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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1124: Legendary Techniques Bahasa Indonesia

Brandon was a poor guy.

He had managed to reach the Energy Gathering Realm, but one of his superiors had sent him on a suicide mission.

After a mortal battle, Brandon managed to escape from his Sect after killing all the people that supervised him.

Sadly, that was where his problems began.

No other Sect would accept him due to his old Sect.

His old Sect was truly powerful, and no one dared to offend them.

Some Sects had even tried to capture him as an offering, but Brandon’s careful planning had him allowed to escape their clutches every time.

Brandon had just escaped to a city and was trying to find a way to become more powerful.

That was when he saw that strange building outside of the city.

According to the locals, this building had been here for over a year already.

The city had investigated the building a couple of times, but the results were mixed.

Some of the guards walked out and said that it was just some guy standing there, doing nothing. However, when they asked him about his presence, he simply offered them techniques.

Other guards never left the building after entering it.

Even one of the commanders entered the building once.

Sadly, he never returned.

Because of that, the city decided to ignore the building.

As long as they didn’t touch it, nothing would happen.

It was also doing nothing.

People from different parts of the world would be surprised by the mystery surrounding the strange building, but the locals got used to it.

The mystery had only thickened as time passed.

Were these signs supposed to convey a secret message?

This couldn’t be a Sect, right?

This had to be something completely different!

Brandon was at the end of his rope, so he decided to enter the building.

No one was willing to accept him, and he had nothing to lose anyway.

Maybe, if he solved the mystery of the building, he could get a technique that would allow him to rise to power?

So, Brandon entered the building.

As soon as he entered, he saw a normal-looking guy just standing in the lobby.

“Hello?” Brandon shouted at the guy.

The guy didn’t answer.

It was like he was a statue.

After some hesitation, Brandon entered the building.

“Hello! Welcome to the Gravitas Sect. Do you want to join? You will get one technique of your choosing upon joining. Free of charge!”

Brandon nearly jumped back as he saw the statue saying these words with a polite smile.

This wasn’t a statue?

“Are… are you a human?” he asked.

“Of course I’m a human!” the statue shouted with some annoyance. “Do I look like a beast? No! So, you want to join? I don’t have much time!”

Brandon blinked a couple of times in confusion.


Just like that?

“Is this a Sect?” Brandon asked.

“Can’t you read?” the statue asked with a snort. “It’s a Sect. It says so on the sign!”

The history of this building went through Brandon’s mind.

How can this thing be a Sect!?

However, Brandon knew that he had nowhere to go anyway. Might as well try joining this Sect.

“Yes, I would like to join. However, I have offended the Blood Sect. I can understand-“

“I don’t care!” the statue said. “You could have offended Heaven, and I wouldn’t give a shit! You said you would join, and that’s that! You’re now part of the Gravitas Sect!”


Suddenly, a technique appeared in front of Brandon.

Brandon looked with shock at it.

Darkness Stab Stab.

Brandon was taken aback by the very straightforward name.

Darkness Stab Stab?

What kind of name was that!?

Brandon opened the technique and read through it.



‘How?! Why?!’ Brandon thought in shock.

It was like a new world had opened before Brandon.

The concepts in this small book were earthshattering!

It was like this technique had been created by a Darkness God!

Even the best techniques of the Blood Sect didn’t seem that good!

“I can just take that?” Brandon asked.


The person in front of Brandon just looked into the distance.

Brandon became confused again and walked closer to the person.

After gathering some courage, Brandon poked the person in front of him.

Brandon could feel that the person in front of him was indeed a person, not a statue.

Yet, the person still didn’t react.

Some dark thoughts ran through Brandon for just an instant, but he quickly banished them after remembering the history of this building.

Even Spirit Forming Cultivators had died in here!

After a while of experimenting, Brandon left the building.

After stepping out of the building, Brandon read through the technique again, but this time, he noticed something.

At the back of the booklet were the Sect rules and what Brandon had to do.

“I’m the Vice-Sect Master!?” Brandon shouted in shock.

Brandon hadn’t even been an Elder before. How could he be a Vice-Sect Master!?

However, the more Brandon read, the more shocked he became.

The booklet gave Brandon very straightforward instructions for what he had to do as a Vice-Sect Master.

Make friends.

Invite people into the Sect by sending them into the Gravitas Sect.

Deal with everything else yourself!

These were the three instructions for Brandon.

Brandon was still taken aback.

Eventually, Brandon walked away while scratching the back of his head in confusion.

‘Well, I’ve got an amazing technique! Might as well follow these simple instructions. It’s the least I can do to repay that eccentric senior,’ Brandon thought.

And with that, the Gravitas Sect of this lower world had made its first member.

Meanwhile, in a different lower world.

A powerful Sect, spanning several kilometers, towered majestically over its surroundings.

In the middle of the Sect was a peculiar part, which was encircled by huge walls. One could almost get the feeling that this part of the Sect had been a city at some point.

At the end of the Sect stood a weird building made entirely out of glass.

“Disciple Felix greets the Vice-Sect Master,” a Peak Energy Gathering Realm disciple said deferentially in front of a red-haired woman.

This disciple had already condensed a Will-Aura, and he would soon reach the Spirit Forming Realm.

The Vice-Sect Master looked at the disciple with a proud smile.

“You won the tournament, and it is time for your reward,” she said.

“I thank the Vice-Sect Master,” the disciple said.

“Follow me,” the Vice-Sect Master said as she stepped out of the gigantic castle.

The disciple followed behind her without saying anything.

After passing through several guards, the two of them arrived in front of the strange building at the back of the Sect.

The disciple looked with wonder at the building.

He had heard so many legends about it!

“Is this where our Sect Master resides?” the disciple asks.

The Vice-Sect Master nodded. “Not much is known about the Sect Master. We have barely exchanged a couple of sentences.”

The disciple became shocked.

Barely some sentences!?

How mysterious could this Sect Master get!?

“When you enter the building, simply say ‘I’m already part of the Gravitas Sect. I’m here for my technique,’ alright?” the Vice Sect Master said.

The disciple became a bit confused by the strange instructions, but he also became more nervous.

“Yes, Vice-Sect Master,” he said with a bow.

The Vice-Sect Master nodded. “Go!” she ordered.

The disciple slowly walked into the strange building.

He saw a normal-looking man standing in the middle of the lobby, but the man seemed like a dead person.

It was like he was a statue.

However, as the disciple fully entered the hall, the statue suddenly sprung to life.

“Hello! Welcome to the Gravitas Sect. Do you want to join? You will get one technique of your choosing upon joining. Free of charge!”

The disciple was frightened by the sudden words, but he remembered the orders of his Vice-Sect Master.

“I’m already part of the Gravitas Sect. I’m here for my technique,” the disciple repeated.

“Oh!” the man said.

Then, the man looked at the sky for a split second.

“Oh, it’s this one. Alright, here you go!” the man said.


A technique appeared in front of the disciple, and he looked at it in wonder.

Fire Boom Thing.

The disciple was surprised by the weird name of the technique.

However, the disciple politely bowed in front of his Sect Master and left after a bit.

As soon as he exited, the Vice-Sect Master smiled with anticipation at her disciple.

“What did you get?” she asked.

The disciple felt a bit awkward.

“It’s called the Fire Boom Thing,” he said.

The eyes of the Vice-Sect Master opened wide in shock.

“The legendary Fire Boom Thing!?” she shouted in shock.

The disciple only became more confused.

What could be special about a technique with such a name?


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