core of the Greenvile Sect.

More time passed, and Gravis kept gathering data on the Greenvile Sect. He recorded everything from deals, to interpersonal relationships, to the Sect’s history, to the secret dealings, and whatever else was relevant.

The deals were especially interesting. All these deals had plenty of security measures and clauses in place to stop any side from divulging any kind of information. The people that had been present had even undertaken oaths to keep everything a secret.

Even if Harold wanted to, he couldn’t tell anyone about these things. He would have died before he could divulge any kind of information. Even Cultivators with Soul and Mind Laws wouldn’t be able to overcome these restrictions.

These were restrictions that a Sect would only accept if something could never see the light of day.

Even torturers wouldn’t be useful for these kinds of deals. At most, the torturer could get all the other information, but the truly sensitive stuff would remain hidden.

However, Gravis saw all of this with Samsara. No Sect put any security measures on the Law of Perceived Reality.


Well, if someone that knew the Law of Perceived Reality went against them, they would be helpless anyway. Only the strongest Divine Gods knew the Law of Perceived Reality. Protecting oneself from such a person was just wasted effort.

It was like a mortal village building a gigantic shield above it to ward off sudden meteorites striking them. No one would do that.

Then, the fateful day arrived.

Harold saw several of his children, friends, colleagues, and family dying to the Opposer’s actions.

They had all been in the Star God Realm.

For the first time, Gravis saw the impact that his father’s actions had had on the world. Back then, Gravis hadn’t really known anything about the highest world, and he hadn’t known how immense the consequences of his father’s actions were.

Entire Sects had become silent as everyone died.

People fighting had suddenly died.

The leaders of some Sects had died, with their disciples mourning them.

Masters saw their disciples die in swathes in more powerful Sects.

The part of the highest world reserved for Star Gods had become desolate.

The mortals didn’t feel much difference since Heaven had deleted their memories. Their world hadn’t changed.

Yet, all the Star Gods for billions of kilometers around them had vanished.

The areas, which had been reserved for Star God Sects, had become a land ruled by some Immortals that had accidentally entered the place.

For the mortals, it was like all the ethereal and legendary Gods had vanished from the face of the world.

Gravis had been prepared but seeing everything for himself still gave him a profound feeling of emptiness.

The scene reminded Gravis of the time he had comprehended the Minor Law of Death.

There was still life present, but all of it was weak and simple.

After having gone through a condensation of a Sin Aura himself, Gravis could also now truly appreciate how much damage his father had caused Heaven.

Gravis had only killed about 20 Star Gods, and he had nearly died to that debt.

In comparison, the Opposer had killed an unimaginable number of Star Gods.

This had truly been a heavy hit to Orthar.

Back when Gravis had seen this day for himself, he hadn’t even known what a Star God was. He had only known that Star Gods had to be powerful, judging by the name of their Realm.

Gravis had been nothing but a mere 14-year-old boy back then.

All of these things had been hundreds of thousands of years away from him.

Even the beggars had appeared unfathomably powerful. The beggars could teleport! How powerful were they!?

And now, the beggars in Opposer City just looked like beggars to Gravis.

They could only live as beggars in Opposer City or go to the Middle Regions of the highest world. Opposer City was in the Core Regions, and Immortals couldn’t possibly live there on their own.

They could only live there by seeking refuge in Opposer City.

Gravis also looked at the clash between his father and Orthar, just like Harold.

Gravis and Harold were only onlookers to an apocalyptic battle on the horizon.

It was like two worlds clashed, and they were mere insects caught in the crossfire.

Back when Gravis had only been a young boy, he had been unable to tell anything from what was happening.

Now, Gravis could understand a bit more, but not much more.

Gravis could feel the fluctuations of the Major Law of Death, and he could feel the unimaginable power of Orthar’s lightning.

However, that was it.

Everything else was still completely unknown to Gravis.

‘Father and Orthar are still unfathomably more powerful than me.’


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