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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1107: Condensing a Star Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis went to an isolated place and called Mortis and Arc.

Arc arrived relatively quickly. “What’s up?” Arc asked with a smile.

“I’ll reach the Star God Realm today,” Gravis explained.

Then, Gravis took out a ring and threw it at Arc.

“That’s a ring that allows us to communicate over long distances. Your own ring won’t work anymore since I will be a Star God soon.”

Arc looked at the ring with a smile and pocketed it. “Thanks. Mind if I watch you reach the Star God Realm? I’m interested in what kind of effect the Law of Sentience will have once it becomes a Star.”

“Yes, I mind,” Gravis said flatly.

Arc was a bit taken aback.

Then, Gravis laughed. “What’s with that question? Of course you can watch!”

Arc also laughed a bit.

The two of them were still waiting for Mortis, so they talked a bit.

“What have you been doing ever since coming to the highest world?” Gravis asked.

“Different things. I looked at the world for a long time, but even that can become boring eventually. Recently, I got a new hobby,” Arc said with a sly smirk.

“Oh?” Gravis uttered

“I like to join Sects and act weak,” Arc explained with a smirk. “Not even the Ancestral Gods can feel my Battle-Strength, so it becomes quite easy to remain hidden. I simply act weak and act like a normal disciple.”

“And then, I simply wait for some arrogant idiots to bully me or act against me. You would be surprised how many people you can anger just by being weak and existing in their vicinity.”

“They act against you because you chose the wrong chair in a restaurant.”

“They act against you because you don’t let them skip the queue for basically anything.”

“They act against you because you didn’t bow before them.”

“It’s hilarious how quickly some people get angry,” Arc said with mirth.

Gravis chuckled a bit. “How come I don’t see that many of those?”

“It depends on where you are,” Arc explained. “If they are outside, they act like normal Cultivators. They know that there are a lot of hidden geniuses and people with powerful backgrounds around. That’s why they are careful outside.”

“However, as soon as they are in their own Sect, they become arrogant assholes. They know their status and know that they are, at least, above-average in the Sect. Of course, the way I’m phrasing this makes it appear like there are more of these people than there actually are. In reality, they are more like one in a thousand disciples. For every 999 normal disciples, one arrogant idiot appears.”

Gravis nodded. “And what do you do when they act against you?”

“I won’t back down, and I warn them that I’m more powerful than I appear. Due to the rules of the Sect, they can’t directly go against me. This means that I get to keep my chair in the tavern, my place in the queue, and I don’t need to bow to them.”

“But of course, they will become very angry and even start hating me. That’s when the fun begins,” Arc exclaimed in excitement.

“What do they do?” Gravis asked in interest.

“84% of the time, they try to suppress me with the Sect rules. They do stuff like insult me, make it harder for me to go on missions, stuff like that. The other 16% go directly for covert assassination. They either come themselves or send someone to take me out while I’m outside.”

“Funnily enough, when the 84% of suppressors inevitably fail, they get even angrier. It’s like defending myself is akin to acting against them. After failing, they also directly go for assassinations.”

“Of course, the assassins that attempt anything never return,” Arc said with a smirk. “What do you think the guys will do?”

Gravis chuckled a bit. “Send more assassins,” Gravis said.

Arc laughed and nodded. “Exactly! They believe that I must have had some luck or secret weapon that could only be used a single time. They send more powerful assassins, and when those assassins also die, they try it themselves.”

“Of course, they also never return. Additionally, I never get implicated. After all, who can investigate something that I don’t want to be investigated? After the arrogant assholes are dead, I go back to the Sect and throw out some more bait. If I can’t find anyone for a century that’s willing to take the bait, I go to another Sect,” Arc explained.

Gravis had to laugh a couple of times.

Arc’s hobby was acting like a pig to eat the tiger.

“So, in essence, you are cleansing the Sects of arrogant idiots one at a time?” Gravis asked.

Arc laughed. “Basically, yeah.”

“You’re attempting something impossible,” Gravis said with a smirk.

“I don’t care. It’s about the fun, not the goal!”


At that moment, Mortis arrived.

“Hello, Arc,” Mortis said to Arc.

“Hey, Mortis. How have you been?” Arc said.

“Normal. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just Laws.”

“Laws are fun,” Arc answered with a smirk. “I’ve also comprehended some Laws. Man, I tell you, comprehending Laws is far easier when you can actually see them.”

“I can imagine,” Gravis said. “How have you even been able to deal with guessing Laws? I literally can’t imagine anything that is more frustrating and boring.”

“That’s the thing,” Arc said. “Boredom. Yeah, guessing Laws is about as boring as it gets, but the most boring thing is still less boring than doing absolutely nothing at all.”

“Can we start?” Mortis asked Gravis.

Mortis wasn’t the biggest fan of just talking, and he wanted to get back to comprehending his Laws.

“Sure,” Gravis said as he took out about a million God Stones. Gravis would have to absorb far more God Stones to become a Star God since his entire being was already at the peak of the respective centers of power.

However, the good thing about that was that Gravis wouldn’t have to spend a ridiculous sum of God Stones to advance in the Star God Realm but only double the normal amount. Since everyone had a peak body, Energy storage, and Spirit in the Star God Realm, everyone else’s advancement cost would multiply while Gravis’ would shrink in relation to others.

Mortis and Gravis consumed the God Stones.

It took around an hour for them to consume all of them, but eventually, Gravis felt that he was about to breakthrough.

Mortis began shaking as the Avatar of Sentience shone out of his body. It was like Mortis became transparent.

A flood of Energy exploded out of Gravis, and over half of it entered his Avatar.

The Avatar became brighter and brighter. At the same time, it also seemed to swell up.

At some point, the Avatar even swallowed Mortis’ body.


Then, the Avatar exploded as the surroundings were torn apart.

Gravis looked at his Avatar, and he saw that it had been reduced to a burning Star.

The fire on the Star took the form of humans and beasts as they traveled across the Star. It was like the Star was a planet for all these sentient flames.

Yet, when one didn’t fully concentrate on the Star, one wouldn’t notice that peculiarity. At first glance, it would look like a normal Star. The only difference between a normal Star and Gravis’ Star was simply how the flames moved.

Gravis felt his power increase tremendously.

His Energy, Spirit and physical power seemingly elevated to insane levels.

Gravis’ Spirit Sense stretched over millions upon millions of kilometers, and Gravis felt like he could kill absolutely anything!

Of course, he knew that this was only an illusion created by the sudden surge of power.

Gravis closed his eyes and thought about several Laws.

Many of the level six Laws he didn’t know yet suddenly made far more sense.

Comprehending Laws had become far easier now.


Gravis summoned some Heavenly Lightning and looked at it.

“It’s so easy to gather Heavenly Lightning now,” Gravis commented.

While Gravis was testing his power, his Star was slowly vanishing as Mortis’ body took shape again.

When Mortis’ body solidified, his body started to shine brightly like a star.

Gravis and Arc looked at Mortis with interest.

Mortis’ glow looked impressive in a sort of way. Together with his white hair and white clothing, he looked a bit like a powerful, ancient being.

Sadly, the light wasn’t white but yellowish.

“Hey, you can shine now, Mortis,” Gravis commented with a smile.

Mortis looked at Gravis with a grimace.

“No,” he said.

Gravis lifted an eyebrow.

“It’s not that I can shine,” Mortis said. “I must shine.”

“I can’t turn this off.”


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