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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1148: Love Bahasa Indonesia

Narcissus and Meadow eventually extended their roots into the mausoleum, and they quickly started to absorb all the Laws inside the mausoleum.

Of course, since they didn’t want to waste anything, the absorption would take a long time, over 50,000 years in fact, but by the end of it, they would have both comprehended many Laws. They might even be able to comprehend over ten level six Laws each, which was ridiculously fast.

Gravis alone needed about 20,000 years for a level six Law, and with Mortis’ help, it would become two level six Laws. In 50,000 years, they would only be able to comprehend five level six Laws.

Yet, Meadow and Narcissus would comprehend over double that amount during that timeframe, which was ridiculous. After all, Gravis was already very fast when it came to comprehending Laws.

So, the Myriad Sect went back to its peaceful and isolated state. Right now, all the disciples were focused on comprehending Laws and increasing their Realm. They had gone through a lot of tempering, and they had to make use of that past tempering to increase their actual power.

However, just a couple of years after all of this, a humongous surprise shook the Sect.

Their Commander had gotten into a relationship with Mortis.

When Gravis heard that Mortis and Azure were now together, he had been unable to think for nearly a minute.

Azure hadn’t even been on Gravis’ radar for an eventual partner for Mortis.

Yet, as Gravis continued thinking about this new development, he realized that it actually shouldn’t be that surprising.

Azure was very similar to Mortis in many ways. Both of them didn’t talk much, and both of them also kept a certain distance from others. It was like both of them were uncomfortable with getting close to others.

However, this discomfort wasn’t because of malice or derision but because of a fear of committing mistakes when talking to others. Mortis thought of himself as an unfeeling, cold villain that only cared about himself. Meanwhile, Azure was uncertain of how humans processed their emotions, and she didn’t want to accidentally step on someone’s toes.

One could say that both of them were overly careful, for one reason or another.

Gravis actually had no problem with that development.

Gravis genuinely held no romantic feelings towards Azure, and he didn’t get jealous just because he had three kids with her. As far as Azure was concerned, she didn’t even have any children. That also didn’t change just because she had suddenly gotten human emotions. The entire matter with her three children had been so far in the past that there was not really any regret.

There was also no resentment between the parties. Back then, Azure’s three children also hadn’t cared about their mother. They had been beasts in a beast world, and they hadn’t cared about their mother because of that.

So, eventually, the chance of developing any familial love had passed.

Now, they were only companions in the same Sect.

How had all of this happened?

Well, when Azure and Mortis had overcome the initial awkwardness of their new situation, they had simply started talking about their shared past.

Azure mostly talked about how the beasts in her middle world had seen the world and why they were acting in the way they were acting. In comparison, Mortis was explaining to her how humans would have acted and why they acted this way.

Their conversation branched out into many different topics, including warfare, Cultivation mindset, personalities, and many other things.

Before they knew it, they had been talking animatedly for over a year.

During that time, they had become so used to each other that the presence of the other didn’t even feel strange anymore.

Even though they had talked for only a year, which was nothing in comparison to their long lives, they felt like they had talked for thousands of years.

It felt so incredibly normal to be in each other’s presence.

After a while, the distance between them had reduced, and they even started to touch the other person when they got sidetracked.

Then, one day, Azure simply put her legs on Mortis’ legs, which surprised him. Azure simply said that it felt more comfortable this way.

Mortis had realized that something had changed. Therefore, he stood up and said that it didn’t work out between them and that he would leave.

Azure was shocked for a moment.

And then, Mortis unveiled that he had only said that to show Azure that she had changed. Mortis had asked Azure how she had felt when Mortis had said these words.

Azure had been silent for a while, but eventually, she had said that it had pained her, which was a very alien feeling to her.

She had never cared about anyone else in such a way.

Then, Mortis sat back down again and told her that this was attraction.

After that, Mortis explained to Azure thoroughly how attraction worked and how it would eventually develop into love.

When Azure heard that, she could finally confirm that she was different now.

She could love.

Was this a good or bad change?

Honestly, she wasn’t sure, but for the moment, she liked how she felt.

So, Azure went in closer to Mortis since Mortis had said that physical closeness would help in developing more love.

Azure was doing her best to feel love since she wanted to know how it felt, and she followed Mortis’ advice.

Eventually, the two of them began to kiss and hug each other, and after a quiet moment, Mortis’ mind began shivering.

Azure noticed and asked what was up.

Mortis answered that he was fearful of what would happen from now on. He stood at the threshold of love, and he was afraid that what he would experience behind the door wouldn’t live up to his imagination.

Mortis had always appeared stoic and strong to Azure, and seeing this new side of his had surprised her.

Yet, something inside of Azure pulled her even closer to Mortis after seeing that side of his.

After a year of mostly silence and closeness, the two of them took the last step and united.

Azure was feeling as great as never before, and she finally experienced what love was.

And it was beautiful.

After their first time, Mortis had still been unsure, but when he saw the smiling Azure laying beside him, his doubts vanished.

This was the thing he had been missing.

This was the thing that Joyce had never been able to give him.

Right now, Azure was an open book to Mortis, and Mortis knew that she cared about him deeply. Sure, Mortis knew that one reason why Azure had chosen him was that she just wanted to experience love for the first time and that he was at the right place at the right time.

However, Mortis had also been attractive to Azure. Azure wasn’t stupid, and she knew that if it turned out that she could feel love, she wouldn’t want to be stuck with a person she didn’t like.

One should never forget that Azure was nearly 400,000 years old. She knew exactly what she was doing.

Eventually, the two of them talked openly with each other, and both of them said that they were happy that the other one had chosen them.

They both almost felt themselves undeserving of the other person, but the other person always assured them that they were.

The feelings he had felt from Gravis back then had returned.

This was love.

And this time, it was Mortis’ love, not Gravis’ love.

For the first time, Mortis was genuinely happy to be alive.


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