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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1043: How to Temper Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis almost couldn’t wrap his head around his current situation.

Gravis had just returned home, and he had been prepared to meet a lot of Star Gods that could be a threat to his life.

Yet, there were actually nearly no Star Gods left!?

Everything Gravis had just heard made logical sense, but it still felt like it couldn’t be real.

This was like saying that the middle world had no Lords.

It was like saying the higher world had no Immortals.

The world was essentially missing an entire Realm!

Who could serve as Gravis’ tempering?

Gravis’ power was growing with incredible speeds, and he already had an incredible advantage over everyone else. This meant that no one would be able to close the gap between them and Gravis.

Gravis essentially already knew six level seven Laws, while the strongest Star God only knew one.

In fact, it was even possible that Exar was the strongest Star God right now as long as Gravis ignored Arc and himself.

The next best tempering opportunity would only come when Gravis fought against an Ancestral God.

However, Gravis’ Will-Aura was currently only about as powerful as a level seven Star God or however the levels were called.

After Gravis’ fight with Nira, his Will-Aura had reached the level of a level four Star God, but the Gate of Death had pushed his Will-Aura even further.

Gravis knew that the Star God Realm had nine levels, which meant that his Will-Aura could be seen as being in the late-middle stages of the Star God Realm.

Yet, an Ancestral God would obviously have a Will-Aura on the level of an Ancestral God.

This meant that even just the theoretical power of their Will-Aura was higher than Gravis’ Will-Aura.

One had to remember that Gravis’ Will-Aura’s theoretical power had always been at least equal to the theoretical power of his opponent’s Will-Aura.

It had never been lower.

But now, even the theoretical power of Gravis’ Will-Aura would be lower than his opponent.

The level six Law of Suppression was boosted to the power of a level seven Law by the Law of Perceived Reality and then boosted to the power of a level eight Law since it was part of his Avatar.

This meant that Gravis’ Law of Suppression had the power of a level eight Law.

Yet, even if Gravis were a level seven Star God, this still wouldn’t be enough to even tickle his opponent.

Right now, Gravis was not relying on his Will-Aura due to the Law of Sentience, but the Law of Sentience wouldn’t be nearly as effective when fighting against Ancestral Gods.


Because the Law of Sentience could only block level eight Laws and weaker.

If a Star God needed a level seven Law to become a Star God, it wouldn’t be farfetched to assume that someone had to comprehend a level eight Law to become an Ancestral God.

Which Law would they try to comprehend?

The Law in their Avatar, of course. After all, that Law was their strongest weapon.

This meant that every Ancestral God essentially had access to at least one Law with the power of a level nine Law.

The Law of Sentience couldn’t suppress a level nine Law.

Gravis would have access to Heavenly Lightning, but the opponent would also have access to a level nine Law.

When both sides could only use a single Law, it meant that the complexity and flowing changes of combat would be reduced to the minimum.

When both opponents could only unleash straight punches forward, the one with the greater resilience and punching power would win.

The Law of Sentience was a double-edged sword.

On one hand, Gravis could take away all the most powerful weapons of his opponent, but it would also simplify the fights to the basics.

Gravis’ originality and creativity wouldn’t be worth much in that case.

Even if the opponent were only two or three levels above Gravis, they would be able to win against him if he used the Law of Sentience.

However, one had to remember that this only concerned fights against Ancestral Gods, a Realm that is incomparably more powerful than Gravis’ current Realm.

This was far in the future.

Right now, the Law of Sentience had the ability to suppress every single Law of every single Star God, except Arc.

Right now, the Law of Sentience reigned supreme.

But in the future, using it would do Gravis more harm than good.

At the point when enemies had something with the power of a level nine Law, Gravis would need to rely on his other weapons. He would need the ever-changing flow of battle to win.

As soon as Gravis fought against Ancestral Gods, he would need to rely on his Will-Aura, mass of Laws, and creativity.

And that’s when everything looped back to the initial problem.

Gravis’ Will-Aura.

Gravis’ Will-Aura would be one of the most important weapons in his future.


Because the Battle-Strength of Ancestral Gods was incomparable to the Battle-Strength of Star Gods.

Gravis knew six level seven Laws right now.

How many Laws did the weakest Ancestral God know?

At least one level eight Law and probably five or more level seven Laws.

Sure, Gravis could close the gap with his Law of Heavenly Lightning, but that Law was not part of his Avatar.

At best, it would be equal to his opponent’s Avatar.

This meant that the power of Gravis’ Laws and his opponent’s Laws were about equal.

Body? Equal.

Energy? Gravis would have an advantage due to his Void Lightning.

Mortis would also count as a significant advantage.

This meant that Gravis would definitely win against someone on his level.

Yet, jumping levels?


Gravis once either had the advantage of Energy or the advantage of physical power over his opponent.

Now, everyone had the same amount of Energy and physical power.

This had been one of Gravis’ key advantages.

The Law of Sentience would also become nearly useless in the Ancestral God Realm, taking away the very weapon that would help Gravis to jump six levels right now.

Gravis considered all of these things in a moment as he thought about what impact his current situation would have on his immediate future, and he didn’t like the result.

‘If I had the Law of Heavenly Lightning right now, and if I were to elevate to the level of an Ancestral God too, I would be able to jump…’

‘Two levels.’

Gravis took a deep breath.

‘It sounds depressing, but it’s not like I won’t comprehend more Laws until then. My Laws will still become more powerful, and if I know several level eight Laws, I can probably jump three levels, realistically.’

‘If I manage to get a powerful Will-Aura, I could jump four levels. However, I can’t get a powerful Will-Aura since there is no tempering due to a lack of Star Gods.’

After Gravis’ exclamation earlier, his face had gone through a ton of expressions as everyone watched him.

What would he do?

How would he deal with this issue?

After some seconds, Gravis looked at his father.

“So, what did the highest Heaven do to counter this critical lack of tempering?”

“I refuse to believe that he would overlook something like this.”


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