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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1013: Physical Reality Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis had gone through his own life from his own perspective and reached the time when he had cut off Mortis’ emotions.

It was now or never!

Gravis had already relearned the level six Law of Freedom by watching himself.

Gravis had also been able to relearn the level six Law of Suppression by watching Mortis.

Comprehending the level six Law of Safety wasn’t difficult, and the Law of Danger constantly accompanied Gravis either way.

However, the Law of Control was difficult to comprehend.

Mortis had comprehended that Law entirely on his own, and it was difficult for Gravis to comprehend it again.

Gravis watched himself talk with Mortis, and he knew that he had to hurry up.

There was no time left!

Gravis’ mind completely concentrated on the Law of Control.

This was his only chance at getting Mortis back!

Going through his entire life again with Samsara wouldn’t have nearly as great of an impact, and if too much time passed, Mortis and Gravis would be too far apart.

It had to be now!

Gravis fully focused as time ceaselessly passed.


Mortis exploded as his personality orbited around Gravis’ Avatar.

‘I can’t comprehend it,’ Gravis thought with frustration.

‘Then, I simply have to do it without the Law of Control!’

‘If Control won’t come to me, I will force Control to come to me!’

Gravis had relearned nearly all of the concepts of the level seven Law of Perceived Reality, and he knew enough about perceived reality to know that not everything followed the concepts of objective reality.

In perceived reality, willpower could overcome physical restraints.

Gravis looked at the fragments of Mortis and stretched his hand towards them.

‘I WILL be in control!’


Just when Gravis forced control to come to him, he comprehended the level six Law of Control.

His last-ditch effort had been exactly the key he needed to comprehend that Law.

In an instant, Gravis managed to relearn the level seven Law of Perceived Reality.

Then, Gravis concentrated on Mortis’ Law fragments.

He had to tear them out of Perceived Reality and substitute physical reality!

The Law of Perceived Reality activated in Gravis’ mind, and Gravis felt his being connect with everything before him.

Gravis could feel all the perceived realities, and Gravis grabbed the one in front of him.


Gravis pulled, and everything in front of him was torn off.

It was like Gravis had torn off part of the wallpaper of reality.


Everything around Gravis started to warp as his own perceived reality seemingly started to break under the strain.

Without taking note of it, Gravis had already regained control over his own body in his own perceived reality.

Gravis had broken free from the effects of Samsara and was walking around in his own reality.

In Gravis’ hand was a small sphere.

The sphere had an Avatar of the level five Law of Perceived Reality and Mortis’ Law fragments inside it.

However, time still progressed in that fragment.

In just a couple seconds, these Law fragments would vanish.

Gravis had to put this piece of perceived reality into physical reality so that the piece of perceived reality got influenced by physical reality.

In that case, nothing would take away the Law fragments anymore.

Gravis felt himself shift as he arrived at the same location.

However, he had arrived before physical reality.

Yet, Gravis didn’t actually exist.

The real Gravis was still inside the cave near the Gate of Death.

This Gravis was only an observer to physical reality.

He wasn’t real.

Gravis looked at physical reality and tore at it.


Gravis gritted his teeth as he realized that he couldn’t get a grip of physical reality.

It wasn’t that Gravis couldn’t interact with physical reality.

He could interact with it.

The problem was that physical reality was far too stable.

It was so incomprehensibly stable.

Gravis felt his Law of Perceived Reality hit physical reality, but it didn’t even react to it.

It was like a fly had hit the city walls.

Gravis’ level seven Law of Perceived Reality was as strong as a fly while physical reality was as strong as mighty city walls.

Even if Gravis condensed his Avatar right now and upgraded the power of his level seven Law of Perceived Reality to the power of a level eight Law, his Law of Perceived Reality would only count as a bird instead of as a fly.

For a city wall, a bird and a fly might as well not be any different.

As soon as Gravis realized this, frustration rose inside him.

‘Physical reality is not built with the level eight Law of the True World. No, it’s far too stable for that.’

Gravis clenched his fists.

‘Reality is not subject to the Law of the True World, but to the Law of the Cosmos.’

‘It’s not Arc controlling physical reality, but the highest Heaven!’

There had still been hope when physical reality was created with the level eight Law of the True World.

Sadly, it wasn’t.

It was created with the most powerful Law in existence.

Gravis was helpless in front of it.

His Law of Perceived Reality couldn’t do anything.

Gravis looked at the sphere in his hand and gritted his teeth.

Then, he looked at the physical reality in front of him with fiery eyes.

‘I have no idea what will happen.’

‘I can destroy it, but I can’t fix it.’

‘I don’t know if something will happen to me.’

‘I don’t know if something will happen to this world.’

‘I’m not powerful enough on my own.’

‘However, I still want Mortis back.’

‘So, this time, I will bet on you, highest Heaven!’

‘I sure hope you won’t kill me.’

Gravis took out his saber.


Suddenly, black lightning of nothingness came out of Gravis’ saber.

Everything that the lightning touched vanished, and even Gravis’ saber itself was quickly disintegrating into nothingness.

The Major Law of Death!

Gravis knew the Major Law of Death, and he also understood it now.

What was the opposite of Death?

Was it life?

Surprisingly, no.

Life wasn’t the opposite of Death.

If Life were the opposite of Death, Death would still be subject to the rules of Energy. After all, Life was made of Energy. Therefore, Death also had to be made of Energy.

Yet, it wasn’t.

Death had nothing to do with Energy.

So, what was the opposite of Death?

It was Energy!

Energy was something.

Death was nothing.

Death was the pure antithesis of Energy, and the two of them couldn’t exist together.

As soon as they touched each other, both of them would disintegrate the other until either one of them or none of them were left.

All the Laws in the world could transform the state of Energy.

If a Cultivator was burned to a crisp, their Energy wouldn’t vanish. It would simply be transformed into smoke, ash, heat, and pure Energy entering the atmosphere.

The amount of Energy in the world would not change.

However, Death was different.

Death destroyed Energy itself.

When Gravis had comprehended the Major Law of Death, he knew that this Law was the reason why his father could even attempt to fight the highest Heaven.

Without this Law, Gravis’ father would be helpless.

The Opposer was in the highest Heaven’s Cosmos, which meant that as soon as they clashed, the released Energy of both of them would be distributed across the highest Heaven’s Cosmos. When that happened, the Opposer would lose Energy while the highest Heaven would actually gain more Energy.

After all, it could make use of all the Energy inside its Cosmos.

Yet, if the Opposer used the Major Law of Death, he could destroy the very Energy itself. Like this, the highest Heaven would lose just as much Energy as the Opposer when they clashed.

This mere level seven Law had such an insane power that a huge part of the Opposer’s survival depended on it.

It was insanely powerful!

Yet, what did all of this have to do with the current situation?

Well, if there was something, it had to be made of Energy.

Physical reality was something.

Therefore, physical reality had to be made with Energy.

And since Death could destroy Energy.

Death could also destroy physical reality.

Gravis lifted his saber and struck down.

A Lightning Crescent of Death hit the physical reality in front of Gravis.

In the grand scheme of things, Gravis’ amount of Energy was not much.

However, it was enough for a couple kilometers in a higher world!

In front of Gravis, a part of physical reality turned into nothingness.

Reality had been broken apart.

Gravis had no idea what would happen next.


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