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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1105: Hooligan Bahasa Indonesia

While the Myriad Sect readied their new headquarters for their future conquest, Gravis borrowed Stella for a bit.

He wanted to test something.

“So, what did you want to test?” Stella asked.

“Wait a second,” Gravis said. “I need to take some precautions first. I don’t want to take any chances.”

Stella looked with a questioning look at Gravis.

“Father, please help me isolate what’s happening here in front of others. I don’t want anyone to see what’s happening,” Gravis said.

“Go ahead,” the Opposer’s voice appeared in Gravis’ and Stella’s minds.

“Thanks,” Gravis said with a nod before concentrating on Stella.

Stella took a nervous step back. “What are you doing? Are you trying to take advantage of me!? I warn you, as a pure maiden, I have many suitors! I’m going to call big brother Mortis to beat you up if you do anything!” Stella shouted in fear.

Gravis had to laugh at Stella’s antics.

“No, I want to try something specific,” Gravis said.

Then, Gravis moved back a distance.

“Stella Firebringer!” Gravis shouted.

Ever since Stella had joined the Nine Elements Sect in the higher world, she had received a new last name. Firebringer was the last name of the fire camp of the Nine Elements Sect.

Gravis had just shouted out Stella’s true name.

Stella’s eyes widened as a weird sensation filled her being.


A Star appeared beside Stella, which surprised her.

This was her Star!

She hadn’t summoned it!

“Stella Firebringer!” Gravis shouted again.

The Star shot towards the distance.

Surprisingly, it didn’t shoot towards Gravis but in a seemingly completely random direction.

Stella became nervous as she saw her Star leave her.

She hadn’t ordered any of these things!

The Star was shooting into the distance with a lot of speed, but Gravis and Stella could still keep up.

“Come back!” Stella shouted, trying her best to reign in her Star.

After a lot of forcing, Stella’s Star slowed down.

“Stella Firebringer!”


And the Star shot away again.

Gravis laughed loudly at the spectacle.

It was like Stella was chasing a disobedient child, trying to convince it to return.

“I think I know where the Star is going towards,” Gravis said.

“Where?” Stella asked. She was nervous but not scared. She knew that Gravis wouldn’t allow anything to happen to her.

“It’s shooting towards my Avatar,” Gravis said.

“It’s going to Mortis?” Stella asked.

Gravis nodded.

“Mortis is comprehending some Laws in that direction. I think this also explains why true names are so dangerous to Star Gods and above,” Gravis said. “I still have the control over my Avatar or Star since you can’t say my true name.”

“So, in essence, I now control the movements of your Star. I only need to make Mortis move to wherever I want. Even more, your Star can’t become untouchable while it’s not under your control. That ability is the only reason why Cultivators don’t attack the enemy’s Star.”

“If we had similar powers, we would be embroiled in a battle. However, if I know your true name, I can get your Star to come to me. After that, I only need to attack it, and it gets destroyed.”

“Even more, since the opponent obviously knows about the importance of their Star, I could also control their movement. For example, if there were someone in Opposer City that I wanted to kill. Obviously, I can’t kill them due to the rules of Opposer City.”

“However, if I knew their true name and shouted it out from outside Opposer City, I could force their Star to come to me. The other person would be forced to meet me outside or see their most powerful Laws be destroyed.”

“It essentially allows me to control the entire life of someone else,” Gravis explained.

Stella nodded.

That ability was really terrifying.

No wonder everyone kept their true names secret.

After a lot of urging, Stella managed to make her Star slow down again.

Eventually, the Star stopped.

Stella immediately shot a venomous glare at Gravis. “Don’t you dare!”

Gravis was currently suppressing his laughter with all his power.

“Don’t!” Stella shouted. “It took me so long to regain control!”

“Stella,” Gravis said.

“Don’t you dare!” Stella shouted coldly.

“Stella, could you bring me some fire?” Gravis said with a smirk.

“Stop it!”

“Fine, fine, I’ll stop,” Gravis said.

Stella squinted her eyes at Gravis.

She didn’t fully believe him.

“No, honestly, Gravis. It’s not funny, and I don’t like that feeling. I’m not joking. Please stop,” Stella said seriously.

Gravis’ smirk immediately vanished, and he sighed.

“Okay,” he said with a sad tone.

“Thanks,” Stella said.

Eventually, Stella managed to make her Star vanish again. It took several minutes to get her Star under control again, while it took another person only two words to make it go completely out of control.

True names truly were scary.

Stella swore herself that she would tell no one about her true name.

Luckily, only Gravis, Mortis, Liam, and Exar knew about her true name.

“Fairy Maiden, is this hooligan harassing you?”


Someone appeared beside Stella.

He was a young man with long white hair, expensive white robes, and white jewelry. The holy light of Purity continually shone out of him, making him appear like some godlike being.

His face was immaculate.

In total, he looked like a holy statue that some mortals would pray to.

He was a level two Star God.

He had just passed by here, and he saw how this beautiful fairy had looked at this hooligan with venomous eyes.

Obviously, this ant of a Cultivator was harassing this beautiful maiden!

In his mind, this absolutely stellar, beautiful maiden was too nice and polite to directly throw this hooligan into the distance.

Because of that, this hooligan was taking advantage of this innocent fairy maiden, harassing her more and more and taking advantage of her.

He had to come in and save her!

Stella looked at the handsome man beside her with a bit of confusion.

Then, she understood, and she suppressed a chuckle.

Gravis looked at the man with a raised eyebrow.

“Shoo! Go away!” the man ordered Gravis. “Can’t you see that this beautiful maiden isn’t interested in you? Learn some decency!”

Gravis blinked once. “I think you got something-“

“Oh, thank you, valiant Cultivator!” Stella shouted with teary eyes.

Gravis’ face froze.

‘Are you serious?’

“This uncouth man has asked to smell my feet and to wear my dress! Dear Gods, I was flabbergasted when I heard of his dirty demands!” Stella shouted with a voice that would make any man want to help her.

Gravis was stunned.

‘Fuck, isn’t this too much like Karma!?’ Gravis thought. ‘I just teased Stella with her true name, and now she’s teasing me with that guy!’

When the young man heard Stella’s words, his eyes became frosty, and he unleashed his Will-Aura on Gravis.

“I will put this hooligan to justice!” he shouted with power.

“No, please!” Stella shouted with a pleading voice. “He has acted unbecoming, but this is not worthy of death! I cannot live with such guilt upon my conscience!”

The young man’s eyes relaxed, and he looked at Stella with loving, kind eyes.

Stella’s body shuddered, but she kept it hidden.

“Such an innocent maiden is truly rare in this cruel world,” the man said with a complimenting tone. Then, he looked coldly at Gravis. “Hooligan! You are in luck! This fair maiden has just saved your life! Now, scram!”

Gravis blinked a couple of times.

“He’s from one of the nearby Sects probably,” Stella transmitted to Gravis. “We are still new here, and the other Sects don’t know about us yet. By following him, I can enter one of the Sects and gather information about their power and policies. We need to know our enemy to properly prepare for a fight with them.”

“Fine,” Gravis answered with an unwilling voice transmission.

Then, Gravis acted like some petty thief that had been found out by the lord of the manor and fled into the distance.

The young man snorted once and looked with loving eyes at Stella.

“The hooligan is gone. Fairy maiden, would you be interested in following me to my Sect of origin? I believe a powerful Star God such as yourself can easily become an Enforcer in our Sect. I can assure you that you will be able to join.”

Stella smiled brightly, and her face became a bit red.

“Thank you so much, valiant Cultivator. I would love to visit your Sect!” Stella said.

“Heaven has decreed that we would meet on this day, and I thank Heaven for this opportunity to meet a gracious person such as you. Please, follow me,” he said with a soft tone.

Stella was really trying her best to look interested and innocent.

The young man and Stella flew into the distance.

Then, the young man did something Stella didn’t notice.

“Peak Immortal Emperor. He has this Aura. Kill him,” he ordered to someone secretly.

He didn’t want the innocent fairy maiden to know that the hooligan would die. After all, with her pure conscience and personality, she might not be able to deal with such a strike to her conscience.

Obviously, the man’s impression of Stella was very far from reality. In fact, it was so far from reality that it was almost unbelievable that someone could possibly think something like that.

Well, the reason was two-fold.

One reason was Stella’s powerful Law of Empathy. This Law intensified the positive emotions she unconsciously gave off.

This made her appear like a loving, innocent, happy, and even naïve girl.

The second reason was her beauty.

The young man had been struck with her as soon as he saw her.

She was just so innocent, so fragile.

He needed to protect her!

Because of that, he believed Stella to be innocent, even though that was impossible due to the sheer fact that Stella was already a Star God.

Like this, an incredible opportunity to learn about their opponent had arrived for the Myriad Sect.

What great luck!


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