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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1082: The Rise and Fall of the Broad Earth Sect Bahasa Indonesia

5,000 years passed.

In the last couple of years, the Broad Earth Sect, Power Walker’s Sect, underwent an upheaval.

One of their Vice-Sect Masters had been conducting herself in a very unbecoming manner, stealing from disciples, giving out sub-par resources, incorrectly judging Sect disputes, and many different things.

The disciples were furious with the Vice-Sect Master, but Power Walker couldn’t find a replacement for this Vice-Sect Master.

This created quite a big divide in the Sect between the leadership and the disciples.

Was this a coincidence?

Of course not.

Gravis had promised that he wouldn’t go against the Broad Earth Sect.

However, Gravis was Gravis.

And Mortis was Mortis.

Mortis used his Law of Perceived Reality to change the Vice-Sect Master’s actions.

Was this Vice-Sect Master truly such a dishonest scumbag?

Well, she was a bit dishonest, but she did her underhanded things far more covertly and in a smaller manner.

Was it fair that Mortis made her act far worse than she actually did?


However, enemies were enemies.

Mortis didn’t like her, and he felt no remorse for how he treated her.

After all, she was only in this Sect to siphon as much money out of this dying husk of a Sect as possible.

Then, Broad Walker returned.

The Sect broke out into an uproar when Broad Walker returned as a Star God.

The Sect loved Broad Walker.

Broad Walker was honest, nice, simple, and fair.

So, when Broad Walker returned, both sides of the conflict saw a solution.

Broad Walker could become the new Vice-Sect Master.

The only person that wasn’t happy was the current Vice-Sect Master.

Eventually, Broad Walker and the Vice-Sect Master fought.

It wasn’t supposed to be a battle to the death, but Broad Walker still managed to kill her after a dangerous fight.

Broad Walker’s Will-Aura had reached the power of a level two Star God, and with his level four Law of Suppression, he had managed to triumph over her.

After the fight, Broad Walker’s Will-Aura had even reached the power of a level three Star God.

Power Walker exploded in anger when Broad Walker killed the previous Vice-Sect Master, punishing him severely.

However, just like the previous Vice-Sect Master, Power Walker couldn’t really take the position of Vice-Sect Master away from Broad Walker.

Eventually, Broad Walker took up the mantle of new Vice-Sect Master and led the Sect.

Silent Walker felt incredibly nervous during all of this, but Broad Walker seemingly hadn’t changed.

He was still his honest self, and he was still asking Silent Walker for advice a couple of times.

Of course, all of this was an act.

The old Broad Walker wouldn’t have been able to do something like this, but the new Broad Walker was experienced enough to do something like this.

As soon as Broad Walker took up the position of Vice-Sect Master, the Sect underwent a drastic rise.

Several new Peak Immortal Emperors joined, and eleven of them were incredibly powerful.

Power Walker and Silent Walker were exhilarated when they saw that so many talented Peak Immortal Emperors had joined their Sect!

They had thought that these truly powerful Peak Immortal Emperors wouldn’t join such a Sect as their own, but, apparently, they had been mistaken.

Yet, they actually hadn’t been mistaken.

Who were these eleven new, talented Peak Immortal Emperors?

They were the Myriad Sect, Gravis’ group of friends.

Over the next 5,000 years, these new members completed an incredible amount of missions.

The streets were being repaired.

The buildings were being repaired.

The disciples became much happier as a collective.

The Broad Earth Sect seemed to recover.

And then, everything crashed down.

The other Vice-Sect Master died on a mission.

The Sect mourned the loss of their Vice-Sect Master, and Broad Walker remained as the sole Vice-Sect Master of the Sect. Broad Walker had to do the work of two Vice-Sect Masters alone.

Essentially, he was running the Sect.

Power Walker was busy cultivating and supporting Silent Walker, and Silent Walker was concentrating on comprehending more Laws via Virtualization Arrays.

As time passed, the disciples of the Sect seemingly became happier and happier.

Everything was getting better!

A lot of disciples still died on missions, but there were many more disciples joining.

10,000 years later, Silent Walker came out from Law Comprehension.

His Virtualization Array had no more Energy left, and he had to get a new one.

As always, Silent Walker went to Power Walker to get some money.

Power Walker went to the Sect storage to refill his personal wealth, but his eyes widened in horror and shock at what he saw.

The entire Sect only had 100,000 God Stones left!



Weren’t they doing great!?

How had their wealth shrunken by so much!?

Filled with fury, Power Walker went to Broad Walker to ask about what was going on.

Broad Walker handed him all the paperwork and explained the expenditure and investments in excruciating detail.

Something like this was impossible to fake.

Was it, though?

Well, all of this was Manuel’s and Styr’s doing.

In the papers, it looked like the Sect was investing big-time into their future, which was the reason for their lack of money right now. However, according to the papers, the money should start rolling in soon, and they would be swimming in God Stones.

Yet, in reality, a gigantic chunk of the money was somewhere else.


In the hands of all the disciples.

Why did the people of the Myriad Sect trust the disciples of another Sect with all this wealth?

Because they weren’t from another Sect.

Secretly, the Myriad Sect had come into contact with every single disciple and pulled them into their camp.

The disciples that pledged their loyalty to the Myriad Sect got a ton of money and rewards, while the ones that were on the fence or denied had been silently killed off in the missions.

This wasn’t the first time Manuel had done this to a Sect.

He was very experienced in silently taking control of a foreign Sect.

Power Walker and Silent Walker couldn’t find a fault in the papers.

Silent Walker took the remaining money from the Sect and spent it on Favorite Child Poison.

Soon, he should have enough money to get more of it.

Sadly, the investments still “took some time” until they returned the money.

Silent Walker fell into a panic.

He needed money for his poison!

Eventually, one of the Law Comprehension Areas was sold off to another Sect for a huge chunk of God Stones.

Manuel easily fed Broad Walker the right words to convince Silent Walker and Power Walker to invest the majority of the money into the Sect.

Silent Walker only kept enough money on himself to buy more Favorite Child Poison.

And then, in only 5,000 more years, the Broad Earth Sect sold their last Law Comprehension Area.

However, just when Silent Walker and Power Walker were on the verge of abandoning everything, the investment returned.

They could now exchange their Sect for a much better one!

However, the disciples had to remain the same in both Sects.

Over a long deliberation, Power Walker signed over the Sect Master position of his old Sect to someone else, and he got his new Sect.

Power Walker and Silent Walker left secretly to get to their new Sect.

Their new Sect was wonderful!

Yet, their new disciples all abandoned ship almost immediately.

Power Walker complained to the Contract Officiation Office, but the office told them that everything was according to the contract.

The disciples could leave if they wanted.

It was a devastating blow, but they still had their Law Comprehension Areas. On top of that, they had tens of millions of God Stones!

Everything was great!

That was until the City Guards of Opposer City arrived.

The City Guards demanded more money than the Sect could pay.

Power Walker and Silent Walker felt their world crashing down.


Well, it turned out that all their Law Comprehension Areas had been bought on credit.

From where?

From the Broad Earth Sect.

Even more, this Sect had made a gigantic loss in terms of value.

They had paid far, far more than the Law Comprehension Areas were worth.

Power Walker and Silent Walker realized that they had been played.

It could have only been Broad Walker!

Power Walker wanted to kill Broad Walker immediately, but the City Guards were already here.

The City Guards confiscated all the God Stones and gave them to the Broad Earth Sect. On top of that, the Broad Earth Sect also got all their Law Comprehension Areas back due to how the contract had been worded.

No sane person would sign a contract like this!

Sadly, Power Walker and Silent Walker had walked into a battle they couldn’t win without even realizing it.

As the owner of the Sect, Power Walker was sent to the mines for 50,000 years to make up for the remaining money.

Silent Walker broke down.

He couldn’t get into contact with Power Walker, and he also lost all his money!

His entire world was destroyed.

Power Walker would soon recover from the Favorite Child Poison, and he would quickly realize what Silent Walker had done.

Then, Power Walker would search for him and kill him!

Silent Walker fled.

And was assassinated by someone from unknown backgrounds.

In the Broad Earth Sect, or rather Myriad Sect, Manuel sat on the throne of the Sect Master.

Another person in the room received a message suddenly.

“He’s dead,” the person said.

Manuel smiled a relaxed smile as he leaned back.

Then, he laughed.

“You’re really good at this,” he said. “Gravis told me about you, but even I’m shocked that you managed to pull all of this off in such a short amount of time.”

The person beside Manuel was an extremely powerful Star God with blonde hair.

“That’s what I’ve been doing for 500,000 years.”

“It’s only natural that I’m good at it,” Exar said.


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