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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1011: Future Bahasa Indonesia

In front of the Gate of Death, three beings stood.

Yet, in Arc’s perception, he was alone.

The other two were invisible to him.

“Don’t try anything funny,” the Opposer said to the person beside him.

The other person didn’t answer.

This was the highest Heaven, and it was looking at the Gate of Death with fascination and anticipation.

It had no idea if Gravis would survive or not.

The chances were overwhelmingly in favor of Gravis dying, but it couldn’t be sure.

For the first time, the highest Heaven had no idea if something happened or not.


Because the area behind the Gate of Death was not inside its own Cosmos.

It couldn’t look into it, and it couldn’t grasp the full extent of the Force of Death.

Everything that happened inside there was beyond its ability to foresee.

If it cut off the Gate of Death right now from its Cosmos, Gravis wouldn’t be able to return.

After all, as long as the Gate of Death was banished from the highest Heaven’s Cosmos, even if Gravis survived, he would reappear in the Primordial Chaos.

Gravis would immediately be torn apart if that happened.

The Opposer stood beside the highest Heaven exactly to stop it from doing that.

If it did, the Opposer would destroy everything that he could.

He might even destroy the entire highest world.

He would do his best to destroy the highest Heaven’s entire Cosmos.

If he did that, the highest Heaven could probably still survive, but the chances were very high that both of them wouldn’t be able to kill each other.

Yet, all the gathered Energy in the last 50 billion years would vanish.

This was true for both the Opposer and the highest Heaven.

Everything would return to how it had been 50 billion years ago.

Because of that, the highest Heaven didn’t dare to do anything.

After all, even if Gravis survived, the highest Heaven had an alarming number of other plans to fall back on.

These were the highest Heaven’s thoughts.

What about the Opposer’s thoughts?

Well, for the first time in the Opposer’s life, his perception of what would happen eclipsed the highest Heaven’s perception.

The Opposer was 100% certain that Gravis would return, and he was also 100% certain that the highest Heaven wouldn’t do anything stupid.

There was literally no doubt in his mind.


Because he had seen the future Gravis.

However, the future Gravis hadn’t appeared in the past yet.

Therefore, Gravis must still exist in the future.

For the first time, the highest Heaven had no idea about the future, while the Opposer did.

He only stood here to fool the highest Heaven.

He only had to act like he knew nothing.


Suddenly, Gravis reappeared in the cave as he stepped out of the Gate of Death.

The highest Heaven’s eyes glittered as it saw Gravis.

He actually managed to survive!

This was the second biggest shock Gravis had ever given the highest Heaven, second only to the time Gravis had become the manifested concept of lightning.

“Now, there are three of us,” the Opposer said to the highest Heaven.

The highest Heaven didn’t react as it only looked at Gravis.


Then, it vanished.

Nobody knew what it was thinking.

The Opposer also looked at his son, and a smirk appeared on his face.

‘Well done, Gravis!’ the Opposer thought with pride.

Then, he also vanished.

Arc also looked with shock at Gravis.

Then, he smiled with excitement.

“Congratulations! You did it!” Arc shouted. “You now know a Law that not even I know!”

Gravis didn’t smile as he looked at Arc.

Arc noticed Gravis’ emotions.

“I take it your worries about Mortis were not unfounded?” he asked.

Gravis nodded.

“I have once been Mortis, and I had a guess about his feelings.”

“I didn’t confront him because I trusted that he would know what to do.”

“Sadly, he still went through with it.”

Arc looked with a complex expression at Gravis. “So, Mortis killed himself?” he asked.

Gravis nodded with cold eyes.

“I don’t know why, but I know that I have a way to resurrect Mortis, even if he dies inside the Gate of Death.”

“Mortis is dead, and I forgot all the concepts of my Avatar. I don’t even know what Law I had used as my Avatar.”

“Yet, I know that I have made some preparations to regain that Law quickly and to resurrect Mortis.”

“I don’t remember what preparations I have made, but I know I have made some.”

“Apparently, I had suspected that something like this would happen.”

Arc nodded. “You did.”

“You know?” Gravis asked.

His memory of everything that had to do with the Laws of Perceived Reality had vanished.


Arc took out the object that Gravis had handed him before he entered the Gate of Death.

It was a saber.

And the saber had Samsara loaded into it.

“You gave me this,” Arc said. “You may have forgotten Samsara, but it’s your self-created attack made out of the Law of Perceived Reality. It allows you to see someone’s life from all perspectives.”

“I know why you gave this to me, and I’m willing to help you,” Arc said.

Gravis didn’t fully understand all the words Arc spoke since he had forgotten everything about Perceived Reality.

Yet, Gravis nodded. “I trust in the past me. The past me knows more than the current me, and if he was confident, I should be confident.”

Arc nodded.

“Then, prepare yourself.”

“This might take a while.”

“Also, don’t think about me. I might also see your life, but what’s a couple million years to me?”

“You will go through your own life once again, but from all different perspectives, including your own.”

“The level five Law of Perceived Reality would only include the perspective of others, but you changed Samsara after you comprehended the level seven Law of Perceived Reality.”

“The last perspective you will see will be your own.”

“You will comprehend all the Laws you have learned in your life again.”

“This is how you will relearn the level seven Law of Perceived Reality.”

“However, you must surpass your past self within Samsara if you want to resurrect Mortis.”

“You will understand when the time comes.”

Gravis wasn’t exactly sure what Arc meant, but he trusted his past self.

“Do it!” Gravis said with determined eyes.

Arc smiled, lifted the saber, and struck.


Samsara hit Gravis!

“This one looks really good!”

Gravis’ eyes widened in shock as he heard a female voice.

He knew that voice.

It was his mother!

Right now, Gravis was looking at his mother, who held a newborn infant in her eyes with an excited expression.

“I see.”

A deep voice appeared in Gravis’ head.

It was like the deep voice was speaking to him.

Gravis knew that voice.

It was his father!

For a second, Gravis felt like the Opposer was looking at him.

However, how was that possible!?

All of this wasn’t real!

How could the Opposer notice something that had basically never happened?

“The level seven Law of Perceived Reality,” the Opposer’s voice said in Gravis’ mind.

“You created an attack with that Law, and I can also guess how it works and who you are.”

“Right now, only three people are in this room, and you don’t feel like me. You also don’t feel like my wife.”

“This means you are the baby in front of me.”

“To think that you will become so powerful in the future that you will even comprehend the level seven Law of Perceived Reality.”

“I also feel someone else accompanying you.”

“The old bastard’s firstborn? Interesting.”

“However, this attack has been created by you, not by him.”

“Yet, since he uses it, it means you will visit the world of the old bastard’s firstborn in the future, and you will even know the level seven Law of Perceived Reality in that world.”

“That progress is terrifying.”

“You will truly be powerful.”

“Fine, I will allow you to witness your own life again, and I will also stop the old bastard from noticing.”

“You are my son, and I trust you.”

“After all, if, by the time you become this powerful, our relationship has broken down, you wouldn’t be here right now.”

“I would have killed you beforehand.”

Gravis felt terror inside himself.

This was not the current Opposer.

This was the past Opposer, the one that was still cold and emotionless.

Killing an unknown child was not difficult for him.

Then, the Opposer’s perception vanished from Gravis’ senses as reality seemingly regained time.

This was the time when the Opposer had seen the future Gravis.

The Opposer had felt the effects of the Law of Perceived Reality being used on him, and he had deduced that this had to be Gravis.

Because of that, he hadn’t feared for Gravis’ life when he had entered the Gate of Death.

After all, this event hadn’t happened yet.

And thus, Gravis began to see his own life from all the different perspectives.


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