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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1083: Present Bahasa Indonesia

In just 10,000 years after arriving in the highest world, Arc had found Exar. He had been searching for him for quite a while, and with Arc’s power, it wasn’t very hard to find him. It only took some time.

As soon as Exar had seen Arc, his eyes widened in shock.

How was his teacher here!?

Arc told Exar about everything that had happened after he left, and Exar felt like he owed Gravis.

Exar had truly missed his teacher, even if he had been the one that had given him all his work for 500,000 years.

Exar had broken through to the Star God Realm shortly after arriving in the highest world, and he had already been a Star God before Arc had even arrived.

After talking with Arc for a bit, Exar got the desire to test his power.

So, Exar asked Arc for a spar.

Exar knew that he was weaker than Arc, but with the four-level increase he got by becoming a Star God, he might have a shot.

Of course, this fight couldn’t even count as a fight.

Arc hadn’t even needed to use more Laws. He only used the Law of the Dead World, the same Law Exar had.

However, there was still a huge difference.

The Major Law of the True World was a level eight Law, and it severely strengthened the Law of the Dead World as well.

One had to remember that Exar was an incredibly powerful Star God. After all, he knew the Law of the Dead World. Just this Law alone allowed Exar to jump a full level, even in the Star God Realm. Together with his combat experience and his Weapon Techniques, he could maybe even fight someone two levels above himself.

Jumping levels in the Peak Immortal Realm was very different from jumping levels in the Star God Realm. The fact that Exar could jump two levels in the Star God Realm put him in the category of Peak Sect geniuses.

Sadly, Arc was in his own category, an even higher one than Gravis.

After the fight, Arc told Exar that if he became a level three Star God, Exar might be able to force Arc into unleashing his actually powerful Laws.

Arc also told Exar about the Myriad Sect, and sure enough, Exar wasn’t sure what he should think about that.

Exar was on a completely different power scale when compared to Gravis’ other friends.

However, Arc told Exar that he only had to wait for, at most, 50,000 years. At that point, someone would appear in the Myriad Sect that could fight Exar on equal grounds. Sadly, Arc didn’t elaborate, no matter how many times Exar asked.

Eventually, Exar decided to help the Myriad Sect for now, but he would mostly work independently. He wasn’t a fan of working for someone beneath his power.

Manuel was very powerful, but he was still a level below Exar, even if he became a Star God.

So, after talking some more with Arc, Exar went to the Myriad Sect and helped them from the outside.

The second Vice-Sect Master that had died on a mission?

That was Exar’s doing.

Exar was also responsible for creating the puppet Sect, which they had sold to Power Walker.

Yet, who had killed Silent Walker?

That was a member of Exar’s new organization, someone who had ascended only recently.

It had been Siral!

Siral had visited Opposer City as soon as he had arrived, and he came into contact with everyone else. He was interested in joining everyone, but he found that someone else was already responsible for killing people off in a hidden manner.

Joyce and Dorian.

However, when he saw Exar, Siral found the perfect place to stay.

He had worked under Exar for a long time, even if they hadn’t come into contact very much.

So, Siral joined Exar’s organization and acted as an assassin.

Assassinating Silent Walker hadn’t been difficult for him.

Everything had worked out perfectly, and Gravis’ enemies had been dealt with. Yet, they hadn’t been dealt with by him but by his friends.

Gravis was no longer alone.

Gravis had a big group of friends with him now, and they could be a tremendous help to him.

Alone, Gravis would have been nearly helpless against an Ancestral God. After all, there was only so much he could do.

However, with everyone’s help and everyone’s unique skills, the Ancestral God had been taken out of the picture.

At least for now.

The Broad Earth Sect had been renamed to the Myriad Sect, and all the disciples celebrated the day.

They no longer had to keep their affiliation a secret!

This was great!

So, in only 25,000 years, the Myriad Sect had been established, and they already had over 5,000 Peak Immortal Emperors.

There were even quite a few disciples that could threaten the positions of Gravis’ friends.

Well, that was before Gravis gave everyone their Sect establishment present.

“So, why did you call us?” Manuel asked.

Right now, all of Gravis’ friends, including Siral and Exar, were inside the Sect Master’s hall in the Myriad Sect.

For today, the leadership would take a break.

“I want to give you all a present,” Gravis said with a smile. “I think you will love and dread that present.”

Gravis’ friends became a bit confused, but they also became interested.

“How about I help you in comprehending some Laws and increase the power of your Will-Auras in an instant?” Gravis asked with a smirk.


Now, everyone knew what Gravis meant.

Going through Samsara?

A complex mix of emotions appeared in everyone’s being.

On one hand, Samsara would increase everyone’s power.

Yet, on the other hand, Samsara was absolutely terrifying.

Just going through a million years of their own lives sounded horrifying.

For a while, no one answered.

“That’s awesome!” Ferris shouted with excitement. “I can comprehend more Laws in an instant, and I can also relive our short journey back then. Count me in!”

Ferris was very simple, and he saw no issues in accepting Samsara.

Why would he? In his mind, he would survive regardless.

It was only time.

Gravis chuckled a bit.

He wasn’t surprised that Ferris saw no issue in accepting Samsara, and even more, Samsara wouldn’t pose a big danger to him.

Out of all of Gravis’ friends, Ferris was in the least amount of danger when it concerned Samsara.


Because his mindset and personality were simple.

Ferris didn’t think much about his actions. He did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

Because of that, he didn’t think much about the impact of his actions. Whatever he wanted to do was the right thing.

The simpler the mindset, the less effective Samsara’s destructive effect would be.

Sure, Ferris would still be in some danger, but he probably wouldn’t die.

He probably wouldn’t even change much.

Ferris’ words convinced the others to simply accept it.

They didn’t want to, but they knew that it would increase their powers by a lot.

After all, going through Samsara meant that everyone would understand at least one more level six Law, the Major Law of Time.

The only one that wasn’t interested was Exar.

“I already know the Law of Time, and there isn’t much I can learn in my past. I also don’t think that my Will-Aura will become much stronger after Samsara. I don’t really have many regrets,” Exar said.

Gravis nodded. “I thought so. You’re an exception since Samsara really wouldn’t have that big of an effect on you.”

“Well, you and someone else,” Gravis said.

Someone else?

Which person did Gravis mean?

Gravis turned to Joyce with a complicated expression.

Joyce’s eyes narrowed as she realized that Gravis meant her.

“What?” Joyce asked with quite some annoyance. “Are you angry that I dislike your mindset? Is that why you don’t want to help me? Lucky for you, I wanted to decline anyway. I don’t need outside help to become more powerful.”

Gravis slowly shook his head with closed eyes.

“No, that’s not what I meant,” he said. “The problem lies somewhere else.”

“Oh? Elaborate,” Joyce asked with crossed arms.

“If I put you under Samsara, even if it is the weakest version, you will die,” Gravis said.

“You have no chance of surviving it.”

Joyce’s eyes narrowed.

Was Gravis insinuating that she was weak!?


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