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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1045: The Heaven Company Bahasa Indonesia

“The Heaven Company, huh?” Gravis repeated.

The Opposer just looked at his son.

“It just sounds like another Heaven Sect to me,” Gravis said.

“In a sense, they are another Heaven Sect,” the Opposer said. “However, the biggest difference is that The Heaven Company doesn’t kill or suppress people unless they get attacked first. They also don’t accept any payment from anyone. Their entire job consists of protecting the surroundings when powerful Cultivators fight.”

“You have already experienced what destruction a fight brings, and the destruction will only get worse the more powerful the combatants become. Immortal Emperors already destroy tens of thousands of kilometers around them, and it will only grow more intense in the Star God and Ancestral God Realm.”

“Cultivators are allowed to fight wherever they wish, but if they decide to fight in a crowded area, a Judge will overlook the fight and protect the surroundings.”

“And how would a Judge get there in time?” Gravis asked. “Fights often break out at a moment’s notice.”

“The Heaven Company has access to an exclusive teleportation network that allows them to reach every part of the highest world instantaneously. The Old Bastard actively changed the Laws of the Cosmos for The Heaven Company, giving them the sole ability to do something like that.”

“Alright,” Gravis said. “How are they getting the information about all these fights? After all, I doubt that they have the ability to watch the entire world.”

“It’s a special Formation Array,” the Opposer explained. “The Old Bastard uses a specific Law to connect with the Formation Array. As soon as he notices that a fight is about to break out, the Formation Array directly sends the relevant information to The Heaven Company. This means that every fight that is being fought in this Cosmos will be picked up by the Formation Array and documented.”

Gravis scratched his chin as he hummed.

“So, The Heaven Company only protects the environment. Is that right?” Gravis asked.

“Yes, that, and The Heaven Company also enforces battle agreements between the two parties. If both parties agree to a life and death battle and one of them tries to flee, The Heaven Company will enforce the agreement and apprehend the party that broke the agreement.”

Gravis furrowed his brows. “All of this sounds rather selfless.”

“In a way, it is,” the Opposer said. “However, as you are already aware of, the Old Bastard wants to protect his crop. He has no problem with Cultivators fighting around mortal cities since the world is filled with mortals, but he doesn’t want to see Cultivator cities to be destroyed.”

Gravis nodded. That made sense.

“Who’s the leader of The Heaven Company?” Gravis asked.

“It’s a spot reserved for the strongest Heaven’s Magnate,” the Opposer explained.

“A Heaven’s Magnate?” Gravis asked with surprise.

The Opposer nodded. “The leader of The Heaven Company receives a one-of-a-kind perk that every single Heaven’s Magnate desires. Therefore, all the Heaven’s Magnates want this position, resulting in the strongest Heaven’s Magnate having the position. Other Heaven’s Magnates are allowed to challenge the leader for his spot, but it has to be done in a life and death duel.”

Gravis lifted an eyebrow. “What kind of perk?”

“Eternal life,” the Opposer explained.

“Eternal life?” Gravis asked with surprise.

“As long as you hold the position of the leader, your longevity pauses. When you lose the position, you will be dead since that meant that you lost in a life and death duel. In essence, it is a gamble. Either you are strong enough and live for a very long time, or you’re too weak and will die even earlier than you would have died normally.”

“Hmm,” Gravis hummed. “I understand the draw that such a position has.”

Gravis looked at his father. “And you think that joining The Heaven Company would be my best option?” he asked.

“With your requirements, yes. The Heaven Company is a company, not a Sect. You can join and work for them for however long you want, and you can also leave if you want. You can even rejoin after leaving.”

“What kind of perks does The Heaven Company have?” Gravis asked.

“Everything,” the Opposer explained. “They are the go-to choice for everyone that doesn’t want to join a Sect. They don’t get their God Stones from doing business but from the Old Bastard himself. He simply uses their God Stone storage to solidify the Energy in the atmosphere.”

“If the Energy density in the atmosphere gets too high, Cultivators would advance too quickly, creating a weak foundation. That’s why the Old Bastard keeps the Energy density in the world constant. Every additional Energy he draws into his Cosmos gets turned into God Stones, which will then be stored in The Heaven Company’s storage.”

“That means that The Heaven Company can gain access to everything in existence. They essentially have infinite money.”

Gravis hummed a bit as he thought about everything he had just heard.

Joining The Heaven Company sounded great.

Gravis could get weapons.

Gravis could get Law Comprehension Areas.

Gravis could get tempering.

He could get everything he needed on his path to power.

There was only one question.

“How long do I have to work to gain the things I want?” Gravis asked.

“Not that long,” the Opposer answered. “The payment follows the standards of the normal market. The rarer the things you have to offer are, and the more powerful you are, the better the payment. Right now, you have the power to protect the surroundings from a fight between level one Star Gods, which is something that The Heaven Company desperately needs.”

“Since they don’t have many Star Gods, they need to send Ancestral Gods to overlook the fights between Star Gods. On top of that, the really powerful Peak Immortal Emperors also need a Star God to watch their fight, but since there are not many Star Gods, some Ancestral Gods have to watch fights between Immortal Emperors.”

“You can simply become a Star God and overlook the important fights. Depending on the workload, working for just a thousand years should already be enough to secure a tempering opportunity.”

Gravis nodded.

But then, he sighed.

“Seems like I will join one of Heaven’s organizations once again,” Gravis lamented. “Well, at least this time, it will be aboveboard. I don’t have to hide my origins.”

After hearing more about The Heaven Company, Gravis noticed that it was truly different from the Heaven Sect in the lower world.

The Heaven Sect suppressed geniuses and executed people that went against their rules.

In comparison, The Heaven Company only acted as a neutral party that protected the world from any fights.

Funnily enough, The Heaven Company was probably the most popular and well-liked organization in this entire world. After all, they protected the weak beings without expecting any repayment.

Most Cultivators probably saw the Heaven Company as some sacred, selfless organization filled with heroes.

And, in a sense, it was.

They did protect everyone, just due to a different reason.

“Fine, I’ll join them,” Gravis said.

Then, he turned to his group of friends.

“What do you guys want to do? Do you plan to create a Sect or something?”


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