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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1129: Orpheus Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis and Mortis weren’t exactly sure how they should feel about Orpheus’ presence here.

The reason why they had stopped having contact with him was due to all his lies back then. They could understand Orpheus’ reasons for telling those lies, but his methodical approach of trying to keep up their relationship destroyed the purity of a familial bond.

Mortis had a cold disposition towards Orpheus due to his demeanor that valued honesty above nearly everything else.

Gravis had been uncertain, and he wanted to have some more time to make a decision.

But now, Orpheus had returned. Even more, according to what Orthar said, Orpheus was responsible for dealing with nearly 50% of Gravis’ debt.

On top of that, Orpheus had probably helped the Myriad Sect to get through the past 15,000 years of warfare.

Lastly, Orpheus had saved Gravis’ and Mortis’ lives right now.

It was becoming incredibly hard for Gravis to dislike Orpheus right now.

Orpheus looked at Gravis and Mortis for a second, and when he saw their conflicted expressions, a conflicted expression appeared on his own face.

He felt guilty for using these situations to knowingly increase his image in their minds. However, he also felt good that they didn’t treat him with cold looks.

He wasn’t approaching Gravis and Mortis with pure, brotherly feelings but with a methodical approach to make them value him.

That was why it felt so conflicting to everyone involved.

It felt like dishonest love, but it was love, nonetheless.

“You are their brother?” Eve asked with narrowed eyes. “I didn’t know that the two of them had such an amazing background. I thought they were simply some Ascenders.”

Orpheus laughed loudly. “You think I’m amazing? You have no idea! You should see our father,” Orpheus shouted.

“And who might that be?” Eve asked with a neutral voice. However, deep inside, she was feeling nervous.

She had thought that her higher-ups had simply spied upon her back then, and she hadn’t thought that Mortis’ background was actually something to write home about. But now, it turned out that they actually had a pretty powerful brother.

And that brother was now talking about their father?

Eve wanted revenge, but her life was still more important than revenge.

“You don’t have to worry,” Orpheus said with a smirk. “Our father won’t get involved, even if you kill all three of us. In his mind, if we can’t overcome such a minor obstacle as you, we would only prove our own weakness.”

“Minor obstacle?” Eve repeated coldly. Then, she huffed in disdain. “Very well then. You could have simply survived by threatening me with your background, but who would have expected that you wanted to die this badly?”

“Fine,” Eve said as she took out two long and thin swords. “I’ll grant you your wish.”


Orpheus also took out his weapons.

In his right hand, he carried an ancient spear.

In his left hand, he carried a round shield.


A Judge appeared above the two of them.

Eve and the Judge looked at each other. Eve threw him a complex expression. This had been one of her colleagues, and she got reminded of her previous job in The Heaven Company.

“Star Seeker,” Eve greeted the Judge.

However, the Judge only looked at Eve with cold eyes. These eyes were very similar to the eyes Eve had given Gravis when he had condensed his Sin Aura.

“Eve of Order,” Star Seeker said neutrally.


Eve readied herself and shot at Orpheus.

Orpheus only grinned as he banged his shield and spear together.


Orpheus’ actions had generated a loud sound, and it seemingly reverberated throughout the entire world.

The sound hit Gravis and Mortis, and it felt like it took hold of their minds.

Then, the pitch of the sound slowly shifted as it morphed into many different sounds, all happening at the same time.

In just an instant, a beautiful melody had been born.

For a second, the entire world seemingly fell silent, and only this beautiful melody played.

Gravis’ and Mortis’ minds stopped working for a moment as their entire concentration was involuntarily consumed by the celestial symphony playing in front of them.


The two of them suddenly shot awake as Orpheus and Eve clashed. The symphony had stopped.

Gravis and Mortis took deep breaths in shock.

“That was powerful,” Gravis instantly transmitted to Mortis.

“Orpheus probably used several Laws and combined them into a Form Law that uses sound as a medium,” Mortis transmitted back. “It has a strong bewitching effect. We both already know the Major Law of Emotions, which should make us immune to such effects. Yet, this effect still managed to captivate us for an instant. It’s definitely impressive.”

Up in the air, Eve’s expression had turned into an ugly one.

This symphony had completely obliterated her momentum, significantly reducing her attack’s power.

Orpheus had managed to parry her attack with his shield and had stabbed at her torso. However, with Eve’s two-level advantage, she managed to parry the stab with her second sword.


Orpheus suddenly shoved his shield forward and made it hit Eve’s sword again. Orpheus had controlled the power and movement of the shield so well that the shield started to create another symphony.

The symphony sounded ominous, and the symphony awoke Gravis’ and Mortis’ feelings of fear and terror. By now, both of them knew that Orpheus’ attack could directly influence the Emotional Laws of others.

Eve involuntarily shot backward. Her instincts were telling her that she couldn’t remain close to Orpheus right now.

Yet, Eve only gritted her teeth.

She had already realized that Orpheus was controlling her instincts and that she had just done what he wanted.

Sadly, she had been so used to following her instincts that her conscious mind hadn’t been able to stop her movements in time.

Her incredible battle experience was the reason why Orpheus’ attack worked so well.

He was taking advantage of the very thing that made Eve so powerful.


Orpheus banged his shield onto his spear, making the spear vibrate in a different way. Now, the shield created an ominous symphony while his spear created a violent one.

One was inducing fear and terror in people.

The other one induced rage and desperation.

Together, they created panic.

And that’s when Orpheus went on the offensive.


Orpheus and Eve clashed several times, with Eve always on the defensive.

Orpheus’ symphonies constantly changed to stimulate other feelings.

When Orpheus was about to unleash a devastating attack, a symphony stimulating happiness and calm appeared.

When Orpheus was suppressing Eve, he stimulated panic to make her lose control.

The battle ended in just a couple of seconds.


Orpheus’ spear punched through Eve’s neck, nearly decapitating her.

Orpheus hadn’t received a single injury.

Gravis and Mortis were taken aback by Orpheus’ Battle-Strength.

His opponent had been two levels above himself, and he hadn’t even taken an injury!

‘He has the talent to become a Heaven’s Magnate,’ Gravis realized.

“I know who you are,” Eve said coldly. Her life was in Orpheus’ hands, but she didn’t despair.

“You vanished from the world over a million years ago, an upstart Star God that won every tournament in all the Sects,” Eve transmitted.

“Oh, you’ve heard of me?” Orpheus asked with a smile. “Now, I feel embarrassed.”

“Who would have thought that the Minstrel was still alive?” Eve asked.

Orpheus only smiled.

“Anyway, you won’t dare to kill me,” Eve said coldly. “You know exactly who my master is, which is also the reason why you haven’t killed me yet.”

“If you kill me, she will kill you and everyone you hold dear.”

“Besides, you know that I won’t stay dead.”


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