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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1130: The Undying Doctor Bahasa Indonesia

‘Her master?’ Gravis thought. ‘If she is so sure that she won’t stay dead, it only means that her master knows the True Law of Sentient Life, which means that her master knows three of the four major True Laws. The True Law of the Dead World should be the easiest to comprehend, which makes it unlikely that her master doesn’t know that.’

‘So, that means that her master is a Heaven’s Magnate?’ Gravis thought in surprise.

‘Is that also the reason why Eve is so unreasonable? Is it because she has died several times already and that she knows that she will simply be revived? Is she like that because she knows that there are no consequences to her actions?’

‘Seriously! How bad is my luck that I run into probably the only spoiled disciple of a Heaven’s Magnate!’ Gravis thought with exasperation.

“Honestly, Orthar. This zero Karmic Luck thing is getting annoying. Can we drop all of that?” Gravis silently said to himself.

No answer came.

“The Undying Doctor, right?” Orpheus said with a smirk. “One of the very few public Heaven’s Magnates.”

Shock flashed through Eve’s eyes. She wasn’t surprised that Orpheus knew about her master, but she was surprised that Orpheus knew of the Heaven’s Magnate Realm.

Many Ancestral Gods knew that there should be a Realm above the Divine God Realm, but nearly no one knew its actual name.

Only people that came into contact with a Heaven’s Magnate knew the name of the Realm.

Did this mean that Orpheus was related to another Heaven’s Magnate?

This could be a problem.

“Then you know what will happen,” Eve added coldly, not showing her nervousness. “You will kill me, and I will be resurrected. Then, I will just take my revenge on these Star Gods below you while you are distracted.”

“However, I’m willing to let bygones be bygones as long as you let me stay alive. I might not fear death, but it is still an unpleasant experience, and I can acknowledge when I’ve lost.”

Yet, Orpheus only smirked.

“Even the Undying Doctor can’t make you relearn all your Laws and resurrect you to your peak,” Orpheus said.

A flicker of panic shot through Eve’s eyes.

He even knew about that!?

“She can only get you to the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm. On top of that, she can only recreate your level six Laws and an equivalent Will-Aura. You’ll have to relearn your level seven and level eight Laws yourself. On top of that, you need to temper yourself again,” Orpheus said.

Orpheus noticed the suppressed rage and panic in Eve’s voice.

“However, you don’t need to be afraid,” Orpheus said with a smile. “When you resurrect, I won’t kill you again. I can also let you take your revenge on my little brothers.”

“You only need to catch up to them and become more powerful.”

Eve gritted her teeth, which made parts of her neck come into contact with the sharp spear, severing them.

Catch up to Black Sentry?

Eve had known that Black Sentry was an absolute freak in terms of Battle-Strength, and that evaluation had only grown after Eve asked her master about the weird Law Black Sentry had used on his test.

Black Sentry had known the Major Law of Sentience as a mere Peak Immortal Emperor.

Her master had even said that Black Sentry had been the first weaker being able to resist her reading abilities of his Law fragments.

Her master had said that Black Sentry was not only a candidate for becoming a Heaven’s Magnate but a certain one.

He would reach the Heaven’s Magnate Realm with 100% certainty as long as he didn’t die an unfortunate death.

Eve knew that due to all her memories, she would be able to relearn her level seven and level eight Laws with frightening speeds, but she also knew that she couldn’t possibly keep up with Black Sentry.

In short, it was impossible for her to take her revenge.

She could only ask her master to take revenge for her.

“Then you should know that you still can’t kill me,” Eve said. “I can’t take my revenge myself, but I know that my master wants to see me become powerful. If you kill me now, you will delay my progress by over a million years. A million years is a lot, even for a Heaven’s Magnate.”

“My master is getting old, and she wants to see me become a Divine God before then.”

Orpheus didn’t really react.

“Do you want to know something funny?” Orpheus asked.

Eve didn’t answer.

“I fear your master less than you,” Orpheus said.

This shocked Eve.

“You still don’t know about our background,” Orpheus added with a smirk.

“All the Heaven’s Magnates know each other,” Eve added quickly. “They will simply intervene before you can kill me. The Heaven’s Magnates don’t want to fight each other for something this trivial.”

Orpheus only smirked.

When Eve saw Orpheus’ smirk, she became nervous.

However, how could she be nervous? She knew how the Heaven’s Magnates interacted with each other, and she knew that they wouldn’t let relations break down because of that. The fact that Eve thought that Orpheus, Black Sentry, and that white-haired man were related to a Heaven’s Magnate was already giving them too much credit.

They couldn’t possibly be-

“Boys, wanna show her?” Orpheus added with a smirk.

Mortis and Gravis glanced at each other.


All three of them took out their Obsidian Rings. Mortis had gotten his own ring from his father.

When Eve saw the Obsidian Rings, her mind stopped working.


How could she have run into the Opposer’s children!?

True terror appeared in Eve’s eyes for the first time.

Her death was unavoidable.

She could only restart from the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm now.

“She learned her lesson.”


A young girl with green hair appeared besides Orpheus and Eve.

There was an indescribable aura of life and kindness coming from her.

“Master!” Eve shouted.

“This humble Minstrel greets the Undying Doctor,” Orpheus said with a charming smile.

“The Minstrel,” the Undying Doctor said with a complex tone. “I always thought that you would one day join us. However, you have stopped cultivating because of your family.”

The Undying Doctor smiled. “But I’m glad that you decided to continue Cultivating. I would be honored to see someone like you joining our ranks.”

Then, the Undying Doctor glanced at Gravis. “And then there’s Black Sentry,” she slowly said. “To be honest, when I realized that Eve was trying to kill Black Sentry, I knew that this day would come.”

“Black Sentry’s destiny is grand and unfathomable. I know that Eve is powerful and talented, but there is something missing in her. All Heaven’s Magnates have had these intense auras of grand destiny on them.”

“Eve sadly doesn’t have them.”

“It needs someone of a similarly grand destiny to swallow the destiny of someone like that. Eve is not such a person, and her so-called revenge has always been destined to end in failure.”

The Undying Doctor’s words hurt Eve.

Her own master had acknowledged others to be superior to her, which hurt her deeply.

Eve had always been incredibly talented. After all, her talent had even managed to pull in the attention of a Heaven’s Magnate.

“Not yet, at least,” the Undying Doctor added as she smiled at Eve.

Eve’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Master?” she asked.

“Eve, every time you die, your personality becomes more fortified,” the Undying Doctor said. “Every time you resurrect, I can see the destiny on you becoming more and more powerful. With each reincarnation, your being becomes more and more powerful.”

“This is why I have chosen you as my disciple. You are one of the very rare people that never stop walking forward. No matter how often you have to start from zero, you can get through it every single time.”

“You have an undying motivation. After millions of years of restarting, many would have already given up.”

“But you, you always continued on. So, while you might not have had the destiny to become a Heaven’s Magnate in this life, you may have the destiny in your next life,” the Undying Doctor said.

The Undying Doctor’s words touched Eve.

However, they also opened some of her wounds.

“It’s difficult,” she said slowly. “Restarting, again and again, is so difficult.”

“I know, my child,” the Undying Doctor said with a loving gaze. “I know that it’s difficult, but I know you can eventually achieve your destiny.”

Eve could only grit her teeth.

These words sounded nice, but these words also doomed her to another million years of walking a path she had already finished before.

It was so very hard.

“My, oh my, who do we have here? Isn’t that Sinister Sally?”

The Undying Doctor’s eyes immediately transformed from a loving gaze into the most terrifying apathetic cold imaginable.

The switch had been instantaneous!

Everyone looked over to the new person that had appeared.

A black-haired young man looked at the Undying Doctor with a malicious smirk.

“It is not time for our destinies to clash yet,” the Undying Doctor said coldly to the young man.

“It is not time for our destinies to clash yet,” a disfigured, ugly copy of the Undying Doctor repeated in a mocking voice from beside the young man.

“What the fuck do you know about destiny, Sinister Sally?” the Black Magnate asked with a snort.

“The fuck are you talking about destinies all the time? Are you that deep in Heaven’s ass that you even believe that it plans out absolutely everything for our lives?” he asked.

The Undying Doctor’s left eyelid twitched in anger. “I see that your new friend has made you more courageous. You even dare to badmouth Heaven.”

“Badmouth Heaven? Tell me, are you deaf or just stupid?” the Black Magnate asked with a mocking laugh. “I badmouthed you, not Heaven! I’m saying that Heaven doesn’t care when or how we die. Meanwhile, you say you are so important that your entire life is planned out by it. You are the one taking yourself too seriously.”

“You can believe whatever you want,” the Undying Doctor said coldly. “This entire situation has nothing to do with you. Additionally, as I’ve said previously, it is not our destiny to clash yet.”

“This situation has nothing to do with me?” The Black Magnate repeated with a malicious smirk. “Sinister Sally, have you forgotten why you have that nickname?”

The Undying Doctor only glared at the Black Magnate.

“You don’t even have to do anything. Everyone in the world knows that you love your disciples, and even if you don’t say a thing, they will flock to take revenge for your disciple.”

“You know, I fucking hate hypocrites like you!” the Black Magnate shouted with a malicious smirk.

“It’s not our destiny to fight yet? I’ll make it our destiny!”

“Heaven! Right here! Right now! Me versus her!”

“Let’s go!”

Suddenly, the Undying Doctor’s eyes widened in horror.

“No, you can’t-“


And she was gone.

The Black Magnate and the Undying Doctor had both suddenly vanished.

They were no longer in the highest world.

They were now in a place where they could fight each other without putting the world at risk.

Orthar had accepted the Black Magnate’s words.

Today, a Heaven’s Magnate would die.


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