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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1125: Stress Bahasa Indonesia

A stressed Gravis was teleporting throughout the world.

He quickly arrived at the headquarters of one of the most powerful Sects of the world and read the thoughts of the disciples. A little bit later, Gravis shot into the distance again.

The Sect had been in a state of lockdown, and all their Formation Arrays were active, but that didn’t stop Gravis.

Some moments later, Gravis arrived in a humongous mine for Immortal Stones.

Several Immortal Emperors guarded the mine with narrowed eyes and drawn weapons.

Sadly, they couldn’t see Gravis, and Gravis quickly consumed all the Immortal Stones in the mine.

Gravis felt his body shake as he transformed into a Peak Immortal Emperor. At the same time, Gravis felt the calling of ascension.

Gravis left the vicinity of the Sect and went to an isolated area.

After that, he looked at the sky and determined where he would end up.

At a different place, in a different world, sat another Gravis.

This one was a level two Star God, and mosquitos littered his entire body.

There were nearly a hundred!

This Gravis had continually gritted teeth and bloodshot eyes.

The pain was unbearable.

The drain on his concentration was unbearable.

The stress on his mind was unbearable.

Gravis’ Spirit constantly shook under the pressure. It was like it was on the verge of collapsing.

“Arkenlan City,” Gravis transmitted to one of the two people beside him.

One of the Mortises nodded and teleported away.

Mortis quickly went to the closest city, entered the Teleportation Formation Array, paid a thousand God Stones, and teleported away.

Mortis arrived in a new city and quickly entered a gigantic hall.

Many people stood in front of the hall, and they all were from different Sects.

Luckily, none of them thought about questioning their own perception, which allowed Mortis to remain hidden.

When Mortis arrived, the portal in the middle of the hall lit up brightly. The other Cultivators around the portal didn’t react. It was like they didn’t see it.

Mortis opened his Life Ring.

Then, an army of Cultivators charged through the portal.

There were millions upon millions of them!

However, all of them were only Law Comprehension Realm Cultivators.

After some seconds, Mortis’ Life Ring was filled with an unfathomable army of Gravises in the Peak Law Comprehension Realm.

Mortis teleported back to the Teleportation Formation Array and teleported back to the original Gravis.

As soon as Mortis arrived, he opened his Life Ring.


The unfathomable army of Gravises all charged towards Gravis’ main body. All of them immediately vanished as soon as they came into contact with their main body.

They were being absorbed.

“Starnert Town!” Gravis transmitted to Mortis.

The second Mortis around Gravis gave the first Mortis a couple thousand God Stones for the teleportations, and the second Mortis left.

Two seconds later, a new Mortis appeared in the clearing.


The new Mortis summoned about 125,000 God Stones and handed them over to the first Mortis.

After that, the new Mortis teleported away again to earn more money.

A minute later, one of the Mortises returned and brought another army of Law Comprehension Gravises.

“Sundown City!”

More God Stones were exchanged, and the Mortis left again.

Just a couple of seconds later, another Mortis appeared.


An army of Gravises appeared, but this time, they didn’t come from Mortis but from Gravis.

Mortis gathered the many Gravises in his Life Ring and shot towards Opposer City.

At the same time, another Mortis was getting some money from the Myriad Sect.

The Myriad Sect was under constant warfare. It was almost like the Sect had lost all reason and had devolved into nothing but a lust for pure destruction.

Meanwhile, a Mortis was talking with a Peak Immortal Emperor.

After hearing that the Peak Immortal Emperor owned more money than her own Cultivation was worth, Mortis killed her and pocketed her belongings.

A moment later, Gravis ordered all of his incarnations to go into seclusion.

Across millions of worlds, all of the Gravises went into seclusion for a long time, and as soon as they all had gone into seclusion, the main body of Gravis simply stopped thinking.

He was still under a barrage of bites, but he could finally relax.

Gravis simply thought about nothing as he looked blankly into the distance.

His concentration was recovering, and his Spirit stabilized.

This state continued for an hour.

An hour later, Gravis gritted his teeth again as his eyes narrowed.

All the Gravises in the other worlds left their seclusion and continued giving out techniques in their Sects.

This break had been of utmost importance to Gravis. Gravis’ entire being had been so close to snapping in half and breaking down into nothingness.

Gravis had to take a break. Otherwise, he would have died soon.


Gravis transformed into lightning and transformed back.

His old body had been half-eaten, and he had needed to recover his health.

Luckily, all the small Law Comprehension Gravises had paid for this healing process.

Another Mortis appeared with an army of Gravises and left again.

Another Mortis appeared with a bit more money.

A mosquito multiplied.

Another Mortis fed the mosquito 500,000 God Stones to delay the future multiplication.

Another Mortis was delivering Gravises to several lower and middle worlds. The Research Company was earning a lot.

Another Mortis came back after getting a million God Stones from Arc. The God Stones were immediately fed to the Sin Monster.

A lot of things were happening.

Gravis had never been under so much stress in his entire life. Even his fight with the middle Heaven hadn’t been so mentally draining as his current situation.

Yet, even under all of this stress, Gravis knew that he would have already died without Mortis’ help.

Mortis had helped Gravis for the last 5,000 years nonstop.

Mortis was bringing in the money.

Mortis was delivering the Gravises.

Mortis was paying for everything.

Mortis’ help had proven to be invaluable.

Even more, Mortis hadn’t complained even once.

Another Mortis returned with an army of Gravises.


Suddenly, an incredibly powerful Will-Aura pressed down on Gravis and Mortis.

Gravis’ face went white while Mortis narrowed his eyes.

This was the Will-Aura of an Ancestral God!

They had been found out!

Mortis and Gravis quickly tried to find the reason for how they could have been found. After all, Mortis continually kept his Law of Perceived Reality going. As long as no one questioned their own perception, they couldn’t be uncovered!

Gravis and Mortis looked above themselves.

Mortis narrowed his eyes.

“I finally found you,” Eve said with a cold voice.

Gravis and Mortis didn’t answer.

Gravis knew that Mortis had severely offended Eve with his actions.

However, Gravis had also believed that Eve wouldn’t be such a narrow-minded person. He had expected her to see the error in her ways and accept what had happened.

Yet, when Gravis saw her, he knew that this hadn’t happened.

These kinds of unreasonable Ancestral Gods were rare. Most Ancestral Gods were rational beings that could analyze themselves and their actions in an objective manner.

‘That’s just my luck. Fuck!’ Gravis thought.

Eve looked with a cruel gaze at Gravis and Mortis.

“You’re probably asking yourself how I found you, right?” she said.

The two of them didn’t answer.

They knew that nothing they said would help them in this case.

They also couldn’t even attempt to run. Eve was not a new Ancestral God, and she was probably already in the later stages of her Realm.

“I want to kill you and take revenge for what you have done to me,” Eve said coldly. “However, I just couldn’t find you, no matter what I did.”

“That’s when I remembered that your Karmic Luck should be at the absolute bottom right now. So, since I wanted to kill you, I would simply need to keep searching for you.”

“Your bad Karmic Luck will lead me to you eventually. I just had to trust my instincts.”

“As for your little trick with the Law of Perceived Reality, I’ve already looked it up when you joined The Heaven Company. As a supervisor, it’s my duty to know my employees.”

Then, Eve looked at Mortis coldly.

“You should have simply minded your own business, weakling,” she said coldly.

Mortis and Gravis only looked at her with narrowed eyes.

Eve slowly pointed her hand at Gravis.

And then…

Gravis died in an explosion.

The Sin Monsters hovered in the air without doing anything.

After that, Eve turned to Mortis.

“Now, it’s your turn.”


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