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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1131: Impact On The World Bahasa Indonesia

Everything had happened a bit too fast for Gravis and Mortis to process properly.

A moment ago, everything had appeared fine, but then, the Black Magnate had arrived, and before they knew it, two Heaven’s Magnates were about to fight to the death.

Even Orpheus and Eve were taken aback.

Hadn’t Orpheus basically come to an agreement with the Undying Doctor? How did this suddenly become a battle between two of the most powerful Cultivators in the Cosmos?

The change was nearly instantaneous. Shortly after the two Heaven’s Magnates had vanished, the Energy in the atmosphere started to drop.

Cultivators from all over the world noticed that change.

The Energy had dropped significantly in the very moment the two Heaven’s Magnates had left, and then it continued to drop more and more as time passed.

They were fighting. They were not fighting in the highest world but in the void between worlds.

However, they were still siphoning Energy out of the highest world to continue fighting, which made everyone in the world feel the movement of Energy.

Nearly all the powerful Cultivators in the world became nervous when they felt that.

Were Heaven and the Opposer about to clash again!?

What was going on!?

Only the most powerful Divine Gods knew that two Heaven’s Magnates were currently fighting, and their eyes shone with greed.

“Prepare everyone for a war!” one Divine God ordered to his Vice-Sect Master. “Two Heaven’s Magnates are battling, and one of them will die. You know what will happen when a Heaven’s Magnate dies.”

The Vice-Sect Masters nodded and readied the entire Sect for a war.

They were one of the Peak Sects.

In a different Sect, a similar scene played out. “Ready the disciples. We are going to take the Lightning Peak Sect’s greater God Stone mine,” a woman ordered.

The two Vice-Sect Masters quickly put everything into motion.

Anthorian, Heaven’s Child, watched the battle. As a Heaven’s Magnate, he had the ability to see through the veil of the worlds, which allowed him to spectate the battle.

“What’s your goal in all of this, Black Magnate?” Anthorian asked himself. “You’ve had a couple more million years to live. Why are you risking your life now?”

“Are you planning on fighting for my position in the future?”

Anthorian huffed in disdain. “You’re still a long way off.”

Meanwhile, in a nearly empty room.

“Yay! My God Stone ocean is about to explode again! Honey, would you be a dear and watch over it?”

“Yes, honey,” the Opposer answered absentmindedly.

The entire world started going into motion. Sects were preparing to defend their resources. Other Sects were preparing to attack. The Information Pavilion got a ridiculous number of requests for information. The Research Company held a meeting with their leaders. The Heaven Company called all their available Judges and informed them about what would happen soon.

And while the entire world was changing, Gravis and Mortis only looked with shock at the place where the two Heaven’s Magnates had been just a moment ago.

Meanwhile, the Myriad Sect got several reports from their disciples.

“Sect Master, our second middle-grade God Stone mine has stopped producing God Stones!”

“Sect Master, our first middle-grade God Stone mine has stopped producing God Stones!”

“Sect Master, our God Stone storages are shrinking! God Stones are vanishing!”

Manuel received several messages at once, and even he couldn’t immediately react to them. All of this had happened way too quickly!

Yet, several seconds later, the world felt another shift.

The Energy was vanishing at several times its earlier speed!

The speed at which the Energy in the atmosphere was vanishing was so fast that in only ten seconds, over 5% of the Energy in the atmosphere had vanished.

Yet, that wasn’t even the worst thing.

In actuality, the Energy of the world had dropped by over 40%!

So, why had the Energy in the atmosphere only dropped by 5%?

Because the Energy in solid states had been converted into gaseous Energy.

40% of the God Stones in the world had transformed into Energy to supplement the atmosphere!

“It’s about to end!” a Sect Master shouted at his elite squad. “The sudden increase means that one of the Heaven’s Magnates managed to comprehend the True Law of Energy. The fight will be over soon!”

Then, the density of the Energy in the atmosphere stopped reducing.



It was like a wave of Energy had suddenly hit the Cosmos!

Every Cultivator in the highest world felt a massive wave of Energy wash over them.

It was so much Energy!

It was unfathomable!

“Sir! Our storage exploded!”

“What!?” an Ancestral God shouted at one of his disciples.

“The God Stones have suddenly violently multiplied, which resulted in a crack in our Formation Array! The disciples are violently picking up the loose God Stones!” the informant told the Ancestral God.

“How dare they!? No one steals from me!” the Ancestral God shouted as he charged to his warehouse.

The biggest God Stone mines in the world immediately saw violent battles breaking out above them.

Divine Gods were fighting each other, and the weaker Cultivators quickly grabbed the God Stones from the overflowing God Stone mines.

As soon as the Energy had returned, the God Stone mines literally exploded with God Stones.

It was like they were erupting volcanos!

“Quick! Get as much as you can! You only have five more seconds!” one of the attackers shouted.

“Stark Contrast, you shameless bastard!” his opponent shouted. “I treated you like a brother, and that’s what you do in return!?”

The whole world was seemingly embroiled in an instantaneous war.

There weren’t even enough Judges in The Heaven Company to overlook everything, which meant that Anthorian had to overlook nearly 70% of all the fights.

Even more, most Judges were also part of some powerful organizations, and they felt bitter. They wished to help their organizations, but they were forced to help The Heaven Company in overlooking the fights.

Some seconds passed.


Across the entire world, the battlefields featuring the most powerful Cultivators had stopped in an instant.

The attackers were retreating with all their speed.

The weaker Sects, which had no idea of what was going on, were shocked and confused by the sudden retreat.

“Everyone! Gather around the God Stones!” every powerful leader ordered.

After that, the leaders gave their underlings a number of God Stones they had to absorb, and the underlings were shocked.

So many!

“Get ready for the second wave!” the leaders shouted.

For a second, the highest world fell into silence.

Everyone waited in anticipation.

And then, the second wave came.


The second wave was even more overpowering than the first wave.

God Stone mines, storages, even Spirit Spaces exploded by the ridiculous expansion of the God Stones.

The disciples of the Peak Sects quickly absorbed as many of the new God Stones as they were allowed to take.

The same went for the attackers. The God Stones they had stolen had now multiplied ferociously.

Above a blue ocean of God Stones, the Economistress was grinning from ear to ear.

Waves were dancing through her ocean, and it was like the flood had arrived!

The Energy density in the atmosphere also shot up, but it quickly returned to normal.

The overflowing Energy in the atmosphere had condensed into a solid form again, which was the reason for the explosions of God Stones all over the world.

The fight had ended.

The first drop in Energy had been when the two Heaven’s Magnates had left the highest world.

The continuous drop had been their absorption of Energy during the fight.

The sharp drop had been one Heaven’s Magnate using the Law of Energy to launch a violent offensive.

The short pause had been the moment when the battle had ended.

The first explosion of Energy had been the corpse of the dead Heaven’s Magnate. The Heaven’s Magnate’s being had exploded, and their Energy had rejoined the Cosmos.

The second explosion of Energy had been the conversion of destructive powers back into Energy. All the Energy that had been converted into attacks had been converted back into Energy by Orthar. Then, this Energy had been shoved back into the highest world.

The number of God Stones in the world had increased by about 30%.

Yet, the wealth hadn’t been distributed equally.

The God Stone mines had given out far more God Stones due to how they worked. This was also why the Sects had immediately attacked the God Stone mines.

“Destiny, blah blah blah!”

Gravis looked to the sky and saw the Black Magnate.

Apparently, he had won.


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