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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1079: Honesty Chambers Bahasa Indonesia

What did Stella just say?

Broad Walker needed some seconds to process what Stella had just said.

Becoming a Star God in a matter of hours?

How was that even possible?

“Don’t joke around,” Broad Walker said with an annoyed expression. “I’m currently not in the mood for jokes.”

Stella only smiled brightly. “I’m not joking,” she said. “Gravis has a certain ability that allows someone to comprehend a specific Law in a matter of hours. It only works on a single, specific Law, and it isn’t without its dangers. It’s possible that you might die during the procedure.”

“However, if you manage to get through it, your will, your personality, and your Laws will become far stabler than before. Gravis told me that you are missing that exact Law to become a Star God.”

Broad Walker looked with a skeptical expression at Stella. “Are you talking about the Law of Time?” he asked.

“Yes, the Law of Time,” Stella said. “Gravis has a very unique ability. Originally, this ability was created as a terrifying attack, but if it is used with preparation, the chances of surviving it are definitely there.”

Broad Walker still wasn’t convinced. All of this sounded way too good to be true.

“And what ability could possibly teach me the Major Law of Time in just a couple of hours?” Broad Walker asked.

Stella leaned forward with a smirk. “The ability to experience a million years in just an instant,” she said.

“Experiencing a million years in an instant?” Broad Walker asked.

Stella nodded.

Then, Stella told Broad Walker about Samsara and how it had been created. She also told Broad Walker how terrifying Samsara was as an attack, and Broad Walker had to take a deep breath.

Such an attack was truly terrifying!

He had never heard of anything quite like it.

Most attacks targeted the body.

Some attacks targeted the Spirit.

But Broad Walker had never heard of an attack that targeted one’s personality.

When Stella told Broad Walker about Gravis’ fight with Nira, Broad Walker realized that Samsara could very likely teach him the Major Law of Time.

Broad Walker was a beast with an earth affinity.

Gravity was closely related to the Earth Element. Broad Walker’s first level six Law was the Law of Stone, which was the level six Law Element for Earth. Shortly after that, Broad Walker comprehended the Major Law of Gravity due to its relationship with the earth element.

As soon as Broad Walker had learned the Major Law of Gravity, he had entered deep into the earth and comprehended the Major Law of Space by watching the warping of space under severe gravity.

These were the three level six Laws Broad Walker knew, and it just so happened that he was missing the Law of Time. With the Law of Time, he could combine the Major Law of Space, the Major Law of Gravity, and the Major Law of Time into the Major Law of Primordial Force, a level seven Law.

With that Law, he could strengthen his Avatar and become a Star God.

However, was it truly so easy?

This Samsara sounded terrifying.

Samsara forced someone to watch their life from all angles for a terrifying amount of time. This gave the victim plenty of time to think about their life and the Law of Time.

However, it definitely wasn’t easy to sit through something like that.

In order to imagine Samsara’s terrifying power, one only had to think about how it would impact oneself. One only had to think about how long their life was, multiply that by about five times, and then imagine a movie that analyzes one’s past conduct in excruciating detail for that amount of time.

A 20-year-old person would have to sit through 100 years of watching their life from all angles.

This could very well destroy someone.

Broad Walker remained silent for several minutes.

He wanted to become more powerful but sitting through something like that was horrifying to imagine.

Would he even be himself anymore after such a long time?

“You said that Gravis would also go through my life,” Broad Walker said.

“Yes,” Stella said.

“Then, why is he offering something like this to me?” he asked. “I can see why you are willing to help me a little bit but sitting through a million years of my life just to help someone he doesn’t even know sounds like too much.”

“You will have to speak with him yourself,” Stella said. “He can tell you. Of course, there is more to this exchange than you might think. Don’t think that Gravis is doing this out of altruism. Obviously, he wants something in exchange.”

Broad Walker sighed.

Hearing that Gravis wanted something in exchange, ironically, put him at ease.

If Gravis had simply done this without asking for repayment, Broad Walker would have been very skeptical. After all, it sounded way too good to be true.

Yet, if there was a terrifying price to pay, it was more likely that it was a genuine trade.

“Fine. I want to hear more about this,” Broad Walker said after a while.

Stella smiled and brought Broad Walker over to a building near the middle of Opposer City.

The building was orange and looked rather inviting and friendly. A shield above it showed the words “Virtuous Cultivator’s Honesty Chambers”.

When Broad Walker saw where Stella had led him to, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Honesty Chambers were a popular place to talk about business. One could rent a room for a meeting, which would have its Law fluctuations watched by a powerful Cultivator. The Cultivator wasn’t powerful enough to listen in on voice transmissions, but they were powerful enough to feel changes in the Laws.

Even if someone talked via voice transmission, if they used any of the Laws of Honesty, Deceit, or Lies, these Laws would involuntarily influence the surroundings.

The rules of the Honesty Chambers were pretty simple. If someone used the Law of Deceit or Law of Lies, everyone in the room would be informed about it, and the deceiving person would have to pay an agreed-upon amount of money to the other party and the company running the Honesty Chamber.

Using the Law of Honesty was allowed for obvious reasons.

Usually, it was always the weaker party demanding that the discussion had to be held in Honesty Chambers.


Because a weaker party couldn’t discern which Law the stronger party was using.

Broad Walker and Stella entered a room after signing the entry formula.

The lying party would have to pay 10,000,000 God Stones.

Obviously, no one in the room had such a terrifying amount of wealth, which meant that if someone lied with the Law of Lies or Deceit, they would be condemned into eternal slavery.

Broad Walker felt relieved when he saw the punishment fee.

If the fee were too little, it would be possible that Gravis might try something if he thought that he would gain more by duping Broad Walker.

However, with such a terrifying amount, it was impossible that Gravis would want to risk it.

Broad Walker was nowhere near worth ten million God Stones.

Faced with such a terrifying amount, Broad Walker would have been nervous if he knew the Law of Lies or Deceit. After all, what if he activated them accidentally?

Luckily, he didn’t know any of the three Laws.

Broad Walker and Stella entered the room that Gravis had booked and sat down.

Gravis was drinking some coffee, which he had gotten from his father.

Some seconds later, a waiter entered that brought Broad Walker and Stella some tea.

Stella sat beside Gravis, smiling at Broad Walker happily from across the table.

Gravis only smirked.

Broad Walker felt rather nervous as he sat in front of Gravis.

The only time Broad Walker had talked to Gravis was when he had been suppressed by Power Walker.

Now, Gravis was free to do what he wanted.

Broad Walker was reminded of how they got to know each other and found it ironic.

A couple years ago, Broad Walker wanted to defend his junior brother and condemned Gravis for being a liar. But now, Broad Walker was talking with Gravis about how to take down that very same junior brother.

“I heard you wanted to speak with me,” Gravis said with a smirk.

Broad Walker took a deep breath.


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