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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1044: Solution Bahasa Indonesia

The Opposer looked at his son neutrally.

Gravis’ friends looked at him with bitter smiles.

Gravis was missing the obvious thing once again due to his special situation.

“Nothing,” the Opposer said.

Gravis furrowed his brows. “What do you mean with nothing? Why wouldn’t he do anything?”

“Because there is no problem,” the Opposer said.

“How is that not a problem?” Gravis asked with a frown.

“Because it’s only a problem for the absolute minority,” the Opposer answered. “In fact, there are only three beings in this entire world for whom this is a problem.”

“Arcerius, Mortis, and you.”

Gravis raised an eyebrow.

“Gravis,” Manuel said with a bitter smile. “This entire situation has no impact on us.”

Gravis looked at Manuel with a questioning gaze.

“I’ve already been here for quite a while, and I know a lot about this world,” Manuel said. “Only 1% of all Peak Immortal Emperors become Star Gods, which sounds like not a lot, but that is actually not the case.”

“As soon as I heard about how big this world is, I actually had to confirm that piece of information several times since I just couldn’t believe it.”

“Just a rough estimation of the number of Peak Immortal Emperors is already a terrifying number.”

“The number of Peak Immortal Emperors is probably at around 100 trillion,” Manuel said with a bitter smile. “So, even if only 1% of Peak Immortal Emperors reach the Star God Realm, we would probably still see the birth of over a trillion Star Gods in the next 200,000 years.”

Gravis took a deep breath as he heard that number.

So many!?

“Even the most powerful of our group will find thousands or millions of beings on our level that are more powerful than us,” Manuel said. “Additionally, even if we temper ourselves and kill a hundred powerful Star Gods each, there will be thousands of Star Gods that also killed over a hundred Star Gods.”

“The ratio of these terrifying geniuses is obviously very low, but when used on such a gigantic number, we would still be left with a very high number of terrifying geniuses.”

“In fact, the number is easily big enough to last everyone until they become Ancestral Gods, and at that point, the current situation doesn’t matter anymore.”

“None of us are inhibited by this.”

“We can simply make a Sect or join a Sect, and we will have plenty of opponents and wars.”

“The only ones inhibited by this problem are beings that can’t be judged with normal standards,” Manuel said with an awkward expression.

Gravis listened to Manuel and sighed.

It was true.

This was only a problem for the three of them.

Orthar didn’t need to change anything.

The world would naturally regenerate and repair itself.

“So, nothing has been changed?” Gravis asked his father.

“Nothing has been changed,” the Opposer confirmed.

Gravis sighed once again.

It felt quite frustrating to be one of the only ones with such a problem. Everyone else could continue their life normally, but it was just him that didn’t have that luxury.

Gravis looked at Mortis and Arc.

Mortis frowned.

Arc only smiled.

“You don’t seem troubled,” Gravis commented as he saw Arc. “You do know that you’ll also be affected by this problem, right?”

Arc only chuckled lightly. “Gravis, there are several ways out of our situation. This problem is a minor inconvenience at most.”

Gravis lifted an eyebrow. “Enlighten me.”

“For starters, we can just wait,” Arc said. “We can concentrate on comprehending Laws for around 700,000 years. At that point, there should be plenty of Star Gods on all levels. We would have no issues in finding Star Gods with a fitting level for a fight.”

Gravis had thought of that, but he really didn’t take that solution seriously.

Sure, it would solve the problem, but Gravis wanted to make more progress with his Will-Aura.

On top of that, he wasn’t sure if he could comprehend the new True Laws without tempering.

Sure, Gravis had comprehended a couple of level seven Laws, but all of them were special in some case, making them different from most Laws.

The Law of Emotions had nothing to do with watching matter or the Elements.

Gravis’ Form Law was only so powerful because of the Law of Emotions.

The Major Law of Death had no relation to Energy.

The Law of Perceived Reality had to be comprehended in an entirely different way than from any other Law.

The Law of Sentience was just a fusion of the Law of Emotions and Law of Perceived Reality.

The Law of Primordial Force was the only level seven Law that followed the standard comprehension method.

Additionally, all of these Laws, except for the Major Law of Death, were derived from weaker Laws.

What about the True Hard Pure Law?

This wasn’t derived from any weaker Laws.

What about the Life Laws?

Same thing.

Gravis would need to comprehend these level seven Laws all at once without being able to rely on any weaker Laws.

Gravis could comprehend the missing level six Laws for the Elements and the Law of Matter to create the level seven Law of the Dead World, but that wouldn’t solve the issue.

Gravis guessed that he would need to go temper himself in 300,000 years again, at the latest.

At least if he wanted to make any significant progress.

Was he supposed to comprehend Laws for 300,000 years and then just wait for 400,000 years?

Sure, he could do that. After all, he was always happy to be with Stella and his family.

But what about Mortis?

And would Stella even have the time?

Stella would need to continually cultivate to elevate her own power. She could spare a couple ten-thousand years for Gravis, but not hundreds of thousands of years.

Gravis didn’t really like that solution.

“What else?” Gravis asked.

“Secret Realms,” Arc said. “I’ve had plenty of Heaven’s Trials, and my Creator should have even more. He can just retrofit them to give you some tempering. It’s not difficult.”

Gravis’ eyes shone.

That was a great solution!

If he ever needed to temper himself, he could simply enter one of those!

“That sounds great,” Gravis said.

Yet, Gravis thought of something that made him frown.

“But is it that easy?” Gravis asked as he scratched his chin. “All the Secret Realms have been under the control of Peak Sects in your world, and I doubt that it will be any different here.”

“Probably,” Arc said.

Gravis thought about this some more, but he really didn’t like the idea of joining a Sect.

If one joined a Sect while being extremely powerful, one would have a home, resources, and all the freedom.

However, these Sects would be ruled by people far more powerful than Gravis, which meant that Gravis probably had to do a lot of jobs for the Sect.

Even more, Gravis would need to join several wars, which wasn’t something he was interested in.


Because the power difference in a war could be insane.

At one point, it could be that Gravis had to fight a force that he could decimate with a gaze.

However, it could also be that the opposite happened.

At that point, Gravis would be throwing his life away.

Sure, Gravis had the talent to become some supreme, chosen Core Disciple or whatever, but Ascension was no longer the goal.

These chosen Core Disciples would probably be selectively trained and pushed until they became Star Gods, at which point they would start to repay the Sect by taking on essential responsibilities.

Yet, Gravis was already a Star God.

Gravis was not powerful enough to act as a last trump card to protect the Sect from annihilation, but he also wasn’t so weak that it would be more effective to increase his power than to use him as labor.

Gravis really didn’t want to join a Sect.

However, Gravis quickly remembered that he was no longer in a normal world.

He was in the highest world.

This world was very different from any other world.

Just the way how businesses operated was very different from other worlds. On top of that, this world had a lot of companies.

Companies could be seen as a form of Sects, but they were very different in one specific thing.


One could join a company, do their job, and leave whenever they wanted.

It was simply an exchange of service for payment.

Was there a company that had access to these Secret Realms?

Gravis looked at his father with a gleam in his eyes.

“Is there a company that I can work for to gain access to Secret Realms?” Gravis asked.

The Opposer had seen that question coming from a mile away, but he still didn’t want to answer it.

Sadly, he had to. After all, his son’s current problem was essentially his fault.

“Yes, there is one that is perfect for you.”

Gravis smirked when he heard that.

‘Knew it!’

“Which one?” Gravis asked.

The Opposer took a deep breath of annoyance.

“It’s called The Heaven Company,” he said, trying to sound emotionless.

At the side, Gravis’ mother snorted in disgust.

Gravis blinked a couple of times. “The Heaven Company?”

“Yes, The Heaven Company,” the Opposer repeated. “The Heaven Company accepts outstanding and very powerful Cultivators, starting at the Immortal Emperor Realm. They are a non-profit organization that overlooks fights between powerful Cultivators in areas with weaker lifeforms.”

“They send their agents to these locations to protect the surroundings. They also keep others from interfering if someone undergoes tempering.”

“As you might have already guessed, The Heaven Company is essentially the same thing as the Heaven Sect in the lower world you have been to. The only difference is that there are no Heavenborn, that they are not overbearing, and that they essentially accept everyone with sufficient power. Also, they are more modern and more flexible with their policies.”

“They own around 30% of all Secret Realms in the world.”


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