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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1123: Gravitas Sect Bahasa Indonesia

The lower Heaven of this world immediately inspected Gravis, and it became shocked.

This was only a Self-Stage Spirit Forming Cultivator, but he somehow felt impossibly powerful.

It was like this Spirit Forming Cultivator could kill it with merely a thought.

“You’re not from this world,” the lower Heaven transmitted to Gravis.

Normally, lower Heavens were forbidden from interacting with any living being, but this was obviously a special case. Especially since Gravis had directly locked on to it as soon as he arrived.

“I’m a Star God from the highest world,” Gravis told the lower Heaven. “I’m here to help you.”

“Help me?” the lower Heaven asked in surprise.

In all its infinite years of existence, nothing like this had ever happened.

“I want to condense positive Karmic Luck, and I plan on getting-“


Gravis had suddenly stopped talking.

The lower Heaven was waiting for Gravis’ words, but Gravis had just stopped acting.

It was like he had lost his will.

Gravis only stood on the ground absentmindedly.

“What?” the lower Heaven asked Gravis.


Gravis didn’t react.

The lower Heaven wasn’t sure of what was happening.

The guy had just talked without a problem, but now it was like he wasn’t even alive anymore.

What was going on!?

“Hello?” the lower Heaven asked.


The lower Heaven became uncertain of what it should do right now.

Should it wait for him to continue speaking?

“I plan on getting disciples and creating a Sect,” Gravis suddenly continued explaining like nothing had happened. It was like he had suddenly been reanimated.

The lower Heaven looked at Gravis in confusion.

“If you think I’m breaking any rules, simply contact your superior. They will tell you what to do,” Gravis said.

The lower Heaven was a bit unsure of what it should do, but it contacted its parent Heaven.

However, the lower Heaven became even more shocked as it heard its parent Heaven’s words.

The same guy was inside its world, but at the Law Comprehension Realm!

“Did he also freeze in your world for a while?” the lower Heaven asked.

“Yes, and judging from what all the others are saying, it happened in their world too,” the parent Heaven answered. “I’m getting contacted by all of my children at the same time because of this guy!”

“Others?” the lower Heaven asked in shock.

That guy was in so many worlds at once!?

“My parent Heaven said that everything is alright as long as he doesn’t start putting the growth of new Cultivators into danger,” the middle Heaven said. “Treat him as any other Cultivator. If he starts interfering in our growth, inform me. I will inform my parent Heaven, and my parent Heaven will report it to the Ancestor. Simply continue doing your job. This might actually be a good thing.”

“Okay,” the lower Heaven said. The lower Heavens never questioned their superiors’ orders.

Gravis saw that nothing had happened, and he realized that his plan had worked.

He now had access to nearly ten million lower worlds!

Gravis took a deep breath. ‘I need to create ten million Sects and manage them at the same time. The time dilation is already messing brutally with my concentration since I have to do everything a thousand times faster. I’m already getting a headache, and I’m only at like 10,000 copies right now.’

Gravis gritted his teeth. ‘Even more, about every four days, I lose the ability to control all my bodies for about a minute in the lower worlds. I need to find a way to stay safe in these intervals.’

Why was that?

Why had Gravis become distracted earlier?

The Sin Monsters!

Gravis didn’t even need a second to recover, but half a second was still 500 seconds in the lower world. The only reason why Gravis was only stunned for a minute instead of ten minutes was that he constantly kept his Major Law of Time active on his body, which increased his actual body’s time acceleration by ten times.

The Sin Monsters were not influenced by Gravis’ Major Law of Time, which meant that he only received one bite every ten minutes.

One bite every ten minutes came to one bite every ten thousand minutes in the lower worlds, which was a bit more than four days.

Every four days in the lower worlds, all the Gravises would become lifeless for around a minute.

This was a major issue.

Gravis immediately inspected the entire lower world and quickly created a picture of all the different powers in his head.

Then, Gravis ran into the distance.

Sadly, he couldn’t fly since he wasn’t in the Unity Realm yet.

Luckily, the lower worlds were absolutely tiny in comparison to even the middle worlds.

Punishment Lightning came out of Gravis’ body as he charged through the world. His Spirit was far too weak to use powerful Laws right now. The best Laws he could use were level four Laws, and only when he had time to do the necessary calculations in his head.

His weak Spirit was simply not strong enough to use more powerful Laws.

After a bit of running, Gravis quickly reached an isolated mountain.

A nearly 50-meter-long snake had coiled itself around the tip of the mountain.

It was a Peak Spirit Forming Beast.

This was one of the most powerful beasts in this lower world.

The snake noticed that someone was coming close, and it lifted its head.


Its head exploded as a bolt of Punishment Lightning hit it.

Gravis didn’t even pause. He charged up the mountain, grabbed the snake, and charged into the distance again.

Similar things were happening in many other lower worlds at this very moment.

Gravis quickly charged towards a big city but stopped just a couple of kilometers outside it.


Gravis used several Laws to create powerful stone and ore, which slowly assembled into a Sect.

While Gravis was doing that, the body of the powerful snake was slowly consumed by lightning. Its Energy was transferred to Gravis, allowing him to keep up with the Energy expenditure.

Some minutes later, a huge building was created.

It was built similar to the buildings in the highest world. It was a big square made out of glass.

In short, it looked very similar to the headquarters of The Heaven Company.

Gravis quickly created a humongous sign and hung it on the building.

“Gravitas Sect”.

Then, Gravis added a lot of new signs that showed what one could earn by joining.

In just a couple of seconds, Gravis had written down a couple thousand techniques for Cultivators in the first three Realms and shoved them into a storage room.

Gravis could create them with a thought, but these techniques were superior to all other techniques in this world.

Then, Gravis hung the skeleton of the dead snake over the Sect and encased it in ore to preserve it.

Lastly, Gravis created some basic Formation Arrays, which were placed around his Sect. Gravis essentially had no idea how Formation Arrays worked but creating something for Spirit Forming Cultivators was still incredibly easy.


Gravis stopped in the middle of his reception area, turned to look at the entrance, and his eyes lost all color.

In the highest world, Gravis’ actual body was sweating bullets.

When was the last time he had been under so much stress?

He had to control so many clones at once!

Whenever a clone was finished with creating the Gravitas Sect, five new ones were sent to another world!

In only a couple of seconds, Gravis felt like his brain was being fried.

His concentration was being depleted with insane speeds!

Was the way he had created the Gravitas Sect perfect?


There would have been far better methods to lure in Cultivators.

However, all of these methods needed slight adaptations to the respective worlds. On top of that, Gravis would need to run around himself and talk with people.

As it stood right now, only an unknown building claiming to be a Sect stood near a city.

Not many Cultivators would believe everything the signs said to be true.

However, Gravis had time.

If necessary, he could simply continue standing in the Sect for a hundred years in the lower world. That would just be a little bit more than a month for the highest world.

Eventually, someone would walk in, and that someone would quickly become more powerful with Gravis’ teachings. Then, people would storm to his Sect.

And other Peak Sects?

Gravis only needed to take a look at them to come up with a thousand schemes to move them to peaceful cooperation or to destruction.

Some hundred-year-old humans couldn’t compare to him.

He could outthink them with his little toe.


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