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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1078: Gravis Leaves, Stella Joins Bahasa Indonesia

Power Walker had no idea what had happened between Silent Walker and Gravis.

However, just an hour after Silent Walker went silent, he told Power Walker that he and Gravis had come to an agreement.

Silent Walker used his “Law of Honesty” to tell Power Walker that their enmity had been solved.

They didn’t need to keep Gravis here anymore.

“It’s good that you know your place,” Power Walker harrumphed. “This time, you managed to survive thanks to the kindness of my junior brother. Don’t anger him again, or you will die.”

“I won’t,” Gravis said with a smile. “We came to an agreement, after all.”

“You can escort him back to Opposer City,” Silent Walker said. “We don’t need the full five years.”

Power Walker threw some more reprimands at Gravis, but then he escorted him back to Opposer City.

An hour later, Gravis was back in Opposer City. Power Walker handed Gravis over to the guards, and Gravis gave his emblem back.

Now, Power Walker was no longer allowed to take Gravis away while in Opposer City.

The guards had made a ton of money off Power Walker.

Power Walker left without a word and went back to his Sect.

Meanwhile, Gravis returned to his apartment.

“Honey, I’m home,” he sing-songed.

Stella giggled as she saw that Gravis had returned after only a couple of hours. That was far faster than she had thought.

“So, how did it go?” Stella asked as she put her arms around Gravis, happy to see him back.

“I earned a ton of money,” Gravis said with a smirk.

Stella looked with quite some surprise at Gravis.

Gravis earned money?

But hadn’t he been the one that had been taken away?

How did he suddenly earn money?

Gravis showed the 200,000 God Stones to Stella and informed her of what had happened.

In the beginning, Stella hated Power Walker, but the more Gravis told her about Silent Walker and Power Walker, the more she felt pity for Power Walker.

This poor guy was being poisoned by his own disciple.

That was truly a tragic fate.

“And you will let him get away with all of this?” Stella asked with an angry frown.

“Yep,” Gravis answered with a laugh. “We made an agreement. I won’t go against him or his Sect anymore.”

Stella grimaced.

She really, really hated people like Silent Walker.

“I think he’s gotten off too lightly,” Stella commented. “If this continues, he will become a Star God, and his master will never gain his freedom. This sucks!”

“Then, why don’t you do anything about it?” Gravis asked with a smile.

Stella halted for a second.

Then, she fell into thought as she scratched her chin.

“Could you tell me more about the Sect?” she asked with shining eyes.

Gravis told Stella everything he knew about the Sect, and Stella’s eyes became more and more interested.

“Isn’t this too convenient?” Stella asked.

“It’s a bit funny, yes, but it isn’t because of coincidence or luck. Someone with such a personality is more likely to commit crimes,” Gravis answered.

However, Gravis scratched his chin.

“Although, I’m not quite sure anymore, now that I think about it. I basically made an Ancestral God my enemy. In a sense, this was bad luck for me again. I simply managed to turn it around thanks to my Law of Sentience. If I hadn’t had that, I would have probably needed to pay the 350,000 God Stones. After all, an Ancestral God is really dangerous.”

“He could have sent his puppet to kill me. Sure, his puppet would die, but he would get away scot-free. I mean, it would feel cool to see him get killed, but I don’t want to exchange my life for his.”

Stella also thought about the topic for a bit, but she was quickly distracted by something that was much more interesting.

“Anyway, I will go now. I need to plan some things,” Stella said.

“Sure,” Gravis said with a smile. “But I think you should get into contact with that other disciple. He should be in Opposer City right now. He’s pretty powerful, and he is a very honest beast. I think he could become quite an asset to the Myriad Sect.”

Stella scratched her chin. “I don’t know him, but sure. If you say so, he’s probably a nice guy.”

“Thanks, honey,” Gravis said as he kissed her.

“I know. I’m the best,” Stella said with a lamenting tone.

Gravis and Stella laughed for a bit, and Stella left.

Stella quickly searched for Broad Walker, and the two of them began talking.

When Broad Walker had gotten the information about the Favorite Child Poison, his world broke down.

He had thought that his junior brother was a bit hard to fathom, but he had never expected that his junior brother would do something like that.

He had poisoned their master!

Their master had given so much for them!

Yet, this monster was biting the hand that fed him!

However, Broad Walker knew that he couldn’t do anything against Silent Walker. The Favorite Child Poison was just too powerful.

Additionally, after looking at his own situation from a neutral perspective, Broad Walker realized just how much his master had changed.

Back then, his master had always treated Broad Walker with respect. Broad Walker had shown incredible talent, and he already knew three level six Laws.

Yet, over the span of a couple thousand years, his master had even started hating Broad Walker.

In his eyes, Broad Walker couldn’t do anything right, no matter what he did.

Stella talked with Broad Walker for several days as they got to know each other more.

She could empathize with Broad Walker’s blight, and she felt genuine pity for him. In her mind, Broad Walker had been treated as unfairly as it got.

“Is there nothing we can do?” Broad Walker asked.

“There are only three ways to help your master,” Stella answered.

“First, kill Silent Walker. However, this will make your master fly into a rage and kill everyone that was involved in his demise. If you want to kill him, you need to do it in a way that makes it impossible to find out that it was you. Additionally, if you plan to do that, I would ask you to please wait for a couple millennia. If he dies right now, your master will think that it was Gravis that killed him. The timing would be too coincidental.”

Broad Walker took a deep breath.

Why was this situation so stressful and difficult to resolve!?

By now, Broad Walker no longer hated Gravis. In fact, he was deeply thankful to Gravis and Stella.

He had gone against them, but they were not attacking him. Instead, they were helping him.

Broad Walker had already apologized multiple times, and Stella told him that Gravis didn’t mind. It wasn’t really Broad Walker’s fault.

“The second method would be to make your master comprehend the True Law of Soul Regeneration. However, that takes a long time, and he fears this Law currently. It’s basically impossible to make him comprehend that Law,” Stella explained.

Broad Walker sighed.

“The last way is to cut off the supply of poison. In order to do that, your master must lose all his wealth so that he can’t give Silent Walker any God Stones. Sadly, there are too many ways for an Ancestral God to make money. We would have to cut off all his avenues of earning money, which means that we have to spend even more money.”

None of the solutions were easy to put into practice.

“The last one is the most feasible,” Broad Walker said. “If we could somehow make the Sect cost more money than it produces, we can silently take away the last remaining money. Silent Walker doesn’t really pay any attention to these things, and Master only has eyes for him.”

Broad Walker might have a simple mindset, but he was still a Peak Immortal Emperor. He could also come up with such plans.

“However, as soon as something like this happens, the Vice-Sect Masters will inform Master,” Broad Walker said with a sigh.

When Stella heard that, she smirked.

“You actually thought of the same thing as me. However, I know how we can solve this problem.”

Broad Walker looked at Stella with surprise. “You know a way? But how? The two Vice-Sect Masters are Star Gods, and Gravis said that he won’t get involved anymore.”

“It’s you,” Stella said with a smile.

“Me?” Broad Walker asked, pointing at himself.

Stella nodded.

“What do you think about becoming the Vice-Sect Master of your Sect?” Stella asked.

Broad Walker looked with confusion at Stella. “But I’m only a Peak Immortal Emperor. On top of that, it will take a long time for me to become a Star God, at least 50,000 years.”

Stella only smiled.

“What if I were to tell you that Gravis told me that he can make you a Star God in a matter of hours without any negative consequences?”


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