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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1100: Heroic Protector Bahasa Indonesia

“Oh, hey! It’s that guy!” the Black Magnate said, furrowing his brows like he tried to remember something. “What was his name again? Yolo?”

“No idea,” the Opposer said.

“It was Yi Lu,” Gravis answered them.

“Ah, right, Yi Lu!” the Black Magnate said with a nod.

Yi Lu quickly arrived in front of Gravis and turned his back to him in a protective manner.

“Master, I finally understand!” Yi Lu shouted with a heartfelt voice.

Gravis blinked once.

“You didn’t give me the next part of your memory since you were ashamed!”

Gravis blinked twice.

“You have been so outstanding in the lower Realms, but as soon as you came into contact with the truly powerful Cultivators, you realized how hard it actually was to compete against them!”

“You were ashamed of yourself, and you wouldn’t want me to notice your weakness. In front of your Legacy Disciple, you didn’t want to appear too weak. You also didn’t want to make me afraid of the future!”

Gravis blinked again.

“What?” he asked, baffled.

“You don’t need to be ashamed anymore, Master!” Yi Lu shouted as he stood valiantly in front of Gravis. “Once a Master, always a father! I don’t care how powerful you are! I will always protect you with my life!”

Gravis looked at the sky.

“Is this some kind of joke?” he asked.

Orthar didn’t answer.

“No, it’s not a joke!” Yi Lu shouted, not looking behind him. “I know that you might find it ridiculous that someone would be willing to protect you in such a cruel world, but I am a filial disciple! I will always help and protect you, no matter how powerful I will become in the future!”

“Are you serious?” Gravis asked.

Yi Lu turned his head to Gravis with a kind smile. “Master, I am already very powerful, and I can feel your Battle-Strength. You don’t need to hide your true self from me.”

Gravis lifted an eyebrow.

“You are only average in the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm. I have always been below you in power, which made it impossible for me to notice it. I was always confused why you said these things in the past, but after feeling your Battle-Strength, I know now.”

Yi Lu put his hand comfortingly over Gravis’ shoulder.

“You don’t need to worry! I will save the Myriad Sect!” Yi Lu said as he turned towards one of the two legions. “I won’t let Master’s Sect be obliterated!”

“No worries! I will protect you and the other disciple beside you!” Yi Lu shouted stalwartly.

‘Other disciple?’ Gravis thought as he looked beside himself.

The Black Magnate was currently invisible to everyone but Gravis, which only left…

The Opposer blinked.

In an instant, in Gravis’ perception, the atmosphere changed from awkward into comedic.

Gravis put a hand on his father’s shoulder, and his father looked evenly at Gravis.

“Don’t worry. Today, you will be protected by a mighty Peak Immortal Emperor,” Gravis said, barely being able to keep his laughter in check.

The Black Magnate broke out into laughter, but Yi Lu couldn’t hear him since he couldn’t be perceived.

“Yeah, you don’t need to be afraid anymore!” the Black Magnate shouted towards the Opposer. “This heroic young man by the name of Yolo-“

“Yi Lu,” Gravis answered.

“Yi Lu will protect you from harm,” the Black Magnate ended.

“What?” Yi Lu asked.

“What?” Gravis asked in confusion.

“You just said my name,” Yi Lu said.

“Oh, I wasn’t talking to you,” Gravis said.

“What?” Yi Lu asked.

“What?” Gravis asked again.


Yi Lu shook his head and looked forward. “Anyway, I will protect you, Master!”


Divine Lightning exploded beneath Yi Lu’s feet as he charged towards one of the legions.

Gravis looked with interest at what Yi Lu was doing while the Black Magnate was laughing his ass off.

As Yi Lu came closer to the fight, he summoned a long spear.

Yi Lu landed and pulled back his right arm, which was holding the spear.


Runes of lightning appeared around the spear, and Yi Lu immediately threw the spear forward.

Gravis’ eyes widened in surprise, and the Black Magnate whistled in appreciation.

“Is that a Bootleg Mortality?” the Black Magnate asked. “He truly is your Legacy Disciple!”

“Shut up,” Gravis answered coldly.

The Black Magnate continued laughing.


Yi Lu threw the spear with all his power, and it shot forward with incredible speed.

Gravis saw which Laws acted on Scuffed Mortality, and he was quite surprised.

Three level six Laws!

The Law of Divine Lightning, the Law of Divine Lightning’s Speed, and the Law of Divine Lightning’s Explosiveness.

This guy really went all-in on lightning!

Gravis inspected Yi Lu’s Laws and realized that he knew nearly no Laws that weren’t related to lightning.

It was almost like Yi Lu believed that lightning was the only way or something.

Scuffed Mortality shot at one of the Star Gods fighting one of the legions. He was definitely in the more dominant position, but he had also been injured a bit.

Suddenly, the Star God looked to the side in shock.

An attack had arrived!

Even more, the attack had been launched at the perfect moment!

The Star God had just released an attack and was open!

Scuffed Mortality hit the Star God right in the chest.


Scuffed Mortality exploded violently. Its power obviously wasn’t as concentrated as Gravis’ Mortality.

However, it surely did a number on the Star God.

Yi Lu had unloaded nearly all his Energy into Scuffed Mortality, and even though it couldn’t compare to Gravis’ Mortality, it still was very powerful and destructive.

A huge part of the Star God’s torso was torn apart, and the Star God looked with shock at the person that had thrown this attack.

A mere Peak Immortal Emperor!?


Azure’s two swords entered the Star God’s head.

The Star God immediately died.

He had been too distracted.


Yi Lu puffed out his chest. “Your enemy has been killed! Quick! Help your comrades! They are about to lose to their opponent!” Yi Lu shouted.

However, the atmosphere felt very different from what Yi Lu had thought it to be.

Yi Lu had thought that the legions would feel relieved and thankful to Yi Lu.

Yet, how come Yi Lu could only feel cold anger?

“Beat him up,” Azure ordered coldly.


The entire legion charged at Yi Lu, who had nearly completely run out of Energy.

“What!?” Yi Lu shouted in shock and terror. “I just saved you! I saved your lives! Why are you beating me up!?”

The legion didn’t answer him.

Yi Lu would have to alleviate their rage with his body.

Azure looked at Gravis.

“Who’s that clown?” she asked.

“That’s Yi Lu. You know, that one guy I once gave some of my memories to,” Gravis answered with a sigh.

Right now, Yi Lu was screaming in pain as the legion wailed on him.

Azure remembered Gravis’ story and nodded. “He’s not the brightest,” she commented.

Gravis sighed again and nodded.

After that, Azure left and joined the other legion in strengthening Joyce.

That would make the fight even.

At least Joyce and her legion would get some great tempering.

“This is the first time I have been protected by anyone in my life.”

Gravis looked at his father.

Then, Gravis smiled.

“The first time, huh? How does it feel?” Gravis asked.


“I hate it.”


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