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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1121: Contribution Points Bahasa Indonesia

“I need money.”

“How much?”

“Can you spare ten mill?”

“Of course!”



“Wait, Mortis…”

Manuel took a deep breath.

Mortis had just come out of nowhere and had asked about money. Manuel knew that Mortis was using it for Gravis, but he, at least, wanted to know how Gravis was.

Instead, Mortis directly teleported away.

“It’s probably urgent,” Stella said with a worried sigh. “You don’t know Mortis as well, but I’ve actually never seen him so nervous before.”

Manuel also sighed, but his eyes quickly steeled again.

“We have to move forward! We don’t have any time left!”

Liam and Aris nodded towards Manuel.

Both of them were level two Star Gods by now. After Gravis had vanished, they had decided that they had to increase their power as much as possible.

“Launch the attack!” Manuel ordered.

Meanwhile, Mortis entered the next city and used the Teleportation Formation Array to get to Opposer City. Gravis wasn’t allowed to go to Opposer City, but he was.

Mortis quickly arrived in Opposer City and directly teleported to his destination.


Mortis appeared in front of a gigantic building made of glass and entered.

“Welcome to The Heaven Company! How can I help you?” the clerk asked. It was the same clerk that Gravis had met back when he had first entered The Heaven Company.

Mortis took out an emblem and put it on the table.

“Black Sentry has recently been kicked out of The Heaven Company. However, he still has Contribution Points,” Mortis said as he pointed at the emblem. “This emblem has his aura and signature on it. It gives me the power to use up his remaining Contribution Points.”

The clerk was overwhelmed immediately.

This was something that went way above her paygrade!

“Please wait a moment. I’m going to contact someone immediately,” she said with a polite smile.

Mortis only nodded expressionlessly.

Some seconds passed.


Eve arrived in the hall, and she looked at Mortis.

Then, she looked at the emblem Mortis had put on the table with cold eyes.


The emblem was turned into nothingness.

Mortis’ eyes became a shade colder.

Eve and Mortis looked into each other’s eyes with cold expressions.


The clerk felt nervous and went to the side.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Mortis asked slowly.

“Black Sentry has become a heretic in the eyes of The Heaven Company,” Eve explained. “He has committed the very atrocities that we exist to prevent. If he manages to recover from his issue, we have no problems in reaccepting it, but as of right now, The Heaven Company has nothing to do with him.”

“We do not exist to help the Sinners,” Eve said coldly.

Mortis only looked coldly into Eve’s eyes. “I fail to see the point,” Mortis said.

Eve’s eyes narrowed.

“A bargain has been struck, and a contract signed. The current identity of Black Sentry is irrelevant. You can kill him or do whatever you want with him, but he still deserves his just rewards for the services he has provided,” Mortis explained.

“And he has received his rewards,” Eve said calmly. “He has the Contribution Points on his account.”

“And I am going to use these Contribution Points now,” Mortis said.

“We do not interact with Sinners,” Eve stated coldly.

“So, you’re saying that you are not willing to hand over his just reward. Is that right?” Mortis asked.

“As I’ve already explained. He has received his just reward,” Eve explained.

Mortis’ eyes narrowed.

“Is this your decision, your superior’s decision, or the decision of The Heaven Company?” Mortis asked.

“Is that a threat?” Eve asked, her voice becoming even colder.

“This is not a threat but me asking who the responsible person for this decision is,” Mortis clarified.

“As the supervisor over all the Judges in the Immortal Emperor and Star God Realm, I can decide how my employees can get their rewards,” Eve explained.

“Then call someone that’s responsible,” Mortis said.

Eve’s eyes narrowed as Mortis’ words slightly threw her for a loop.

“And what do you mean with that?” she asked.

“Black Sentry is not your employee,” Mortis explained. “Get a representative of The Heaven Company out here. This is an interaction between a private person and The Heaven Company.”

Mortis leaned closer.

“Your word has no weight,” Mortis said coldly.

This managed to enrage Eve.

This mere Star God!

When had a Star God ever talked to her this way!?

Eve had given her entire life for The Heaven Company! Ever since she had been saved from an apocalyptic fight when she was younger, she had idolized The Heaven Company.

She had always given her everything! She even became the supervisor over one of the most important groups of Judges!

“Then let me tell it to you as a representative of The Heaven Company,” Eve coldly said as she leaned closer to Mortis’ face.

“We. Do. Not. Do. Business. With. Sinners.”

“Great,” Mortis said slowly. “Then we have no problem.”

Eve’s brows furrowed.

“I am not a Sinner,” Mortis said. “Give me what is owed.”

Eve gritted her teeth.

This Star God!


Eve activated her Will-Aura and suppressed Mortis.

It was time for him to learn his place!

However, her eyes widened when Mortis only continued to glare at her.

It was like her Will-Aura was helpless in front of him.

But how!?

“Give me what is owed,” Mortis said. “I do not have much time. After I get what is owed, I will leave.”

“This is something between The Heaven Company and me,” Mortis said coldly. “Your emotional bias does not belong in this interaction.”

The atmosphere became colder and heavier.

The clerk at the side felt her heart beat violently in her chest.

It was like an explosion was about to occur!

Ten seconds of tense silence passed.

Then, Eve took a deep breath through her nose as her eyes closed.

After that, her eyes opened with determination.

“No,” she said very slowly.

Mortis lifted an eyebrow, and his cold aura receded.

Then, Mortis leaned back into a straight position again.

His aura changed from an aggressive coldness to a detached coldness.

“I normally don’t do this, but I think for once, the reason is appropriate,” Mortis said coldly.

Eve sneered. “That almost sounds like you think you have some kind of power over me.”

“Not over you,” Mortis said. “However, it seems like a certain promise has been broken.”

“A promise?” Eve asked with disdain.

“I remember how two people have talked near me once,” Mortis said. “One of those two asked the other person to not include Black Sentry into one of their schemes.”

“You have just represented The Heaven Company, and you have declined to even investigate this issue properly before making a decision.”

“Seems like the CEO of The Heaven Company has made a mistake,” Mortis said.

Eve was taken aback by these words.

The CEO of The Heaven Company? What would he have to do with this Star God?

“As I’ve said,” Mortis said slowly. “I don’t usually do this, but the time constraint and the power of my opponent should justify this action.”

“Father, have you heard what I have said?”


“To think that you would use me in such a way.”

The Opposer’s voice appeared in Mortis’ head.

“Gravis would never have done so.”

“I’m not Gravis,” Mortis answered emotionlessly.

“That’s right,” the Opposer answered. “You’re not.”

“However, you are right. I asked Anthorian to keep Gravis out of his dirty schemes. It is also of my opinion that Gravis deserves access to his rewards. If this were only a Sect with some Ancestral Gods, I wouldn’t get involved.”

“Yet, The Heaven Company is led by the strongest Heaven’s Magnate.”

The Opposer focused on Anthorian.

Anthorian, Heaven’s Child, was currently on the top floor of The Heaven Company and was managing the sorting machine for all the emblems.

It was his job to give all the emblems their intensity and color.

As soon as Anthorian felt that the Opposer was focusing on him, his face whitened in terror.

What had happened!?

He hadn’t done anything!

He just sat here and ordered the emblems!

Why was the Opposer suddenly angry!?

Anthorian immediately used the Law of Time and inspected everything regarding The Heaven Company.

Someone had to have made a major fuck up in The Heaven Company!

Anthorian quickly noticed what had happened, and his anger exploded.

This idiot!

The Heaven Company was supposed to be the perfect example of fairness!

Not giving someone access to their rewards was the same as not giving them rewards at all!

Anthorian did not want to have the rumor going around the world that The Heaven Company didn’t pay their employees!

“Matthias,” Anthorian said quickly and with quite a bit of anger.

“Yes?” the person quickly answered in respect and nervousness.

Anthorian transmitted what had happened to Matthias.

“Deal with it!”



Matthias immediately arrived in the lobby of The Heaven Company.

Eve’s eyes widened.

This was the Supreme Judge!

The person responsible for nearly all battles between Divine Gods!

His position was even higher than the position of the Chief Investigator!

He was a level nine Divine God with three out of four Major Laws! He was only missing the Law of Perceived Reality!

Matthias looked at Eve with cold eyes.

An emblem was pulled out of her Spirit Space, and Matthias pocketed it.

“Your services are no longer required,” he said.

Eve’s face went white.


Matthias teleported her away before she could say anything.

“I apologize for the poor behavior of my employee,” Matthias said.

“I want Black Sentry’s Contribution Points to be converted into God Stones,” Mortis said immediately.


Matthias summoned about 50 million God Stones.

Mortis immediately pocketed them.


And Mortis teleported away.

After Mortis left, Matthias inspected the distant Eve with his Spirit Sense.

‘You shouldn’t have let your emotions dictate your actions,’ he thought. ‘As soon as you said that you were The Heaven Company’s representative, your fate was set in stone. Even if the CEO hadn’t contacted me, I would have found out eventually.’

‘And you would have still been fired.’

‘You could have just asked any normal representative. Then, you wouldn’t have been in trouble.’

‘Sadly, you decided to promote yourself.’

‘Seems like your power has gone to your head.’


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