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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1098: Child of Heaven Bahasa Indonesia

When Gravis looked upward, he became shocked.

There were so many people!

Only a couple of seconds had passed since Gravis had last looked upward, but there were now nearly a hundred people present!

Gravis couldn’t discern it properly due to the insane speeds, but he was sure that over twenty people were currently fighting each other.

Even more, all the people that Gravis had seen initially had already stopped fighting.

Fights between Peak Ancestral Gods and Divine Gods only took a couple of seconds to finish due to the insane speeds.

Because of that, in the short time frame where the fight between Ishtar and Mortis ended, several fights had already begun and ended.

Gravis couldn’t even discern the powers of the people above him.

The powers were just too far away from Gravis to comprehend.

The entire sky lighted up in many different lights. Some mortals might believe that this was a beautiful display, but, in reality, it was just an incomprehensible amount of power and destruction.

If one didn’t count the incident with the Opposer, this war going on above Gravis would probably be the most violent war in millions of years.

Heaven Clashes were rare, and it was even rarer that so many Divine Gods got involved.

Gravis knew that Orthar liked such Heaven Clashes.

Divine Gods had already brought in more Energy than he had spent to brand them. It was no issue for him if Divine Gods died.

Even more, the tempering the survivors got from this incident would allow them to become even more powerful.

Such a Heaven Clash had no downside for Orthar.

“Want me to show you around?”

Gravis looked to his left in surprise.

A young man with black hair and a smirk stood beside Gravis.

“What are you doing here?” Gravis asked.

“It’s interesting to watch such Heaven Clashes, and I also want to know if the Child of Heaven needs to get involved. Just FYI, the Child of Heaven is the CEO of The Heaven Company.”

The person standing beside Gravis was the Black Magnate!

No one present could see him right now.

Gravis also noticed that the world had paused.

The Black Magnate had frozen time all around him.

“What do you mean with showing me around?” Gravis asked.

“Let me just show you,” the Black Magnate said with a smirk.

The Black Magnate flew up and pulled Gravis along.

Right now, all the different Divine Gods were frozen in their fight. Gravis could see several techniques and Laws being displayed by them, but they were all frozen in time.

“This is the True Law of Heavenly Fire, a level nine Law,” the Black Magnate said as he pointed at a fireball being shot out of a spear.

“The guy created a Weapon Technique that incorporates that Law and several other Battle-Laws of different Elements. It’s basically an Element-specific Form Law.”

“Can you see the warping of time and space around it? That comes from the True Laws of Space, Time, and Gravity. He incorporated the True Law of Primordial Force into his Weapon Technique. He’s quite powerful, and he isn’t even a Peak Divine God yet. He’s only at the seventh level.”

Gravis inspected the things the Black Magnate was highlighting.

It felt quite weird to Gravis that they were basically strolling through an apocalyptic warzone frozen in time.

“Is this the True Law of Emotions?” Gravis asked as he looked at the person fighting the previous person.

“Yep, good job in discerning,” the Black Magnate said.

After that, the Black Magnate showed Gravis many other techniques and Laws. He thought that this was a good opportunity to show how ingenious some of the most powerful Cultivators of the Cosmos were.

Gravis found it fascinating how some Divine Gods managed to combine seemingly completely unrelated Laws in ingenious ways.

“You’re interfering in the fight.”

Gravis looked to his front and saw a new person.

It was a child!

The guy looked barely ten years old, and he had long white hair.

His eyes were a deep blue, and he wore holy, white robes.

Gravis thought that the robes looked a bit ridiculous on a child.

“Hey, I’m only showing my friend around. Also, I’m not really interfering. The fight will simply resume,” the Black Magnate said.

“I don’t care. You have three seconds to make time resume,” the child said.

The Black Magnate sneered but complied. “Sure,” he said.

He pulled Gravis to the ground again, snapped his fingers, and time resumed.


The destruction all around Gravis resumed.

“Happy?” the Black Magnate asked.

“Don’t interfere again. Consider this your first and last warning,” the child said.

“Sure, sure,” the Black Magnate commented, but judging by the tone of his voice, he wasn’t taking the child seriously.

“Don’t answer. He can listen in on voice transmissions from your side,” the Black Magnate transmitted to Gravis.

“This is the Child of Heaven. You get the nickname now?” he asked with a smirk.

Gravis snickered a bit.

The Child of Heaven was actually a child.

For some reason, Gravis found it quite funny.

The Child of Heaven glanced at Gravis but then looked away again.

He had gotten orders from Heaven that he shouldn’t get involved with Gravis.

Don’t interact with him.

Don’t do anything against him.

Don’t do anything for him.

Don’t talk to him.

Just let him be.

The Child of Heaven didn’t know the reason, but he followed Heaven’s orders regardless.

“So, this is the most powerful Heaven’s Magnate, huh?” Gravis asked the Black Magnate.

“Eh, somewhat,” the Black Magnate said with an unsure voice. “There’s a woman that should be comparable to him in power, but they haven’t fought yet. She still has around ten million years of longevity left, and she doesn’t need to fight him yet. If she ever decides to fight him, it will be shortly before her longevity runs out.”

“By the way, how does longevity in the Heaven’s Magnate Realm work?” Gravis asked.

“The same as always,” the Black Magnate answered. “You get pitted against a Heaven’s Magnate of equal power.”

Now, Gravis knew what the Black Magnate meant when he said that the other Heaven’s Magnate would fight the Child of Heaven when her tribulation was about to come.

The CEO of The Heaven Company was the only Heaven’s Magnate that could theoretically live forever. The CEO would have no tribulation.

However, they could still be chosen as an opponent for someone else’s tribulation.

Because of that, the CEO of The Heaven Company had to be the most powerful Heaven’s Magnate.

“How old is he?” Gravis asked.

“Don’t know,” the Black Magnate answered. “He has basically always been around.”

“He’s around 1.5 billion years old.”

The Opposer’s voice appeared in Gravis’ and the Black Magnate’s minds.

Without noticing, the Opposer had appeared beside the two of them.

For a second, Gravis was surprised.

However, he remembered that he was now in his homeworld.

In the other worlds, Gravis had nearly never seen his father.

Yet, since Gravis was in his homeworld, his father could just appear whenever he wanted.

‘I should get used to father randomly showing up in the future,’ Gravis thought.

What Gravis didn’t know was that the Opposer’s arrival didn’t go unnoticed.

All the Divine Gods in the world, who currently weren’t fighting, had noticed a change in the movement of Energy.

When the Opposer visited the other worlds, he had vanished from the world.

At that time, the Energy just wouldn’t be violently pulled into Opposer City. It basically would just stop.

However, it was different when the Opposer moved inside the highest world.

The Divine Gods all over the world felt that the pull of Energy had changed directions.

According to calculations, the Opposer was where the Heaven Clash was currently happening.

All the Divine Gods had already heard about the Heaven Clash.

All Divine Gods that had been traveling to the Heaven Clash immediately turned around and fled with their full speed.

The Opposer was at the Heaven Clash!

They couldn’t go there!

By just moving, the Opposer had changed the entire future of the Heaven Clash.

People that were supposed to be fighting in the future would not be fighting.

He had interfered far more than the Black Magnate had.

How did the Child of Heaven react?

He didn’t even look at the Opposer.

It was like nothing of concern had happened.

What? Was he supposed to get angry?

The dude didn’t have a death wish.

“Hey, Anthorian,” the Opposer said.

The Child of Heaven’s body shook in terror.

“Yes, sir?” he asked with a fearful voice.

The Opposer had called him by name!

No one knew his name!

“The Black Magnate is a friend of mine,” the Opposer said. “Don’t threaten him again.”

The Child of Heaven became fearful.

He had to threaten the Black Magnate due to his job.

However, if he didn’t comply, the Opposer might just directly kill him.


Heaven had contacted the Child of Heaven.

The Child of Heaven immediately felt relieved.

“I apologize,” the Child of Heaven said politely. “It won’t happen again.”

The Opposer didn’t acknowledge the Child of Heaven’s words.

“This is my son,” the Opposer said, gesturing to Gravis. “Don’t pull any of your sneaky schemes on him. Just let him be.”

“I wouldn’t dare!” the Child of Heaven said deferentially.

Gravis looked at the Child of Heaven with a complicated expression.

The Child of Heaven was the most powerful Heaven’s Magnate.

Yet, even he had to bow before someone else.

The violent fights were still happening.

All the Divine Gods were too busy being in fights or watching the fights to pay any attention to the movement of Energy.

If they had noticed that the Opposer arrived, they would have all immediately stopped in terror.

In their minds, the Opposer was a terrifying poison.

Anything that came into contact with him would die!


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