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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1150: Money Problems… Again Bahasa Indonesia

After leaving the Myriad Sect, Gravis focused on his next goal. The level six Laws were basically done, except for the Life Laws. However, since the Life Laws wouldn’t be that useful to Gravis, he decided to leave them for way later. He would only focus on them when he was concentrating on the True main Laws.

So, Gravis focused on the level seven Laws, and the first level seven Laws he focused on were the three Laws of Pure Materials.

Gravis had been putting off comprehending these Laws for two reasons.

First of all, Gravis wanted to comprehend the Laws of the Elements before attempting the Material Laws. Comprehending the Elemental Laws first would make it far easier for Gravis to comprehend the Material Laws. After all, the Materials were all created by the Elements.

Second, comprehending the Material Laws was an annoying hassle. There were no Law Comprehension Areas for the level seven Material Laws. Gravis needed to essentially gather all the pure materials of the world, which wasn’t easy. There were pure materials on the level of Ancestral Gods, and if Gravis wanted to create them, he would need to spend an incredible amount of Energy.

On top of that, he would have to go to all the different kinds of territories and climates to condense them, and even then, creating these materials depended on luck. Since Gravis didn’t know the Law of the Materials yet, he couldn’t consciously create them.

This was why Gravis only focused on comprehending these Laws now. The True Law of Hard Pure Materials was especially important to him. Without that Law, Gravis couldn’t even attempt to fight someone five or six levels above himself. His sabers would just break into pieces on the first clash with the enemy.

Gravis had asked Jake about a way to comprehend the three level seven Laws of Pure Materials since Jake had been working in the Smart Cultivator for a long time.

Jake said that there was a way to quickly comprehend these Laws without any long-term consequences to Gravis’ comprehension ability, but it was ridiculously expensive.

There were no Virtualization Arrays for the True Laws of Pure Materials, but there were material sets.

As the name suggested, Material sets were sets of all the available materials. These materials had been created and gathered from all over the world, and the sets were specifically made for people to comprehend the True Material Laws.

Of course, the price for tons upon tons of materials was ridiculously high.

Jake had told Gravis that he would need to pay one billion God Stones per set.

When Gravis had heard the price, he took a deep breath through his teeth. The entire Myriad Sect only had a bit over one billion God Stones, and Gravis would never ask them for so much money.

Gravis realized that he needed three billion God Stones to comprehend the three level seven Laws of Pure Materials.

If Gravis joined The Heaven Company with his new power, he would only make around 15,000 Contribution Points per century. That corresponded to 150,000 God Stones per century.

If Gravis became a level four Star God, he would earn about 250,000 God Stones per century.

How long would it take Gravis to earn three billion God Stones when he earned 250,000 God Stones per century?

About 1.2 million years!

That was a long time!

No wonder all the forgers that knew the level seven Law of Hard Pure Materials asked for so much money!

Comprehending that Law had taken the forgers an incredible investment, and they knew that there weren’t many public forgers with that Law. Most of them were inside Sects, and they only forged for their Sect members.

However, the investment had been worth it. Forgers that knew the True Hard Pure Material Law were making a ridiculous amount of money.

Gravis could also make that much money, but he had to comprehend the necessary Laws first.

Gravis realized that joining The Heaven Company for these three Laws wasn’t an option. Other Star Gods might be willing to invest so much time, but Gravis wasn’t willing. He wanted to comprehend it faster.

But he needed money.

So, Gravis went to the most experienced person regarding earning money in the world.

His mother.

Gravis visited his parents quite frequently, so he didn’t feel awkward about asking for some advice. If Gravis visited rarely, he would only feel like an unthankful person that only visited them when he needed something. Luckily, Gravis wasn’t such a person.

“So, you want to earn money, huh?” Gravis’ mother asked with a smirk. “You came to the right person.”

“I know, mom,” Gravis said with a smile. “When it comes to earning money, you’re the best.”

Gravis’ mother nodded several times with a proud smile. “So, how much do you need?”

“Three billion God Stones,” Gravis said.

“Three billion God Stones?” Gravis’ mother asked as she fell into thought.

Three billion God Stones was way more than any Star God needed, which surprised her. Even the Virtualization Arrays wouldn’t need that much money.

But then, she remembered something, and everything clicked. “You want the three material sets, right?” she asked with a smirk.

Gravis smiled bitterly. “Yep. You guessed correctly.”

Gravis’ mother nodded with a smirk. “For starters, you should focus on earning one billion God Stones. That’s enough to buy the set for hard pure materials, and after knowing that, you can easily earn the remainder yourself.”

“Okay, but one billion is still a lot,” Gravis said.

“It is,” she replied. “You know the Major Law of the Dead World, which allows you to theoretically earn a lot of money via forging. Yet, there is an issue.”

“The market for World Weapons in the Star God Realm is big, but people that have the kind of money to buy World Weapons also have the kind of money to buy World Weapons made out of hard pure materials.”

“In short, basically no one will buy World Weapons from you since you don’t know the True Hard Pure Material Law.”

Gravis nodded. “I was thinking about earning money with Samsara.”

Gravis’ mother knew about Samsara. After hearing about Gravis’ suggestion, she surprisingly didn’t immediately agree. “The potential for earning money with Samsara is incredible. You can teach someone the Major Law of Time and increase their Will-Aura during the process. There is nearly no supply for that but an incredible demand. Theoretically, you could earn far more money this way than with World Weapons.”

“But?” Gravis asked, knowing that a but would come.

“But security is an issue,” she continued explaining. “Having some danger isn’t a problem, but the danger must be explainable. Without being able to read someone’s Law fragments, you can’t determine their chances of surviving Samsara. If you can’t read their Law fragments, it will only be a matter of time until you kill someone important.”

“Samsara has a unique kind of danger to it. Geniuses, who are respected by everyone, might not survive Samsara, while some random weakling will survive it just fine. This will push doubt on your abilities. Not only will you make a lot of enemies, but after a couple uses of Samsara, no one will buy it anymore due to the unstable nature of its associated danger.”

“So, to counteract that, you can only use it on Peak Immortal Emperors since you can read their Law fragments. Yet, there aren’t that many Peak Immortal Emperors with a lot of money. You could theoretically reduce the price for undergoing Samsara, but that would mean that you would also need to undergo many more Samsaras. I know that you have some resistance to the effect of Samsara but are you fine with undergoing hundreds?” she asked.

Gravis shook his head. “No. Helping my friends undergo Samsara has already exhausted me back then. Even more, every Samsara makes my perception of time accelerate. It’s like 100,000 years are only 10,000 years, even though 100,000 years already represent about a quarter of my life. My perception of time is already as fast as someone who’s millions of years old.”

Gravis’ mother nodded. “That’s the problem. You can’t undergo too many. It may seem like you don’t pay a manufacturing cost for Samsara, but that’s only when you look at the money. You pay a manufacturing cost in the form of your own wellbeing, which is something I obviously don’t support.”

Gravis sighed. “So, Samsara is a no-go?” he asked.

She nodded. “I wouldn’t want you to put yourself through that.”

“Then, what else is there?” Gravis asked.

“Tell me about your Laws and abilities. I’m sure we can find something.”

Gravis nodded and proceeded to tell his mother about his Laws.

For most of the time, she only looked neutrally at Gravis, but when Gravis came to a certain Law, she immediately interrupted him.

“What was that?” she asked in surprise. “Repeat that!”

“The True Law of Suffering,” Gravis repeated.

When Gravis saw his mother’s eyes, he could swear he saw an image of God Stones reflected in them.


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