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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1126: Unimaginable Stress Bahasa Indonesia

Mortis looked coldly at Eve. However, he didn’t say anything.

Meanwhile, Eve looked with a cruel smile at Mortis.

“Your friend has died. Aren’t you angry?” she asked.

Mortis didn’t answer.

“You said that we could kill him if we wanted to, but he was still owed his reward. Well, he got his reward, and now I killed him. This is according to your words, isn’t it?” she said.

Mortis didn’t react.

After seeing that Mortis didn’t react, Eve sneered in anger. “So be it. I would have maybe allowed you to keep on living if you begged for your life, but your unreasonable pride will result in your death.”

Eve readied herself for another attack.

And Mortis vanished.

Eve wasn’t surprised and only sneered.

“Petty tricks.”


The surrounding million kilometers were destroyed by Eve in an explosion.

She didn’t care about the mortals. Her revenge was more important.

Eve hadn’t felt any Space Laws being used, which meant that Mortis had still been in the surroundings. So what if she couldn’t see him? She would simply destroy everything around her.

A humongous crater had formed, and Eve only snorted coldly.

“Seems like you didn’t have anything in your Spirit Space that could resist my attack. However, I don’t mind. I’m not doing this for the money, but for my revenge,” she said coldly.

A mere Star God couldn’t survive such an attack.


And then, Eve teleported away.

She had killed Gravis and Mortis.

Her revenge was complete.

Meanwhile, Mortis looked at the spot where she had been just a moment ago.

A mere Ancestral God without the Law of Perceived Reality couldn’t hurt Mortis when he was in his intangible state.

‘This is troublesome,’ Mortis thought. ‘We lost millions of God Stones in wealth due to her actions. We’re still alive, but Gravis lost his most powerful body.’

Mortis looked with cold eyes at the place where Eve had been.

‘Just wait for us.’

Mortis got a message from one of the Gravises in one of Mortis’ Life Rings.

“This fucking bitch!” Gravis shouted with hatred. “I worked so long for her, and I thought she was a good person, but nooooo!”

“She’s so insane that she even kills Star Gods! What the fuck is wrong with her fucking head!?”

All the accumulated rage Gravis had built up over the course of the last 5,000 years had been redirected at Eve.

Gravis kept insulting Eve for an unreasonably long time.

Gravis hadn’t been able to unleash his anger on the Sin Monsters, so Eve gave him a perfect outlet for his anger.

Mortis immediately got several names of several cities.

All the Mortises in the world went to these places and split into more copies.

Then, just a couple of minutes later, over 20 Peak Immortal Emperor Gravises appeared in the worlds, which were quickly taken away by the Mortises.

When the first Peak Immortal Emperor Gravis entered the highest world, the Sin Monsters all focused on him.

Then, the hundred Sin Monsters split apart as they charged to every single Gravis.

The Mortises all gathered in one place.

All these teleportations had cost them 100,000 God Stones.

As soon as all the Gravises gathered, they fused with each other, creating another Star God Gravis.

For just an instant, Gravis was free of pain.

However, he wasn’t happy about this at all.

Eve had cost him so much!

He had nearly become a level three Star God! At that point, the Sin Monsters would have eaten him even slower!

But now, he was a level one Star God again, and the pain of the Sin Monsters would only increase.

Eve had not managed to kill Gravis, but she had thoroughly fucked him over!

As Gravis and Mortis charged to a new hiding place, the Sin Monsters arrived.

It hadn’t even been a minute since Gravis had returned to the highest world.

All the Sin Monsters immediately landed on Gravis’ body and continued eating him.

Gravis gritted his teeth in frustration, hatred, and anger.

But there was nothing he could do!

He could only swallow that anger for now.

Then, everything returned to normal.

Another 5,000 years passed.

Over 1,000 Sin Monsters were on Gravis’ body, and his body was consumed at a rapid pace.

The pain was constant.

The future Gravis had foreseen when the Sin Monster had attacked his Immortal body had arrived.

There was no second of pause.

Gravis had become a level two Star God again, but he was still far from becoming a level three Star God.

However, some good news also arrived.

The first Peak Immortal Emperors that had once been in Gravis’ Sect had arrived in the highest world.

Of course, 10,000 years were only 100,000 years in the higher worlds. This meant that these Peak Immortal Emperors were, by far, the fastest.

The real bulk would only start arriving another 10,000 years later.

Yet, as more time passed, Gravis came under more stress.

The Sin Monsters had already nearly reached a state of equilibrium with Gravis’ various ways of recovering his Energy.

A lot of Law Comprehension Gravises still arrived in the highest world, but they were barely enough to cancel out the consumption of the Sin Monsters.

Even more, Gravis’ Will-Aura had received a permanent hit.

Gravis once had had a Will-Aura on the level of a level nine Star God, but now, his Will-Aura was about to drop down to the level of a level seven Star God.

With the drop of Gravis’ Will-Aura, the pain also became more unbearable.

Gravis often needed to scream in anger and vent the frustration on his surroundings.

Ten thousand years of slow torture were too much for even him to handle.

This was one of Gravis’ darkest moments.

One couldn’t fault Gravis for his actions.

The pain, hopelessness, and frustration were simply unbearable.

Expecting him to remain cool-headed was unreasonable.

Gravis was a human, not a machine.

Even Orthar had lost his cool after 50 billion years of dealing with the Opposer.

Gravis was 355,000 years old now, and he had been in constant pain for 10,000 of them.

Gravis had been under this unreasonable pain for nearly 3% of his entire life.

Even more, the Sin Monsters would only become more and more.

As it stood right now, Gravis could barely resist the Sin Monsters with all of his efforts.

Could he even survive for another 10,000 years?

Another 1,000 years passed.

5,324 new Peak Immortal Emperors related to Gravis came to the highest world.

Another 1,000 years passed.

17,950 new Peak Immortal Emperors appeared.

Another 1,000 years passed.

65,482 new Peak Immortal Emperors appeared.

Another 1,000 years passed.

214,978 new Peak Immortal Emperors appeared.

Another 1,000 years passed.

421,678 new Peak Immortal Emperors appeared.

Gravis had gotten the Karmic Luck of over 700,000 Peak Immortal Emperors in the last 5,000 years.

The debt of the Peak Immortal Emperors had been repaid.

Together with all the Energy Gravis had given the Sin Monsters, his debt had reduced from around 23 billion God Stones to around 16 billion God Stones.

He was making progress.

However, things didn’t look good.

Gravis had already pulled back all his bodies and had stopped sending new ones.

Over 2,000 Sin Monsters were on his body.

Even more, Gravis had become a level one Star God again.

All of Gravis’ bodies had ascended and had been fused with him, which gave him one last boost.

Then, Gravis remained silent as he fully concentrated on gathering Energy and dealing with the pain.

Gravis’ Will-Aura had fallen to the sixth level of the Star God Realm.

His entire being was vanishing.

The weaker he got, the faster the Sin Monsters consumed him.

Gravis had to survive for another 5,000 years.

However, according to calculations, that would be cutting it very close.

Mortis was doing his absolute best to deliver God Stones to Gravis, but there was only so much he could do. After all, his Realm also fell alongside Gravis’ Realm.

Gravis was fully focused on dealing with the Sin Monsters, and he couldn’t spare any concentration for anything else.

If it hadn’t been for Eve, he would have gotten through this!

Yet, Eve killing Gravis’ body had put him into a situation where death was a very real possibility!

However, Gravis couldn’t give up now!

“How has it been being in my shoes for 15,000 years?”

Gravis opened his eyes as he heard this familiar voice.

The entire world around Gravis froze, including the Sin Monsters.

Orthar stood in front of him!

Gravis was taken aback.

Orthar appeared in front of Gravis just like that?

Orthar pointed at the Sin Monsters on Gravis’ body.


And the Sin Monsters all turned into an unreasonable amount of Energy.

Orthar waved his hand, and the Energy went into the atmosphere of the highest world.

“Your debt has been repaid.”


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