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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1081: Reborn Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis and Stella talked for a bit, but Stella quickly left to introduce everyone to their new member, much to Gravis’ dismay.

However, Gravis had to work anyway.

If he got called in to work during their special time, it would be frustrating and awkward. That had already happened more than once.

Stella introduced everyone to Broad Walker and informed them about what role he would be playing. Gravis had already discussed most of the things with Manuel since he was the Sect Master, but not with the other ones.

The other ones were rather surprised when they heard that they would get a new, powerful member, but they became even more surprised when they heard that their new member would soon become the most powerful person in the Myriad Sect.

A lot of them were skeptical and nervous about this new development. Someone they didn’t know would become the most powerful member of their Sect? This didn’t sound good.

However, Stella and Manuel explained to everyone how the contract between Gravis and Broad Walker worked, which alleviated their worries.

Broad Walker had to follow the orders, and if he refused a reasonable order from the Sect Master, the City Guards would visit their future Sect and would force Broad Walker to abide by the contract.

Broad Walker had essentially signed over a huge part of his freedom, but he knew that already.

He only hoped that his new disciple brothers and sisters wouldn’t treat him like his previous Sect treated him.

After talking for a while, Broad Walker wanted to compare himself to the others in power. He wanted to know how he would rank among the Sect without Gravis’ help.

In the end, Broad Walker managed to beat Skye but lost to Liam and Azure. With that, the triple third-place ranking of the tournament was destroyed.

Now, Liam and Azure had two wins, one loss each.

Broad Walker and Skye had one win and two losses each.

This made Liam and Azure the two third places and Broad Walker and Skye the two fourth places of the Sect.

If one ignored the places and only counted the individuals, this meant that Broad Walker and Skye had four beings in their Sect that were stronger than them right now, at least as far as they knew.

Dorian’s powers lay somewhere else, and Manuel and Ferris didn’t unveil their true powers.

After fighting with everyone, Broad Walker got to know everyone better, and all his hidden regrets vanished.

These people were honest and friendly.

This was already far better than his old Sect!

In actuality, Broad Walker felt like he joined a gathering of young, motivated, talented, powerful people that were just starting their ascent to power.

After a week of getting to know everyone, Broad Walker went to Gravis.

However, they weren’t alone.

Everyone else from the Sect wanted to watch too.

In the end, everyone gathered outside Opposer City.

When Gravis arrived at this location, he got distracted.

He looked at the gigantic wall and at the grass on the ground as memories flooded his mind.

He had been here once before.

‘Grassis, huh?’ Gravis thought with a smile.

Gravis remembered how he had nearly died here after some beasts started fighting many kilometers away.

In actuality, some beasts were fighting right now, and the grass was blowing in the shockwaves just like back then.

This time, Gravis could feel the combatants.

They were two Peak Immortal Emperors, and they were fighting about 20,000 kilometers away.

Back then, Gravis had nearly been the victim of such a fight while only having been in the Unity Realm.

Now, Gravis could leave Opposer City without any worries.

The times had truly changed.

Back then, the young Gravis had had no idea what kind of terrifying place he had just entered.

The difference in power had been incomprehensibly massive.

The group found a spot rather quickly, and everyone made some space for Gravis and Broad Walker.


Gravis took out his saber with a smile.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

Broad Walker took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Then, he opened them with conviction and nodded.

“You’ve told me everything that I need to pay attention to, and I have prepared myself. You can start.”

Gravis nodded.

Then, he unleashed Samsara and hit Broad Walker with it.

In an instant, reality seemed to shift as Broad Walker saw a familiar place.

A pangolin had just laid a batch of eggs, and after it was done, it left this place, never to return.

The pangolin had only been an Energy Beast, and it had only followed its instinct.

As soon as the eggs had been lain, it didn’t care anymore.

Some weeks later, Broad Walker was born.

Gravis quickly activated his Law of Sentience and distanced himself from what was happening.

He didn’t really care.

In just a couple of hours, Gravis entered a sleep-like state, and time stopped being relevant for him.

However, whenever Broad Walker came into contact with some interesting Laws Gravis didn’t know yet, Gravis would wake up and study them.

Gravis might not have the ability to understand an entire Law like this, but he could gather a ton of information.

Broad Walker wouldn’t be the only one that would learn more about Laws.

Broad Walker had already been prepared for all of this, but it still felt shocking to see one’s own life replay in front of their eyes.

He had already completely steeled his resolve, and he believed that nothing could shake him.

1,000 years later, Broad Walker’s resolve was still unshakable.

10,000 years later, Broad Walker felt tired.

100,000 years later, Broad Walker was already doubting himself.

Was this truly him?

Had he truly acted this way?

How would he have acted if he were in control?

In a sense, Broad Walker had already felt himself disconnect from this version of himself.

However, Broad Walker also remembered Gravis’ advice.

No matter how much he changed, he was still himself. So what if he was different from his past?

Broad Walker shouldn’t be afraid of this change. Otherwise, he should have been just as afraid of his normal future without Samsara.

As long as one kept the essentials of their personality secure, one wouldn’t lose their will.

Yet, it was still unimaginably difficult.

‘When will this end?’ Broad Walker thought with despair. ‘How long will this take?’

After 300,000 years, Broad Walker reached his breaking point.

This was the most dangerous period of time.

Broad Walker had to wholeheartedly accept his new self, or he would lose his will over the remaining duration of Samsara.

Luckily, Broad Walker was a beast, and beasts had it easier with Samsara.

Another advantage was that Gravis had informed him beforehand.

Lastly, Broad Walker had a simple personality, which allowed his personality to be much more flexible.

In the end, Broad Walker managed to get over the hurdle.

Then, Broad Walker saw himself through the eyes of Silent Walker.

Silent Walker perceived Broad Walker to be a stupid bull. Silent Walker thought that he could manipulate and play with Broad Walker as much as he wanted.

And, sadly, that had been proven to be true.

Broad Walker had been played by Silent Walker for a long time.

As Broad Walker saw himself get used by Silent Walker, his hatred for Silent Walker reached new heights.

Yet, his hatred for his past self also reached new heights.

How could he have been so blind and stupid!?

Broad Walker had to relive all of his past experiences with Silent Walker, which he thoroughly hated by now.

Eventually, Samsara ended.

Gravis peacefully opened his eyes.

He had learned a lot about the level six Law of Stone.

Broad Walker also opened his eyes, and he almost couldn’t believe that he could move his body again.

“Congratulations!” Gravis said with a smile. “You managed to retain your will. How do you feel?”

Broad Walker stared absentmindedly at his hands.

Then, he clenched them.

“I feel like I have been reborn,” he said to Gravis with stalwart eyes.

Broad Walker was still a beast, and he wouldn’t receive his Will-Aura and Spirit until he became a Star God, but Gravis already knew that Broad Walker’s Will-Aura had already reached the Star God Realm.

Samsara was a terrifying form of tempering one’s will.

Basically everyone would prefer a life and death battle over going through Samsara.

Gravis could see that Broad Walker had changed. Even his Law fragments surrounding his personality had changed.

It was like he had grown up.

It was like a naïve teenager had come into contact with the actual world.

However, the honest core of Broad Walker’s personality remained intact.

“And the Law of Time?” Gravis asked.

Broad Walker closed his eyes.

Then, he opened them.

Gravis saw several changes in Broad Walker’s Law fragments, and he was a bit surprised.

“Oh? You got the Major Law of Time, but that isn’t everything, right?” he asked.

Broad Walker took a deep breath and nodded.

“The experience of going through Samsara was horrifying, and I never want to do that again,” Broad Walker said slowly. “I couldn’t move, couldn’t act, and I was forced to watch and perceive whatever Samsara allowed me to perceive.”

“Even while being with my master and Silent Walker, I have never felt this stifled, imprisoned, and suppressed.”

“So, it was only logical that I would also comprehend the level four Law of Suppression,” Broad Walker said.

Gravis nodded with a smile. “True. Samsara suppressed you severely. However, comprehending the level four Law of Suppression shouldn’t be taken for granted. You made quite a big catch. If you manage to upgrade it to the sixth level, it will prove very useful to you.”

Broad Walker nodded.

Then, he bowed to Gravis.

“I thank you for allowing me to become far more powerful. I will do everything in my power to repay you!”

Gravis only nodded with a smile.


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