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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1106: Star God Levels Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis leisurely traveled back to the Myriad Sect. He and Stella had traveled quite far while chasing her Star, which was also why that guy had shown up.

‘Oh? Who’s that?’ Gravis thought as he noticed two people following him.

One of them was a Peak Immortal Emperor that was slightly above-average, and the other guy was a level one Star God.

Gravis saw in the mind of the Peak Immortal Emperor that he wanted to kill Gravis.

Gravis smirked.

Gravis stealthily activated his Law of Perceived Reality and covertly changed some things.


Gravis teleported away, and the eyes of the two people widened.

“He noticed you,” the Star God said. “Chase him. He’s your tempering opportunity. I will simply follow you and report it to the Elder if you die.”

The Peak Immortal Emperor nodded, and both of them chased Gravis.

The Peak Immortal Emperor reached Gravis, but Gravis managed to side-step his attack with a scared expression.

The Star God only watched.

“He’s fleeing towards the outer regions. There’s nothing there. You can chase,” the Star God said.

The Peak Immortal Emperor nodded and continued attacking Gravis.

For a couple of minutes, the Peak Immortal Emperor tried to kill Gravis, but he just couldn’t hit him.

The Star God slowly became suspicious.

Was he luring them somewhere?


Suddenly, a Formation Array activated that isolated teleportations.

The Star God’s face whitened.

Such a Formation Array was extremely expensive, and only Sects could bring up the funds to buy something like that!

This was a trap!

Gravis had slightly changed their perception of their surroundings. In their perception, Gravis had been traveling towards the outer regions, but in reality, he had traveled directly to the Myriad Sect.

At the same time, Gravis severely strengthened the warping of the Peak Immortal Emperor’s perceived reality.

A ton of different humans appeared and disappeared in front of the Peak Immortal Emperor, their faces constantly warping into different shapes.

In an instant, all possible faces that a human could have had appeared and disappeared.

Whenever the Peak Immortal Emperor saw a face he recognized, the memories of that person appeared in his head.

This allowed Gravis to read all these memories.

In an instant, Gravis had gotten the information of thousands of people.

“Have fun!” Gravis shouted before he left.

“He’s too weak for us,” Aris said to Liam. “Broad Walker has also become impressively powerful in the last fight. I would suggest giving him to Azure’s legion.”

Liam nodded.

Manuel told Azure that she could take care of the Star God with her legion.

Meanwhile, Styr charged at the Peak Immortal Emperor.

That guy was just perfect for Styr!

Like this, Gravis had delivered some tempering and wealth to the Myriad Sect.

Gravis also transmitted the information he had gathered to Manuel.

“The Shining Purity Sect, huh?” Manuel commented. “They’re quite impressive.”

Gravis nodded. “They have a level four Star God. They sure have pumped a lot of wealth into that guy.”

“Can you deal with a level four Star God?” Manuel asked.

“Not yet,” Gravis answered with a smirk.

Manuel noticed Gravis’ smirk.

“Are you ready to become a Star God?” Manuel asked.

Gravis nodded. “Right now, my Will-Aura is too powerful. Just my Will-Aura alone will already suppress a level three Star God by about 20%. If I activate my Major Law of Suppression, they will be suppressed by over 95%. That makes them even slower than level one Star Gods, and they wouldn’t be my opponent anymore, even if I don’t use my Law of Sentience.”

“However, a level four Star God is two battle-levels above a level three Star God. I wouldn’t be able to suppress them by much, and their speed alone is already so fast that I can’t react.”

Star Gods were categorized into nine levels with three sets.

The first three levels were a set.

The second three levels were a set.

The third three levels were a set.

One could say that a Star God somewhere in the first three levels was an Early Star God.

Someone in the middle three levels was a Mid Star God.

Someone in the late three levels was a Late Star God.

Someone in the ninth level was a Peak Star God, but there was no special jump in levels between a Late Star God and a Peak Star God.

When a Star God reached a new set of three levels, a jump of two levels would happen. This was essentially the same thing as the jump between a Late Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor and an Early Major Circulation Immortal Emperor.

So, to summarize.

Level one Star God to level two Star God would be a jump of one level.

Level two Star God to level three Star God would be a jump of one level.

However, level three Star God to level four Star God would be a jump of two levels.

Then, it would return to normal again.

Level four to level five equaled one level.

Level five to six equaled one level.

Level six to level seven equaled two levels since the Star God just entered a new set of three levels.

Level seven to eight equaled one level.

Level eight to nine equaled one level.

When put in simple numbers, it would look like this.

1 1 2 1 1 2 1 1.

Right now, Gravis was a Peak Immortal Emperor.

The difference between a Peak Immortal Emperor and a level one Star God were four levels.

If Gravis were to fight a level three Star God, he would need to jump six levels.

4 + 1 + 1.

However, if Gravis had to fight a level four Star God, he would need to jump eight levels.

4 + 1 + 1 + 2.

Obviously, this was impossible. Only someone like Arc could attempt something like that, and Gravis definitely wasn’t as powerful as Arc.

Yet, fighting a level three Star God was also no good.

Gravis’ Will-Aura was too powerful right now. If Gravis also used his Law of Suppression, the enemy wouldn’t even be a danger anymore.

This meant that Gravis was in a very awkward position for tempering.

He couldn’t find a good opponent.

“That’s why I will become a Star God today,” Gravis said. “At that point, I can fight a level six Star God. There are probably no level six Star Gods in existence yet, but that’s not a problem. I only need to either enter a Heaven’s Trial or comprehend Laws for long enough for the population of Star Gods to recover.”

Manuel smiled. “Then, I’m happy with that. For a second, I felt guilty. I thought that our weakness was forcing you to accelerate your Realm progression. But if it’s fine anyway, I can be at ease.”

Gravis nodded with a smile.

“It really is fine,” Gravis said. “Another reason is also that I want to know what kind of effect my Star will have. Stars have different domains and effects based on what Law they have. I wonder what effect the Law of Sentience will have.”

“It’s probably very powerful,” Manuel said.

“Probably,” Gravis said. “Anyway, I’ll call Mortis and go somewhere else for my breakthrough. I’ll be back in just a couple of hours.”

“Have fun,” Manuel said.

“Thanks,” Gravis said.


And Gravis was gone.


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