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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1097: Mortis’ Shamelessness Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis watched the fight between Ishtar and Mortis.

Right now, both Mortis and Ishtar were low on Energy and Life Energy. They had already been fighting for quite a long while, and the fighting was nearing its end.

One of the Mortises unleashed his Form Law.


Ishtar’s sword blocked Mortis’ Form Law, but Ishtar’s sword was also pushed back.

However, Ishtar had taken that into account and had already readied a kick.

Mortis realized that this body was basically out of Life Energy. If that kick hit him, that body would die.

The other Mortis had been about to also unleash his Form Law, but he stopped quickly.

Instead, that Mortis extended his saber towards his right, towards the other Mortis.

The kick hit.


Or did it?

This Mortis had transformed into lightning and entered the other Mortis’ saber.

Ishtar gnashed his teeth in fury.

He had already seen Mortis transform into lightning a couple of times, but he hadn’t seen anything like that before.

When would these weird powers of his opponents finally stop!?

Mortis’ saber crackled with lightning, and he immediately unleashed a Lightning Crescent.

Mortis had used one of his bodies as fuel for his Lightning Crescent.

Due to the speed advantage, Ishtar managed to block the Lightning Crescent with his sword.


The Lightning Crescent exploded.

It vanished just as quickly as it arrived, and the injured Ishtar was revealed.

Ishtar’s sword was gone. It had already been damaged previously, and the Lightning Crescent finished it off.

The skin on Ishtar’s torso and legs was completely burned off, leaving behind only burned muscles that continually bled violently.

As always, Ishtar couldn’t recover from this injury.

However, Mortis was basically out of Energy now, and Ishtar knew that.

This was his chance to win!

Mortis suddenly opened his mouth widely.


A concentrated beam of Heavenly Lightning hit Ishtar’s chest, digging a sizable hole through his torso.

Ishtar’s eyes widened in shock.

The All-Out Beast Attack!

At the same time, Mortis and the two Gravises felt their Realm fall to the Late Major Circulation Immortal Emperor Realm.

‘Great,’ Gravis thought with an eye roll.


The second Gravis fused with the first Gravis.


Gravis and Mortis reached the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm again.

However, Mortis was still out of Energy.

‘Didn’t Mortis want to fight alone? Yet, now, he is using up all my Energy!’ Gravis thought with a bit of annoyance. ‘Dude, if you need help, just say so!’

Ishtar was shocked yet again, but his mind quickly recovered.

He had to end this fight.


Yet, suddenly, Mortis charged into the distance. He had always fought Ishtar from close-up, and this was the first time in which Mortis actually retreated.

‘Trying to escape!? I won’t let you!’ Ishtar thought with hatred.


Ishtar immediately charged forward.

The most frustrating thing to Ishtar was that he was at 100% Energy. All of his Energy was still there! Yet, he just couldn’t use it due to this weird domain! If he could use his Energy, he would kill that guy so quickly!

Ishtar quickly caught up to Mortis and readied himself for a kick.

Mortis didn’t look behind him as he only continued charging forward.

Ishtar struck down!


Ishtar’s kick bounced off a transparent wall.

It was the Myriad Sect’s Formation Array!

Mortis stopped, turned around, and only looked evenly into Ishtar’s eyes.

Ishtar’s rage exploded. “You coward! Come out and fight me!”

Mortis didn’t answer.

“You attacked me, and now you’re fleeing into a Formation Array!? You’re a shameless coward! Come out and finish what you started like a man!” Ishtar shouted.

Mortis didn’t answer.

He only looked into Ishtar’s eyes evenly.

Ishtar gritted his teeth. “Fine! Then I will destroy this Formation Array and everyone within it!”


Ishtar struck the Formation Array again.

Ishtar’s two strikes had already consumed three million God Stones.

Without saying a word, Mortis took out three million God Stones and put them into the Formation Array.

Gravis’ eyes widened when he saw that. ‘You fucker! Those are mine!’

Gravis had converted nearly all of his Contribution Points in The Heaven Company to God Stones since he currently had enough Contribution Points to comprehend some level six Laws.

Over 50,000 years, Gravis had earned around 20 million God Stones.

And right now, Mortis had spent around 15% of that!

That was something like 7,000 years of work!

However, Gravis also knew Mortis’ plan.

Right now, Mortis would probably die if he attacked Ishtar in the open.

Yet, as long as Mortis managed to survive for some time, he would win.

The unhealable injuries on Ishtar’s body were consuming Life Energy with ludicrous speeds.

Ishtar was already on the 10% Life Energy threshold, and his body and Soul started to die on their own.

If Mortis simply spent a ton of God Stones, he would eventually win.

In essence, Mortis had already won. He only needed to wait and spend money.

When Ishtar saw the God Stones Mortis had taken out, he sneered. “Let’s see how rich you are!”

Ishtar readied himself to perform another kick again.

Yet, Ishtar’s eyes suddenly widened.

Something was approaching at insane speeds!

Ishtar couldn’t evade the sudden attack, and it struck its torso.


The Void Needle stopped as it came into contact with Ishtar’s torso.

Gravis didn’t want to see all his money being wasted like that.

He worked hard for that money!

The needle started to consume Ishtar’s body.


Ishtar exploded with pure Energy, and he was thrown out of the portal.

The portal extended for a bit and then vanished.

However, by sacrificing a huge part of his Energy reserves, Ishtar managed to survive.

Yet, he hadn’t come out of this situation uninjured.

Ishtar’s lower body was only hanging on by two thin strands of muscles on the left and right sides of his torso.

Nearly everything in the middle had vanished into the portal.

Ishtar looked with shock at his injury and then at Gravis.

What was that!?

Psch! Pst!

New holes appeared all over Ishtar’s body, violently spewing blood.

Ishtar’s mind became blurry, and it became harder for him to form any coherent thoughts.

‘Need… to heal!’ Ishtar thought as he shot into the distance.

The force of Ishtar’s acceleration completely severed his lower body.

Mortis looked at Gravis with narrowed eyes.

Gravis looked at Mortis with narrowed eyes.


Mortis looked away neutrally.

However, Gravis knew that Mortis felt a bit embarrassed right now.

After all, he had said that he would fight alone, but he had used Gravis’ Energy and money to win.

Mortis deactivated his Domain of Sentience and charged after Ishtar with all of his speed.

Ishtar was far faster than Mortis in the Domain of Sentience due to his physical body, but if Mortis could use all his Laws, he could compare to an Ishtar that only used his physical power for speed.

Ishtar’s mind became blurrier and blurrier, and eventually, he hit a hard mountain and slid down.

Ishtar was only moving on instinct, randomly grabbing the air with his hands and moving his legs in a walking-like motion.

Mortis stopped beside him and watched.

Meanwhile, Gravis looked away from the fight.

The fight was over.

Gravis focused on the apocalyptic destruction happening above him.


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