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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1099: Continuous Fighting Bahasa Indonesia

The Child of Heaven didn’t leave after this incident.

Some really powerful Divine Gods were already fighting, and there weren’t that many Judges on that level.

He had to overlook these fights himself.


A level eight Divine God attacked a Judge at the same level.

The other Divine Gods quickly looked around to look for the new Judge that should have appeared by now.

However, no new Judge had appeared.

Yet, they also quickly noticed the young child standing near the battles.

Some of them were confused.

Why did this child feel like a mortal?

However, the ones from the Peak Sects knew who that was.

They had never seen the CEO of The Heaven Company themselves, but they had heard of him.

According to this child’s unique appearance, they were sure that this was the Child of Heaven.

Some level nine Divine Gods were annoyed.

There was no new Judge they could fight!

“Fuck it!” one level nine Divine God shouted. “We all want tempering, right? Might as well fight each other!”

Then, the level nine Divine God looked at the Child of Heaven with respect. “We can do that, right?”

“I’ll be the Judge for any subsequent fights. I won’t interfere,” the Child of Heaven said without looking at the Divine God.

“Great!” the Divine God shouted.

Then, he immediately shot at another Divine God beside him.

“Fuck! I don’t want to fight you!” the other Divine God shouted as she defended herself.

“That’s not up to you to decide!” the first Divine God shouted.

A new fight happened, and the complete destruction was kept isolated from everyone else.

The entirety of all the Cultivators in the world could start fighting simultaneously, and the Child of Heaven still wouldn’t have any problems with managing all of them. Of course, Heaven’s Magnates weren’t counted.

A new Heaven’s Magnate’s amount of Energy was thousands if not millions of times the amount of Energy a Peak Divine God would have.

Additionally, if the Heaven’s Magnate knew the True Law of Energy, their Energy would be completely refilled in less than a second on top of that.

Of course, as the strongest Heaven’s Magnate, the Child of Heaven even knew the Law of the Cosmos, the most powerful Law in existence.

He could attempt to break through into the next Realm, but he knew exactly that it was hopeless.

He knew that he would die as soon as he attempted a breakthrough.

Heaven didn’t allow for another Opposer to be born.

Several new fights broke out as the level nine Divine Gods started fighting each other.

All of them needed tempering in order to comprehend these elusive Laws of Perceived Reality.

Gravis’ eyes widened in shock.

Were they fighting?

He honestly wasn’t sure.

Two people seemingly jumped at each other.

Then, a short explosion of differently colored light appeared.

And then, only one of them was left.

These fights were so incredibly fast that Gravis couldn’t even see them!

The fights started and ended in far less than a second!

Did any of these powerful Cultivators even notice the war going on below them?

Star Gods were already moving with incredible speeds, but in all that time, nearly a hundred fights had already started and ended far above them.

The Eternal Fire Sect was nothing in comparison to what was happening above their war.

This was a gathering of the absolute peak Cultivators of the entire Cosmos.

What would be the impact of this Heaven Clash?

It would change the entire world!

None of the Divine Gods were unimportant people. All of them belonged to an organization or owned an organization.

The chances were high that even Ancestors from Peak Sects had died in this Heaven Clash.

Some Peak Sects might have even lost their Sect Masters and Ancestors.

Heaven Clashes were very rare, and it was even rarer that they escalated to such a stage.

If the Child of Heaven hadn’t isolated all the destructive power, probably millions if not billions or maybe even trillions of kilometers would have been absolutely obliterated!

The destruction may have even included the distant Opposer City!

The Heaven Company was truly different from the Heaven Sect in the lower world.

The Heaven Company only looked over fights to stop them from destroying the mortals and the world around them.

There was no downside to the existence of The Heaven Company.

“Oh, Black Sentry, you’re also here.”

Gravis looked to the sky, and he saw Eve, his boss.

“Hi, Eve,” Gravis answered. “Actually, I’m part of the ongoing war down here. We are the trigger of the Heaven Clash.”

“I see,” Eve said. “Don’t forget to keep an eye out for your friends. Don’t get distracted.”

“Thanks,” Gravis said with a nod.

Eve nodded and focused on the fights in the sky again.

Eve had never even noticed the Opposer or the Black Magnate standing beside Gravis.

“You can have two wives, you know?” the Black Magnate commented with a smirk.

Gravis groaned. “I’m honestly not interested. It’s impossible to find a better companion than Stella, and even if I got another one, my happiness would only decrease. Additionally, it would be extremely disrespectful and hurtful to Stella.”

“I know. That’s the joke,” the Black Magnate said with a smirk.

“Then why didn’t I laugh?” Gravis asked.

“Because your sense of humor is shit,” the Black Magnate answered.

“My sense of humor is great!”

“Then why didn’t you laugh at my joke?”

“Cause it wasn’t funny!”

“Maybe in your perceived reality it wasn’t, but in objective reality, it was.”

“Oh, shut up,” Gravis said, ending the debate.

The Black Magnate snickered in victory.

This exchange had only taken a fraction of a second.

How much time had passed since the war on the ground started?

One had to remember that Peak Immortal Emperors and Star Gods transmitted their thoughts at terrifying speeds.

Ever since the war started, only two minutes had passed.

A lot had happened in these two minutes.

By now, Ishtar had already fully died, and Gravis felt his Will-Aura reach new heights.

Gravis’ Will-Aura reached the level of a level nine Star God, which was terrifying!

‘Well, even though Mortis wasted a ton of my money, he did increase our Will-Aura by quite a bit. I guess I can forgive him for using so much of my money,’ Gravis thought.

Then, Gravis suddenly grinned.

Many kilometers away, Stella had just killed her opponent.

Stella’s head was nearly severed, and she was also close to running out of Life Energy.

However, Gravis knew that Stella wouldn’t die.

Several disciples of the Myriad Sect left the Formation Array and charged towards Stella.

Then, they bombarded Stella with the Element of Ancestral Wood to heal her soul and the Element of Purity to heal her body. The Element of Purity was the level six Law of the Light Element.

In just a bit, Stella’s Life Energy had been filled to 20%, pulling her out of the danger zone.

“Well done,” Gravis transmitted to Stella.

Stella only smiled in happiness.

“That was a close one, but I did it!” she transmitted with happiness and excitement.

“Good job, Stella,” Manuel transmitted to her.

Manuel was currently overlooking a different fight.

Manuel had already finished his fight shortly after Exar had executed Samuel.

Manuel was about as powerful as Exar, even with all of his Emotional Laws and Laws of Perceived Reality.

However, this would only be temporary.

The biggest advantage of the Law of Emotions was its ability to be combined with a Form Law.

Manuel had only been in Elemental Worlds before, and he hadn’t even known about the existence of Form Laws. He had seen Dorian’s weird Law of Fart, but he hadn’t thought that it was relevant to him.

Manuel was still busy condensing a powerful Form Law.

As soon as he had a good Form Law, he could probably even fight a level three Star God.

However, this already showed Manuel’s power.

Manuel was as powerful as Exar without even having a Form Law.

Exar obviously had one.

Exar, Stella, and Manuel were overlooking the fights between the level one Star Gods.

Gravis kept watch over the two legions fighting the level one Star Gods.

The four of them kept themselves far away so that the opponent wouldn’t be distracted.

If the opponent noticed that all their friends had died, they might flee.

The legions were currently fighting the two Star Gods with all they had, and the legions were losing ground.

This was the most effective period for tempering.

“I’m here to save you, Master!”

A loud voice echoed throughout the war, and Gravis looked over with confusion.

Gravis was taken aback when he saw the owner of the voice.

‘Really? That guy?’


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