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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1012: Watching Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis’ vision began, and his entire life repeated itself from the perspective of the Opposer.

The Opposer had always watched Gravis uninterrupted as soon as he got into any dangerous situations, but he didn’t completely watch his life while he was in the highest world.

For the entire time, Gravis saw his life from the Opposer’s perspective.

Yet, surprisingly, there was no change in perspective.

It was like the Opposer didn’t have a concept of perceived reality.

It was like Gravis was watching objective reality.

Gravis remembered everything that had happened and was able to see his own life in a new light.

Everything appeared normal until a certain moment.

When Gravis had reached the Nascent Nourishing Realm, something happened that he didn’t remember.

This was when Gravis had comprehended the level two Law of Suppression, and he had forgotten that part.

When Gravis saw that, it was like some memories returned to him.

Gravis re-comprehended the level two Law of Suppression even faster than the past Gravis before him.

‘Suppression, huh?’ Gravis thought. ‘How ironic. To think that I have chased freedom all this time, but I actually made a Law that includes the Law of Suppression as my Avatar. Why? What have I been thinking back then?’

Right now, since Gravis had forgotten the Law of Freedom, taking a Law that includes the Law of Suppression as his Avatar felt unreal.

Sadly, Gravis couldn’t remember the time he had condensed his Avatar.

After that, Gravis saw how he had comprehended the Law of Danger.

‘Danger is also included in my Avatar?’

The next new memory was of the time Gravis had comprehended the level four Law of Suppression.

Then came the time when Gravis comprehended the Law of Freedom.

‘I don’t remember the Law of Freedom. So, this means that the Law of Freedom is also part of my Avatar.’

Gravis immediately realized what had happened.

‘I probably used the Law of Freedom as my Avatar, and it fused with the Law of Suppression and Danger.’

The next new thing that happened was when the Black Magnate helped Gravis comprehend the Law of Control.

The next new thing was when he comprehended the Law of Safety in Arc’s clearing.

‘These five Laws create the Law of Perceived Reality,’ Gravis thought. ‘So, my Avatar was of the Law of Perceived Reality.’

Gravis’ entire life played out before him.

The Opposer was rather thoughtful of Gravis, as he kept watch over Gravis and Mortis at the same time.

Because of that, Gravis also saw what Mortis was doing the entire time.

By now, the Opposer had changed to his current self.

This made Gravis realize that, in some weird way, the future him had been watching his past self the entire time.

It was so unreal.

If Gravis hadn’t regained his Law of Perceived Reality by now, he wouldn’t even be able to grasp such an abstract concept.

Sadly, as time passed, the current Gravis fell behind the past Gravis.

Comprehending some level five Laws was easy by watching thanks to Gravis’ Law Comprehension experience, but the level six Laws of Perceived Reality didn’t appear in Gravis’ mind.

He couldn’t comprehend them just by watching.

He had to feel them to comprehend them.

In the end, Gravis saw how he stepped out of the Gate of Death.

Then, when Arc lifted his saber, the Opposer was throwing one last look at the Gravis currently residing in his perception.

“Sorry for saying that I would have killed you,” he said.

He had changed severely since Gravis had entered his perception.

Hearing an apology from the Opposer would have been impossible in the past.

Sadly, Gravis couldn’t answer.

Then, when Arc hit Gravis with Samsara, everything ended.

Surprisingly, the next perspective Gravis entered wasn’t the one of his mother.

Gravis was pretty sure that his Law of Perceived Reality hadn’t been powerful to grasp the perception of a Heaven’s Magnate.

The only reason why he had been able to see himself from his father’s eyes was that his father had felt the surreal perception and used his own power to pull Gravis’ perception into his own before it could leave.

Then, he had changed Samsara in such a way that it wouldn’t even try to enter the highest Heaven’s perception.

He also isolated it from anyone that would notice it, which would be all the people that knew the True law of Perceived Reality.

The Opposer’s actions had allowed Gravis’ Samsara to stay secret.

Father and son were working together.

The next perspective Gravis saw was from some random bystander in the highest world.

It was rather short, and Gravis looked like a poisonous plant in their perspective.

Don’t touch it!

Don’t interact with it!

This was the fear of every onlooker in Opposer City when they saw Gravis’ Obsidian Ring.

Gravis went through a ridiculous number of repetitions as he watched himself through every person or beast that had ever observed him.

It was beyond tedious.

Over 99.99% of all perspectives were of irrelevant bystanders Gravis had actually never interacted with.

However, the perspectives of the people Gravis interacted with were interesting to him.

Ballor, Gravis’ friend in the Research Institute, saw Gravis as a great man.

Forneus, Gravis’ teacher in the Research Institute, looked at him like he was any other student. At least until Gravis condensed his Will-Aura. Then, he looked at Gravis like an arrogant youngster.

Orpheus looked at Gravis like an innocent little brother he had to protect.

This had never changed.

The Hunting Guild saw Gravis as an arrogant youngster initially, but he quickly transformed into a terrifying demon.

Joyce saw Gravis as someone with talent until her perception of him changed into hatred and then love.

Her teacher’s impression of him changed from good to bad over time.

Gorn looked at Gravis like a bright star.

He wanted to hang onto that star and shine just as brightly!

Jaimy and his brother looked at Gravis like he was a sinister and dishonest person.

Skye looked at Gravis as a close friend.

Skye’s parent simply looked at Gravis as a friend of her daughter.

Aion saw the shadow of Heaven in Gravis.

Wendy saw Gravis like a weapon pointed at Heaven.

Byron looked at Gravis as an innocent kid that knew nothing about the world.

Old Man Lightning looked at Gravis as a talented student he had to teach.

Lasar looked at Gravis as a shining beacon of hope for the Lightning Sect.

Manuel looked at Gravis as a mighty warrior that needed some emotional guidance.

Nero looked at Gravis as an elder.

Claude saw Gravis the same way.

The High Priest saw Gravis as an ant beneath him.

The lower Heaven saw Gravis as an insect it just couldn’t get rid of.

Gravis went through an uncountable number of perspectives as he rewatched his actions time and time again.

Gravis had no idea how long he had been watching his own life, but he was certain that it was many times longer than when he had watched Nira’s life.

It had been several million years, according to his guess.

Gravis knew perfectly who he was at this moment.

He knew whatever he had thought at any given time.

Then, finally, Gravis entered his own perception.

All his memories had returned, and he was only missing the level six Laws of Perceived Reality.

Gravis went through his own perception, but everything felt different now.

Right now, he was no longer looking at the people around him like his previous self.

Everything was different.

Everyone had a story.

Everyone had a complex personality.

Gravis went through his life through his past perception, and he was able to see things very differently now.

Eventually, Gravis reached the time when he broke apart the emotional connection between himself and Mortis.

Gravis knew what he had to do.

Gravis had to comprehend the level seven Law of Perceived Reality right now!

Only with the level seven Law of Perceived Reality could he break apart the physical reality of a higher world!

He had to break apart physical reality and substitute part of his Perceived Reality!

He had to extend his reach into Perceived Reality and pull out Mortis’ Law fragments!

He had to pull them from Perceived Reality into physical reality!

He had to make something unreal, real.

Gravis extended his hand towards Mortis’ Law fragments, and he went through everything he knew.

He had to comprehend the level seven Law of Perceived Reality right now!

That was the only way how he could get Mortis back!


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