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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1149: Power Surge Bahasa Indonesia

More time passed.

15,000 years after Mortis got together with Azure, Gravis managed to finish the Law of Stone. It had taken longer than expected since he didn’t have Mortis’ help during all of this.

Mortis was spending nearly all of his time with Azure, which was a good thing in Gravis’ mind. Gravis knew how it felt to be in love, and he wasn’t angry with Mortis. After all, Gravis had also spent a lot of time with Stella back then while Mortis was comprehending more Laws.

This was the first time that Mortis didn’t focus on power, which showed that Mortis finally had found something that he found more important.

Mortis finally found happiness.

From what it looked like, Azure and Mortis were a perfect couple, and they were constantly with each other.

Mortis had even once come to Gravis and had thanked him sincerely for giving him the chance to experience life again. The old Mortis had decided to sacrifice himself for Gravis, but the new Mortis couldn’t imagine sacrificing himself for anything.

Gravis only smiled brightly and told Mortis that there was nothing to be thanked for.

After Gravis had comprehended the Law of Stone, he had also directly finished the level seven Law of Pure Elements, which allowed Gravis’ Law of the Dead World to use the Pure Elements instead of the Mixed Elements.

For Gravis, this didn’t make a difference. The Mixed Elements could be pushed to the power of a level seven Law, and they would only have trouble in becoming more powerful after that. For example, Stella had the Law of the Dead World as her Avatar, which gave it the power of a level eight Law. However, the Mixed Elements could only be pushed to the power of a level 7.5 Law.

Meanwhile, if Stella had the level seven Law of Pure Elements, the Elements could be pushed to the power of a level eight Law, and they could even be strengthened further to the power of a level 8.5 Law. Of course, there wasn’t actually a way to push these Elements any further without the True Law of the Dead World or the Major Law of the True World.

It had taken a while, but Gravis had finally finished the level seven Law of the Pure Elements.

The next Law Gravis was focused on was the level seven Law of Temperatures, which also required the level six Laws of Heat and Cold.

Sadly, the Myriad Sect only had access to a Law Comprehension Area for the level six Law of Heat. Gravis would need to go somewhere else for the level six Law of Cold.

Comprehending the level six Law of Heat only took Gravis 10,000 years, which was incredibly fast for a level six Law. This was one of the reasons why Gravis had focused on the level seven Law of Pure Elements. Nearly everything physical was derived from the Elements in some way, and knowing everything about the Elements would make it far easier to comprehend related Laws.

Gravis inquired about the level six Law of Cold, and he got some great news.

Narcissus knew the level six Law of Cold, and he could simply give Gravis some Law Comprehension Life Fruits. Payment wasn’t necessary since Gravis was essentially the backer and spiritual pillar for the Myriad Sect.

So, Gravis comprehended the level six Law of Cold in just a couple of centuries.

After that, Gravis isolated himself and concentrated on comprehending the level seven Law of Temperatures. He didn’t need a Law Comprehension Area to comprehend that Law. He only needed to combine the Law of Cold and Heat.

Of course, it still took a long time, and if Gravis hadn’t already known so many level seven Laws, he would have even needed to temper himself.

Comprehending a level seven Law was far more difficult and time-consuming than comprehending a level six Law.

In total, Gravis spent around 40,000 years comprehending the level seven Law of Temperatures.

And before he knew it, the 100,000 years of peace were about to come to an end.

As promised, Gravis left the Myriad Sect and went on his way, and Mortis followed him.

Mortis had spent enough time with Azure, and Mortis knew that he also had to work on his own path to power. He had already started to feel guilty for leaving Gravis alone in comprehending Laws.

This time, Gravis and Mortis wouldn’t protect the Myriad Sect secretly.

If the Myriad Sect lost any war, they would be at the total mercy of their opponents.

Of course, Gravis did all of this to allow the Myriad Sect to rise. Under his constant protection, the Myriad Sect couldn’t truly undergo tempering. They had to take real risks and face real dangers to grow.

Naturally, another reason why Gravis left was that the Myriad Sect had undergone a huge transformation.

By now, the Myriad Sect had over 40 Star Gods and over ten million Peak Immortal Emperors.

The Peak Immortal Emperors could delay many level one Star Gods, and the actual Star Gods of the Myriad Sect were outstanding.

Even more, the Myriad Sect had three very outstanding Star Gods.

The first one was Manuel, who had finally managed to comprehend a level seven Form Law without any help from the Law of Emotions. If Manuel added the Law of Emotions, the Form Law would be able to unleash the power of a level eight Law.

Manuel’s Form Law was even more powerful than Gravis’ Form Law at this moment.

Manuel could jump two levels in the Star God Realm, which was insane. One had to remember that Realm jumps in the Star God Realm were very different from Realm jumps in the earlier Realms.

The second outstanding Star God was Stella. Stella had been with Gravis, which meant that she had also already benefited from all of his Laws.

Stella could now use the Major Law of the Dead World to augment the level six Pure Elements and the Law of Temperatures.

This meant that Stella had access to nine Elements with the power of level eight Laws.

Together with Stella’s powerful Will-Aura, she was now able to jump three levels, which was a level that only the most powerful geniuses of the Peak Sects could achieve.

Stella now fully counted as one of the Star Gods with the most powerful Battle-Strength.

The third outstanding Star God was Azure.

One had to remember that it wasn’t only Gravis that knew the Law of Empathy. Mortis also knew it, and his time with Azure had transformed her.

Azure had comprehended nearly all of the Laws that Stella knew, and she now also had access to the Law of the Dead World together with the level seven Laws of Temperatures and Pure Elements.

Sadly, Azure’s newly condensed Will-Aura was only a bit above average, which only allowed her to fight someone two levels above herself.

These three were the most powerful Star Gods in the Myriad Sect. They were so powerful that even Peak Sects would specifically send someone to scout them if they knew that these three existed.

Of course, one also couldn’t forget Exar, Narcissus, Broad Walker, and Meadow. The four of them could fight one level above themselves, which was also incredible.

Lastly, the Myriad Sect had also accepted two new members, and they were very familiar to the Elders.

One of them was a new level one Star God, and the other one was a Peak Immortal Emperor.

When those two joined, the Elders welcomed them with open arms. Gravis was also there to welcome them with pride.

They were Jake and Yersi.

Jake had become a Star God, and Yersi had become a Peak Immortal Emperor.

Gravis had been in the highest world for nearly 200,000 years now, which was about 40% of his entire life. When he had come back from the higher world, Yersi had still been an Immortal, but that had changed.

Yersi had comprehended a couple of level six Laws by now, and she had been only missing one more to create a level seven Law.

The Law that she was missing was the level six Law of Time. After comprehending it, Yersi could create the Law of Primordial Force.

Gravis happily helped Yersi in comprehending this Law by giving her a trip through Samsara.

And then, Yersi had also become a Star God.

For the first time, Yersi and her husband were on the same level of power, and they also joined all their friends and family.

Yersi and Jake were now truly a part of Gravis’ group of friends and family.


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