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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1122: Portals Bahasa Indonesia

As soon as Mortis left The Heaven Company, he split into two level one Star Gods.

One of the Mortises took 55 million God Stones, and the other one kept the other five million.

The Mortis with the 55 million God Stones immediately went to the Teleportation Formation Array and traveled towards Gravis.

The other Mortis went to another building.


Mortis arrived in front of a gigantic building. However, the building wasn’t very tall. It only had about three floors. Yet, it was many kilometers long, and it was also near the middle of Opposer City.

The size and location of this building showed that the owner of this building was an incredibly powerful organization.

Mortis entered.

“Welcome to the Research Company! How can I help you?” the clerk asked.

Mortis looked around the hall and fell into a bit of nostalgia.

This was his first place of employment.

This was the company that had trained him when he had been just a Body Tempering Cultivator, and this was also the company that had sent him to the lower world.

“I need portals to lower and middle worlds,” Mortis said. “Many.”

The clerk was a bit surprised. “For whom?” she asked.


About 100 Mortises in the Spirit Forming and Law Comprehension Realm appeared behind him.

“For them,” Mortis said.

The clerk’s mind stopped.


What was going on?

Was she dreaming?

Did that guy in front of her suddenly transform into many small copies of himself?

“Please wait a moment,” she said in confusion. “I need to call someone.”

Mortis waited.

Some seconds later, an Ancestral God arrived in front of Mortis.

Even the Ancestral God was surprised about all these little Mortises.

“Do you know the Law of the Living World?” he asked.

“What’s it to you?” Mortis asked coldly.

The Ancestral God was a bit surprised about Mortis’ rude comment, but he realized that he had been the rude one.

Asking about someone else’s Laws was a no-go.

“Forget I asked,” the Ancestral God said. “You wish for all of these copies of yours to travel to lower and middle worlds?”

“Yes. I have the money required,” Mortis said.

The Ancestral God released a sigh.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with that request,” he said with some regret.

“Why not?” Mortis asked.

“The rules of the world don’t allow powerful people from our world to go to lower worlds. Your strongest incarnation can’t surpass the upper limit of the worlds,” the Ancestral God said.

“Don’t be vague and say rules of the world,” Mortis said coldly. “Say how it is. The Heavens don’t want that, right?”

The Ancestral God lifted an eyebrow due to Mortis’ rather aggressive comment. “If you want to view it like that, sure.”

“Good,” Mortis said. “So, what does it have to do with you?”

The Ancestral God’s eyebrow rose even more, but this time, in skepticism.

“This is obviously between Heaven and me,” Mortis explained. “You are the service provider. I pay you to transport me there. What happens after that is not of your concern. If my incarnations get killed by Heaven, so be it. I won’t fault you for it.”

The Ancestral God’s brows furrowed. “Are you willing to waste so much Energy?” he asked. “I warned you out of kindness.”

“Your kindness is appreciated but unnecessary,” Mortis answered. “If you don’t feel comfortable accepting this trade vocally, you can also set up a contract. I’m willing to pay double for every portal.”

After Mortis offered the contract, the Ancestral God scratched his chin in thought.


“Fine,” the Ancestral God said ten seconds later. “However, the Research Company will not be responsible for any actions that any Heavens take.”

Mortis nodded.

“Give me a minute,” the Ancestral God said.

Mortis only waited without answering.

A minute later, a contract appeared before Mortis, and Mortis read through it.

“I need more portals,” Mortis answered.

The Ancestral God’s eyebrows furrowed yet again. “You need to pay upfront. Try it first. You can always order more portals.”

“Your kindness is appreciated but unnecessary,” Mortis repeated.

The Ancestral God was getting annoyed at Mortis’ tone and choice of words.

“Fine!” he said with more aggression than he had wanted. “How many do you want?”

“Ten million,” Mortis said.


The clerk and the Ancestral God looked with shock at Mortis.

Ten million!?

The Ancestral God wanted to ask Mortis if he was insane, but the Ancestral God remembered Mortis’ words.

‘You don’t want my kindness? Sure!’

“I’ll request the contract,” he said.

Mortis only nodded.

Some seconds later, a revised contract appeared in front of Mortis, and Mortis signed it.

The Ancestral God harrumphed and sent the contract away.

“Follow me,” he said.


They both teleported away and entered one of the teleportation rooms.

Mortis saw an Immortal Emperor clerk sitting on a chair while reading something.

However, the Immortal Emperor quickly stood up in shock as he looked at the Ancestral God and then at Mortis.

Apparently, he had just been informed.

“Well, okay,” the Immortal Emperor said.

The Ancestral God nodded and stretched his hand out towards Mortis.

Mortis summoned one million God Stones and gave them to the Ancestral God. Wanting to go to a lower world was far more expensive for outsiders. Back when Gravis had sent Skye to a middle world, he had only needed to pay the operation cost.

Of course, this advantage didn’t apply to Mortis.

He had to pay the full price.

Ten portals for one God Stones.

That was 100,000 Immortal Stones for one portal.

Only Immortals could pay for something like that.

Why was the price so high?

It was to discourage proud parents and clans from sending their heirs to a lower world.

Why discourage that?

Because the parents often weren’t able to assess the Battle-Strength of their progeny objectively.

This high price was specifically there to force these parents to send their children to the Research Company as Research Assistants. Like this, the children would get proper training before departing.

However, obviously, it was also possible to just directly buy a portal. It was just far more expensive.

No sane person would accept that price.

“I want a catalog of the names and categories of all worlds that have already been inspected,” Mortis said. “I don’t care about the techniques.”

The Ancestral God raised an eyebrow.

“Two million God Stones,” he said.

Mortis paid the two million God Stones without hesitation.

After that, Mortis received a list of all the worlds, which had already been inspected.

Mortis had been prepared for a large number, but it was even bigger than he had anticipated.

Over 100 billion worlds!

Ten million portals would be less than 0.01%!

The Ancestral God teleported away, and the Immortal Emperor went to Mortis.

“Where to first?” he asked politely.

The Immortal Emperor was actually quite happy about Mortis’ arrival. Part of the Immortal Emperor’s income came from the money his customers paid.

Mortis was a big money bag for him!

Mortis’ mind and soul swept through the list and noted down millions of locations in nearly an instant.

Then, Mortis listed the first 1000 worlds quickly.

The Immortal Emperor immediately noticed something peculiar about Mortis’ list.

There were 999 lower worlds and one middle world in that list, and the surprising thing was that all 999 lower worlds would lead to that one middle world.

They were all part of the same group.

“And hurry up,” Mortis said. “The faster, the better. Depending on how fast you are, I can give you an additional 1,000 God Stones.”

The Immortal Emperor’s eyes widened in pleasant surprise.

1,000 God Stones for some work?


“Of course!” he said with a warm smile.


All the small Mortises fused into two Mortises.

One was in the Peak Spirit Forming Realm, and one was in the Peak Law Comprehension Realm.

The Immortal Emperor got distracted by Mortis’ fusion, but he quickly went back to opening the portals.

However, there was still a question in his mind.

Why would that guy request ten million portals when there were only two incarnations of him?

“Can I use the Major Law of Time to speed things up?” Mortis asked.

“Yes, of course,” the Immortal Emperor said with excitement.

This meant that he would be finished even faster!

Mortis nodded and sped up the entire hall with the Major Law of Time, which made the time move ten times faster than normal.

After a bit, 1,000 portals opened simultaneously.

The weakest Mortis entered a portal while the second weakest Mortis entered another one.

“Keep them open for now. It won’t take long,” Mortis said.

As soon as the weakest Mortis entered the portal, he took out a Life Ring.


A Gravis at the Peak Spirit Forming Realm appeared.

Then, Mortis went back through the portal and entered the hall again.

The most powerful Mortis kept the Law of Perceived Reality active.

For the Immortal Emperor, it just looked like Mortis had entered and left without doing anything, confusing him a bit.

Mortis didn’t want anyone to see the Sin Aura on Gravis.

The same thing happened in the middle world.

Both of these Mortises wore Life Rings filled with weak Gravises.

“You can close the portals after my incarnations leave them,” Mortis said.

“Oh, okay,” the Immortal Emperor said as he closed the portals.

While doing that, the weakest Mortis had already entered and exited 500 more worlds.

The Immortal Emperor began sweating as he opened and closed portals as fast as he could.

This guy was moving way too fast!

Meanwhile, in one of the lower worlds, Gravis narrowed his eyes.

Then, he looked towards the middle of the world.

His Spirit Sense immediately enveloped the lower Heaven.

And the lower Heaven looked back.


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