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Leveling through Lust – Chapter 25: A Fun Wrestling Bahasa Indonesia

Caught in the excitement of testing my enhanced abilities, I failed to properly manage my time, so I failed to find time to change my clothes before meeting Aviada. I wasn’t too worried though, as Aviada wasn’t the kind of girl that would be turned off by a bit of monster blood, or care about the cuts from an extended battle.

Sneaking through the guards of the second forest hadn’t posed any challenge since, as usual, they were much more interested in movements in the forest rather than students that were trying to sneak in; since it was a pointless activity for the most. A minute later, I arrived at the promised location of the meeting, a small, obscure waterfall that most people avoided, because a lot of monsters tended to visit for a drink of water, meaning, there was no guarantee about the number of creatures that would be present. But I wasn’t afraid of even the most dangerous creature in the second forest. Also, I had confidence in Aviada’s skills to at least retreat without significant loss if she faced truly overwhelming odds, especially with the help of her impressive magical sword.

“You’re late,” said a familiar voice even as I saw a familiar figure charging forward, her sword ready to deliver a deadly blow, but the wide smile on her face was enough to tell me that it was just a friendly greeting. I turned and swung my arm, my sword already in hand, just in time to intercept Aviada’s impressive swing, magic crackling around my weapon to prevent damage from her formidable sword. Her eyes widened in shock as rather than pushing me back, her sword bounced.

“Hello, beautiful,” I said as I counter-attacked with an obvious blow just to create some distance.

“How,” she murmured in shock even as she pulled back, which was understandable, because the only thing that allowed me to resist her during our last encounter was my superior mobility, deflecting and dodging. Now, I was able to push her back through sheer power.

“Let’s just say I had a very fortunate encounter, with a nifty achievement as a result,” I said, basically blaming the sudden boost to a single extraordinary achievement, which was much more believable than getting a few levels and several achievements since our last encounter. “So, do you dare to help me test my new strength, or would you like to do something easier,” I smirked, happy to see challenge creating a flame in her eyes, her raven hair circling her face beautifully.

“Oh, I can handle whatever you can dish,” she answered before swinging her sword once more, and then things devolved into a delicious duel, where she tried trick after trick, only to fail repeatedly. After all, it wasn’t just my stats that had increased significantly since our last encounter. My melee capabilities had also gone through a significant transformation, so, in the end, I was able to handle her attacks through skill rather than brawn.

Defending myself was a monotonous task, allowing me to turn my attention to her spectacular body. She was starting to show the first signs of exhaustion, sweaty, out of breath, with a couple of shallow cuts I delivered as a warning when she tried particularly dangerous maneuvers. But her condition wasn’t the thing I focused on. No, that distinction belonged to the way she dressed. She wore a cotton tunic that didn’t bare even a hint of cleavage, but that wasn’t important, not when it was a size too small, its elasticity allowing her to display her voluptuous contours, her spectacular body getting more and more visible through her sweat. Unfortunately, her pants weren’t as fun, making me rather enthusiastic about peeling them off.

But soon, my attention was pulled to her face once more. The expression of concentration on her face was understandable because she was trying to get the best of the learning opportunity, but admirable at the same time because a lot of people wallow in jealousy against such a rapid development rather than taking advantage of the situation. I approved, though not as much as the other emotion I managed to catch on her face.

A thick layer of arousal.

Her getting excited while fighting was not a surprise, after all, our last playful spar where she was more than happy about me using a blade to peel of her clothes was evidence enough. But even when she was almost naked, she didn’t have such a thick layer of arousal on her face. A sudden suspicion appeared in my mind, and I increased the intensity of my assault, taking the initiative rather than allowing her to attack at her own pace, killing her assaults the moment of inception.

And her arousal increased with my dominance. Apparently, the respect she had toward martial strength was more primal than I expected.

I smirked with desire, as that particular detail quickened my plans significantly. “I think that’s enough for the warm-up,” I said lazily even as I swung the sword with my full power, opening her guard completely, the perfect opportunity to deliver a killing blow, but chose to take a step back.

“Warm-up…” she echoed in shock, a part of her outrageous because she was obviously doing her best, but her arousal increased even further just by the suggestion that I wasn’t using my full power.

“You know what,” I said as I suddenly pushed my sword into the ground, and picked up a piece of wood instead. “Maybe this will be fairer.”

“You’re playing with fire,” she growled in a way one might mistake for outrage. It wouldn’t be completely inaccurate, as she was actually insulted at the suggestion that I could handle her without a proper weapon, but the desire was hidden underneath, promising me everything if I could actually back my bragging.

“Then let’s see if I’m good enough to extinguish that fire,” I said with a smirk, before continuing with a more serious expression. “You just need to say I surrender, and I’ll stop. Clear?” I added, giving her an intentional out, with the full awareness that her pride wouldn’t allow her to utter those words for anything that I had in mind.

“Come at-” she started, but I didn’t give her an opportunity to finish her words, charging forward. Even when caught by surprise, she managed to raise her sword to parry. Just like that, I lost a part of my weapon, but a blow wasn’t my intention in any case. I grabbed her shirt instead, trying to turn the battle into a close-range struggle that she wouldn’t be able to leverage her sword efficiently. She swung her sword, forcing me to pull back. I did so, but I wasn’t dismayed, because a large patch of her shirt stayed in my hand, leaving her arm and shoulder bare, with the slightest hint of cleavage.

[+100 Experience] 50% Penalty!

[+1 Melee]

The proof of her low level was not the most welcome detail, but not a surprise either, not when I was able to dominate her with such apparent ease. When she decided to attack, I abandoned the implications of her low level, and focused my aggressive defense instead. I ducked under her sword before dashing forward, close enough that I was able to slap her bottom explosively, enough to make her gasp. “You’re dead!” she exclaimed, but paradoxically, respect and arousal colored her tone rather than anger.

“If you think so, apprentice,” I countered before dodging another assault, and taking tearing another piece of fabric in the process, this time rewarded by an unobstructed view of her flat bell. Then, we fell into a routine, she attacked, I deflected or dodged -occasionally acquiring a new stick when the previous one had fallen into pieces. It was hard to maintain its durability even with the liberal magic usage. A random piece of wood wasn’t the best magical conduit.

Still, even with the substandard equipment, I was still smiling brightly ten minutes into the spar while my opponent’s attacks were getting more and more furious, a demeanor contrasted greatly by the way excitement filled her face, ignoring her nakedness. And what nakedness it was! Her top was gone for all effective purposes, the few remaining scraps failing to cover her spectacular breasts as they tumbled with her every assault. Her pants were in a better condition, but only relatively. They were still ripped enough to give a full view of her underwear, a little black sexy piece that contrasted greatly with the rest of her practical outfit. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one with expectations about the later part of the night.

[+600 Experience] 50% Penalty!

[-45 Mana]

But it was enough for a game, I decided, and when I dodged her assault the next time, I grabbed her wrist instead of trying to rip her clothes, twisting her wrist to force her to drop her sword. She tried to resist despite her pained cry, looking at me balefully, but the important thing was her arousal hadn’t dimmed, even by a sliver. I squeezed harder, enough to threaten a break, and finally she dropped her sword, but instantly followed up with a punch, trying to turn it into an unarmed brawl.

I let her wrist go, because just with a punch, I could see that her skills didn’t include unarmed abilities unlike my generic melee skill. I didn’t even bother to throw a punch, just landed a playful squeeze on her breast before slapping her attack away. Her kick resulted in further loss of fabric from her pants, and then she followed up with a body-slam in an attempt to turn our brawl into a grappling match, where she could use her strength as an equalizer.

I let her succeed. Her eyes widened in shock as our bodies collided, but not as much as when she found herself on the ground, with her arms locked behind her back, her legs immobilized by the strategic placement of my leg. I slowly leaned forward, pressing my shaft against her ass, which lacked protection other than the scraps of her pants, and the deficient cover of her panties. “Are you going to surrender?” I whispered into her ear throatily.

[+2 Melee]

“Never,” she bellowed as she struggled, but it wasn’t a desperate struggle to get free, but an attempt to rub herself against the presence of my shaft pressing against her bottom. She was truly aroused.

“Really,” I whispered even as I used a spell to remove my clothes without letting her go. When I leaned on her once more, it was my naked shaft that pressed against her ass, her panties a poor tool to insulate against it. “How about now!”

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 1%]

While the presence of the notification had surprised me, making me even more curious about its reason and possible implications, it was hard to focus on that particular detail while Aviada was loudly declaring her intention to fight until the delicious end. “I can handle everything you can dish out,” she exclaimed.

“Everything?” I countered, using a throaty whisper, enough to make her shiver. I started removing the remaining pieces of her pants, ripping them off with an agonizing calmness. Whenever the sound of the tearing fabric reached her ear, she shivered, lasting until only her panties remained on her body. Her little lacy panties, too thin to hide her juicy arousal. I grabbed the edge of it, and her back arched in preparation, her bottom rising to give me even better access. But I just chuckled, and let my fingers move up instead, tracing alongside her spine leisurely. “Still not surrendering?” I asked.

“Never,” she said, trying to replicate her earlier determination, but it was an imperfect copy with desire filling her tone.

“I wonder how long you will be able to last,” I repeated, one of my hands still firmly locking her hands, while the other slowly moved over her skin, leaving only shivers behind, while aiming for her spectacular breasts, busy dangling naked. She did nothing other than moaning obediently when my fingers sank into her breasts mercilessly with a sudden change of pace, pleasure her only response as I mauled her flesh aggressively. But when I pulled my hand away without a warning and returned to my gentle caresses, her gasp of outrage was a thing of legends.

“You’re playing with fire,” she warned even as she tried to push her hips back, trying to feel my shaft between her cheeks. I let her succeed for a moment, and her hips started to dance furiously, trying to push herself into an orgasm. I pulled back after a minute, just as she was starting to get closer to an orgasm.

“Such a naughty girl,” I said while pulling back, my free hand sliding through her raven hair with a surprisingly gentle caress, contrasting greatly with her increasing struggle. When I delivered another spank as a warning, she only moaned with a desire for more. “Any thoughts about surrendering yet?” I asked again, reminding her that she had only one option to receive what she desired.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 3%]

[+700 Experience] 50% Penalty!

“Not a chance in hell,” she exclaimed, but even if I lacked the ability to detect her wavering commitment, the system notifications would be enough to save me from that particular mistake. She was on the edge of surrender, her pride rapidly losing importance. The reason for it was clear. Not only I had saved her life three times, but also I had also proved to her that even in her selected field of expertise, I was far superior. And to top it all off, I showed that I was more than willing to help her get stronger as well, another attractive offer as she clearly lacked a support structure of her own.

I could just rip her panties and have her, and the only thing I would receive would have been a moan of pleasure, but I wanted more. I want her to surrender herself to me, so I extended the unique torture she was suffering under, her unmet orgasm taking an increasingly bigger toll as the time passed. I caressed, licked, and occasionally bit her sensitive spots, until she started to rely on words less and less, showing her intentions through gasps, moans, and desperate attempts of rubbing our bodies together.

“Come on, sweetie, is it really that difficult to surrender,” I murmured gently even as I finally grabbed the edge of her panties, and peeled them off with torturous slowness, finally leaving her folds naked. I brought my fingers to her wetness, finally touching her most sensitive spot, but her moans came unbidden, her heart filled with the remainders of desire and arousal. Her voice was deliciously tempting as she yearned for an explosion, but I just continued gently caressing while she tried to push back, doing her best to take in my erect shaft, which I occasionally dragged over her naked ass just to tease her.

Her enjoyment was evident in her delicious moan under my touch. She clearly wanted my presence as much as I wanted to hide my shaft in her body. And after the small game I had set up, I needed her surrender before moving forward. That was why I dragged my shaft against her entrance, just enough to wet the crown between her lips, but not pushing forward. She suddenly threw herself back, trying to skewer herself, but I was much more agile than her, and pulled back just in time.

“You lack the strength to push through my grip, you need to get stronger,” I said even as I spanked her bottom, watching the ripples with great interest, curious how she would react when her biggest advantage was assessed and found wanting. “Let’s see if we can train it.” And just like that, a new game started where I still kept her pinned while teasing her entrance, challenging her to push back. Ultimately, it was a delicious play I managed to enjoy only because I had an earlier encounter with Helga, taking the edge off the extended play. Aviada struggled, trying to achieve victory, but her attempts fell short, and I watched the counter for [Companion Acquisition] climbing up point by point.

[+1000 Experience] 50% Penalty!

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 25% – First Stage Completed +5000 Exp]

[+2 Melee]

“Excellent, a new achievement!” she moaned with pure joy, her frustration replaced with pride immediately as she renewed her struggle with a refreshed attitude. The reason for her mood increase was clear, because I could feel she had just received an impressive boost.

It didn’t take a genius to realize she had a strength-based achievement, one that put her strength quite a bit over mine. At least three points, maybe even four, I reasoned, because even from her disadvantageous position, she was on the verge of getting free, forcing me to apply an impressive range of tricks to keep her pinned. She thrashed, cursed, and moaned, but in the end, she ended up pinned on the ground, spread-eagle, with me directly on top of her, a very volatile position that made me doubt my ability to keep her pinned.

Then the system came to my rescue.

[Achievement: Struggling Strength. Win a sexy grapple match despite lacking pure power. +500 Experience, +2 Strength]

[+500 Experience] 50% Penalty!

Once again, she struggled, but her joy was soon replaced by resignation when her attempts were foiled again and again. But even as the joy of victory disappeared, arousal and desire remained. “I surrender,” she whispered in sweet defeat. She wasn’t able to say anything else, because my lips were over hers.

I was victorious. Now, all I needed was to enjoy the spoils of war…

[Level: 12 Experience: 74400 / 78000

Strength: 17 Charisma: 19

Precision: 12 Perception: 11

Agility: 12 Manipulation: 17

Speed: 12 Intelligence: 16

Endurance: 10 Wisdom: 18

HP: 756 / 756 Mana: 173 / 972 ]


[Expert Arcana [72/75]

Expert Melee [68/75]

Advanced Subterfuge [50/50]

Advanced Biomancy [50/50]

Basic Speech [25/25] ]


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