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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1080: Legal Paperwork Bahasa Indonesia

Broad Walker took a deep breath and readied himself for this conversation.

“Yes, Stella told me that you can teach me the Major Law of Time with Samsara,” Broad Walker said.

Gravis nodded. “And you are interested in that offer?” Gravis asked with a smile.

“Of course,” Broad Walker answered. “Could you tell me more about Samsara first?”

Gravis nodded.

Then, he told Broad Walker about how Samsara worked and what Gravis had gone through. He told Broad Walker how difficult it was to not lose oneself in one’s own life. It was definitely very dangerous, even if Gravis didn’t use his supplementary Laws to increase Samsara’s power.

Gravis kept the Law of Honesty active ever since Broad Walker had entered.

He told him everything truthfully.

Broad Walker believed everything Gravis said due to the Law of Honesty, but he was also relieved that no manager of the Honesty Chambers had come in.

This was the advantage of talking in an Honesty Chamber. Even if one believed it, one might have doubts in the future. What if the other party used the Law of Lies?

After some hours of Gravis meticulously going through the workings of Samsara, Broad Walker had made his decision.

He couldn’t run away now!

He had to do this for himself and for his master!

However, he still had several questions.

“Why are you willing to help me?” Broad Walker asked.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Gravis immediately answered with a smirk. “I’m not helping you.”

“You’re not?” Broad Walker asked with a surprised expression.

“No, this is a trade and an investment. You will give me something that I deem as of equal value in the future,” Gravis said.

“And what is that?” Broad Walker asked.


Gravis summoned a contract, which had already been verified by the Contract Officiation Office.

“Read it,” Gravis said.

Gravis wouldn’t do such a big transaction without an official contract. After all, Broad Walker wasn’t his friend. There was no trust between them yet.

Broad Walker read through the contract, and everything boiled down to this:

What would Broad Walker get?

First, one Samsara, which had a high likelihood of giving him the Law of Time and maybe even more. If Broad Walker didn’t comprehend the Law of Time, he would only have to pay 10,000 God Stones.

Second, 300,000 God Stones to allow him to break through to the Star God Realm and buy equipment for himself.

This was what Broad Walker would receive.

What would Broad Walker have to pay?

First, Broad Walker had to give Gravis 1,000,000 God Stones before he reached the fifth level of the Star God Realm.

Second, Broad Walker had to join the Myriad Sect and follow the Sect rules and Sect Master as long as the demands and rules were reasonable. If Broad Walker deemed something as unreasonable, he could contact the Contract Officiation Office to run a check.

Third, Broad Walker had to stay in the Myriad Sect and do his best to support it until his debt had been repaid.

These were the things that Broad Walker had to give Gravis.

As Broad Walker read the contract, he felt skeptical.

This contract was actually too lenient.

Broad Walker would maybe even have accepted this contract only for Samsara, but he was getting enough God Stones to reach the Star God Realm too.

Broad Walker knew that Gravis wasn’t stupid, and he knew that Gravis could have profiteered off Broad Walker’s time pressure. After all, Broad Walker only had limited time to save his master, and he would have paid a hefty price for that.

Yet, this contract was written like Broad Walker was under no pressure at all, which surprised him.

One could even say that Broad Walker would make a steal.

A Virtualization Array for a level six Law cost 10,000 God Stones per century, and Broad Walker would probably need tens of thousands of years to comprehend it.

This meant that Broad Walker would have to pay over ten million God Stones if he wanted to comprehend the Major Law of Time via Virtualization Array.

Yet, Broad Walker would only pay a tiny part of that.

“You can take the contract with you and ask some contract specialists to take a look at it,” Gravis said. “The costs will be on me, and I’ll wait here.”

Broad Walker nodded reluctantly.

He wanted to trust Gravis, but he knew that he had to be careful.

This was a huge trade.

Broad Walker exited the Honesty Chambers and went to some contract specialists, who were specialized in finding sneaky remarks that could be used to entrap him into something he didn’t agree on.

Some hours later, Broad Walker returned with an awkward expression.

Then, he handed over a rolled-up scroll.

Gravis took it and unfurled it.

It was the same contract, but about a thousand times longer.

There was an insane amount of clauses in there, but the essence was the same.

Gravis groaned, sent the new contract to the Contract Officiation Office, and got it back rather quickly.

The contract was revalidated, and Gravis burned the old one.

Then, Gravis signed it and handed it over to Broad Walker.

Broad Walker compared the contract with his drafts and asked a couple of contract specialists again to check for any hidden scams.

The check came back ok.

The contract specialists were happy with the contract.

Broad Walker returned to the Honesty Chamber again and took a deep breath.

He looked at the contract, and his heart raced.

If he signed this, it meant that there was no turning back.

His entire life would change.

Broad Walker hesitated for a long time, but eventually, he signed the contract with gritted teeth.

Gravis sent the contract to the Contract Officiation Office again to verify the signing of the contract and to get copies.

Broad Walker got his own copy not from Gravis but from someone from the Contract Officiation Office.

After doing some standard checks to see that everything was okay with both parties, the person from the Contract Officiation Office gave his literal stamp of approval to the contracts and left.

Gravis had paid for all of this, and he had paid over 3,000 God Stones in total.

However, this contract was as legally binding as it got.

Even a Divine God couldn’t break this contract without paying what Broad Walker owed Gravis.

If any of the two parties refused to abide by the contract, the City Guards would get a new miner.

The Contract Officiation Office and the City Guards worked together very closely. After all, a huge part of the City Guard’s income came from people not adhering to contracts, and without a big power that enforced the contracts, the contracts of the Contract Officiation Office would basically become worthless.

These two organizations were in a symbiotic relationship.

“Well, with all that legal stuff out of the way, when do you want to undergo Samsara?” Gravis asked with a smile.

Broad Walker’s mind was still stressed and excited about the signing of the contract.

His entire life would change from this moment forth!

He wouldn’t have to be abused anymore by his master, and he finally had a shot at dealing with his ex-junior brother.

“I want to meet the others from the Myriad Sect first,” Broad Walker said. “After getting acquainted with them and comparing my powers to theirs, I want to undergo Samsara.”

Gravis nodded and gave Broad Walker his address. “You can come find me when it’s time.”

Broad Walker nodded and left the Honesty Chambers after talking with Gravis some more.

Gravis leaned back, satisfied.

“The Myriad Sect just got a Star God, and I earned a million God Stones.”

“Today is a good day.”


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