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Leveling through Lust – Chapter 24: Seduction of a Nerd Bahasa Indonesia

When Helga slid closer to me, I decided to reward her courage by meeting halfway. The discussion on the complicated nature of the magic continued, but I lowered my voice a bit, and using a huskier tone, one that worked just as intended if her nipples trying to poke through her shirt was any indicator.

I refilled her glass, then picked a piece of cheese, and gently placed between her lips, and she bit sensuously, followed by a soft moan. “Are you tired?” I asked, and for a moment, she looked afraid that her hints were misunderstood, but it lasted only until I slid even closer to her, and placed my hands on her shoulders, rubbing gently.

“A – a bit,” she stammered after realizing what I was cluing towards, and leaned to my chest with a sigh while I started to rub her shoulders. The next moan that she let out was in no way exaggerated. It was not much of a surprise. After all, I managed to completely break Marianne through my skilled fingers, and Helga was already prepared to jump my bones.

A couple of minutes later, I removed her robe, which she let without the slightest hint of resistance. I noticed her hands landing on her own thighs, which, incidentally, caused her already short skirt to ride upward further, the sight of her toned thighs enough to make my mouth water. I let my hands drift down through her sides until they landed on her delicious thighs. “You seem restless, do your legs hurt,” I asked, and she nodded enthusiastically, not trusting herself to talk.

I just chuckled as my fingers danced on her thighs, slowly moving towards the inner area while climbing upwards bit by bit, tortuously slow. Her excitement, once clear as a day, started to darken with frustration. She sent a glance upward, only to meet with my smug smirk, telling her that I was very much aware of what I had been doing. I was curious just how long she would be able to resist the temptation…

The answer turned out to be not too long. When my fingers reached the edge of her panties, each caress driving it further but still studiously avoiding her core, Helga let out a guttural moan, and I found myself being pushed on the floor, Helga firmly sitting on my shaft. “That’s enough playing, you bastard,” she exclaimed even as she moved back and forth, enjoying a dry ride.

I had been planning to play with her a bit more, but then I was distracted by an announcement.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 1%]

[+200 Experience] 50% Penalty

The announcement managed to blindside me. Luckily, Helga was busy rowing back and forth above my shaft, her eyes closed to maximize her sensations to actually pay any attention to me, giving me time to process what had happened.

There was no doubt that the announcement was about Helga, the timing ruled out any other possibility. But I was mystified by the reason. After all, it wasn’t the first time I was being with Helga, and I had gone much further with other girls as well, especially Marianne, who hadn’t shown such a sign. And while I helped Helga, I also helped Aviada, to the point of saving her life…

But I hadn’t done anything sexual in the aftermath.

Maybe that was it, that I needed to both help the girl in a profound way, and also take its rewards. It was a good guess, but in the end, it was still a guess. I needed more experimentation to test its accuracy. Luckily, Aviada was a perfect candidate for that particular experimentation.

Then, a particularly tickling moan reached to my ears, and I decided that theorizing about the new feature wasn’t as important as tending the sexy blonde that was doing her best to grind my pants into nothingness. I placed my hands on her stomach, easily sliding under her blouse before starting to climb forward, revealing the beautiful smoothness of her stomach in the process.

Helga opened her eyes when my fingers started to caress the underside of her spectacular breasts, but they were filled with a deep need, a burning passion. Initially, I was planning to take it slow, but such a naked display of desire deserved a reward. Since my hands were already positioned appropriately, all I needed was to pull gently, and my enhanced strength worked wonders in completely ruining her blouse, leaving her half-naked.

A shocked yelp escaped her mouth, which I deliciously punished by a gentle slap to her breast, their impressive size dancing deliciously. She moaned in appreciation after the shock, not showing the slightest concern for her state of nakedness. Then, a mischievous expression popped on her face as she pressed her hands to my chest, her grinding picking up speed further.

And it worked wonderfully. My pants turned into a tight prison, begging to be released. An expression of joy was on her face, though it was equally strained by pleasure. I wasn’t the only one that was starting to feel the brunt of the extended session of foreplay, and it would hurt my pride if I surrender before her.

With that in mind, I slid my hands a bit further, my fingers already laced with an innovative mixture of transformed Biomancy and Arcana mana, a tricky construct that I created based on Helga’s ideas, and pressed them against Helga’s nipples.

[+2 Biomancy]

[+3 Arcana]

[-30 Mana]

[+300 Experience] 50% Penalty

[Achievement: Innovative Involvement. Leverage a brand-new technique to the noblest purpose of providing pleasure. +1000 Experience, +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma]

Thanks to the system, I knew that the technique was exceedingly effective, resulting in two separate skill increases and a very profitable achievement in addition to its usual experience reward. But nevertheless, Helga’s pleasure-filled face was a nice addition as well, confirming my success.

“That’s amazing,” she moaned helplessly as her grinding turned out to be even more heated, searching for a release that wouldn’t come; because that was another function of the small trick I had developed. She would not climax unless I broke the magical barrier I had constructed, or the pleasure reached a mind-breaking degree. And she realized that detail a moment later when her unbounded grinding failed to achieve the desired result, and she checked my face to confirm the results. “Okay, you magnificent bastard, you win!” she said, declaring surrender, though any sign of defeat was soon erased by hunger as she reached for my zipper.

A brief struggle later, my shaft was standing proudly, ready for any challenge. “Make sure to prepare it thoroughly before using,” I mockingly reminded her.

I had been expecting a counter-statement from her, but my shaft proved to be too fascinating for her to pay attention to anything else. Apparently, my recent boost in charisma worked even better than I had expected, and she was stuck watching my shaft in fascination. That hypnotizing effect only lasted for a moment, but even then, her eyes were rather glazed as she leaned forward to capture my girth between her lips.

And the moment her lips touched my shaft, her lips started dancing up and down, treating it like ice cream in the middle of the desert, hurrying to finish before it melted under the sun. She moved up and down, doing her best to swallow my length — though she only managed to take a portion despite her best efforts.

[+500 Experience] 50% Penalty

Watching her pouty lips dancing over my shaft was good entertainment, especially when the free dance of her dangling breasts were added to the equation, so I continued to lay without a movement, letting her do all the work. It was a nice change of pace, as other times I was doing my best to maintain whatever scheme I had been trying to achieve while also trying to ensure the target was adequately aroused to miss the details. After everything, laying on my back to enjoy the treatment had been a nice change of pace.

And Helga proved that she had no issues in doing all the work when she stopped the delicious treatment of her lips and sat on my midsection once more, stopping only to get rid of her panties. Her skirt was still on, but after she folded the hem a couple of times, it resembled a belt more than a skirt, showing the amazing sight of her slit devouring my shaft bit by bit. It wasn’t entirely trivial for her to swallow the whole length even if she was incredibly slippery, my girth challenging her elasticity to the maximum. She bit her lips, the pleasure and pain fighting against each other as she lowered her hips, but in the end, she was triumphant.

Only then she sent me a victorious smile as she placed her hands on my chest, her hips grinding me even more furiously than her earlier dry-humping, the gyration of her hips nothing less than poetry. “Faster,” I ordered, and she followed my direction without even blinking, her movements blurring with pleasure.

Since she was doing such a good job, I decided to reward her. With a flick to her nipple, I had dispelled part of the spell that was keeping her from climaxing, immediately followed by a silencing ward, not trusting the ancient walls to handle the explosion of sound.

And it turned out to be the correct choice, because when Helga opened her mouth, the resulting sound made me doubt that whether it was just a cry, or it was actually a sound-based attack spell. It left my ears ringing, while Helga collapsed to my chest after she spent the last of the energy she could spare to cry, the rest of her attention firmly on containing the aftermath of her explosive orgasm.

[+ 925 Experience] 50% Penalty

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 5%]

Level UP!

[Select one of the following skills: Expert Melee, Expert Biomancy, Basic Ranged]

Seeing another level was always a delight. And after a brief consideration, I picked to increase my close combat skills. Both Biomancy and Ranged was tempting, but I was supposed to meet with Aviada tonight at midnight, and I needed skills to suitably impress her. While my strength and other physical stats had suitably improved since our last meeting, an extra edge wouldn’t be amiss.

“That … was … everything … I imagined … to … be,” Helga managed to whisper after lost her fight to be able to stand upright, and collapsed against my chest. I chuckled before leaning forward and capturing her lips, my shaft still inside her, ready for the second round.

[Level Difference of at least 50%! No Experience]

Unlike the previous notification, this one wasn’t particularly welcome. I had been expecting something in those lines, but I was hoping for another reduction rather than a total denial.

Technically, due to lack of any additional experience, the smart thing would be to stop there, and continue only after I ensured Helga leveled up once more, but that decision was markedly hard to take when the aforementioned body lay above me, her lower lips still tightly grasping my shaft with the full intention to milk me until I was completely dry.

The decision made, I wrapped my arms around her waist before rolling, and she ended up underneath me, earning an enthusiastic giggle. Continuing to slide inside her until she passed from excess pleasure was the simplest thing to do, but I wanted to do something more entertaining. I grabbed the wine bottle, and slowly drizzled it over her amazing breasts, before leaning forward and slowly licking, sucking, and otherwise enjoying the vast expanse of her flavored breasts. Others might claim it to be a waste of good wine, but for me, that was the best way to empty a bottle.

When I repeated the trick for the second time, my hips started to move as well, slowly and sensuously, contrasting her earlier frantic crawling, but despite its slow pace, turning out to be more pleasurable for both of us. Her hands reached my back, her fingers digging deep into my shoulders, but with her limited strength, barely causing any pain against my boundless vitality. Still, the sensation was clear enough, which I enjoyed.

“Cum inside me, Caesar,” Helga moaned and since I wasn’t a rude bastard -or more accurately, wasn’t a rude bastard under these exact circumstances- I sped up, and her moans sped up along with it. I pushed, I licked, and I bit, and moments later, I started spraying inside her, accompanied by another string of cries that made my silencing wards work overtime.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 15%]

Still, when I collapsed next to her, our tongues gently dancing around each other, I was satisfied. With our enjoyment peaking, neither of us wanted to talk, so we let our bodies to talk in an extended post-coital session. But soon, the time of separation was there. She was too exhausted to continue -a drawback of her magic focused build- while I had other things to do, so after a brief discussion, we decided to separate for the night, agreeing to meet tomorrow morning for another leveling session.

But for me, the night was just starting. After a brief shower, I was dressed in my combat outfit once more, with the sword in hand. I wanted to increase by close combat abilities, and I wanted to increase them significantly before the meeting with Aviada. With that in mind, once again I went to the most dangerous training forest -though I was tempted to just walk outside to test my limits. It was unlikely that I would meet anything more dangerous than the Shadow Wolf around the school, and I was much stronger than the last encounter, strong enough that I could take a couple of them without taking a wound.

But in the end, I decided to leave that particular challenge until I gained a couple more levels. Instead, I cast my protection spells and slipped into the Third Forest, the most dangerous training ground in the school. Without a companion to protect, I was free to turn into a shadow, stalking even the most dangerous predators the forest contained. Dire wolves, elemental hawks, demonic foxes, even occasional dragon spawn younglings… All fell underneath my blade, helpless to do anything more than flail in panic.

When I walked out of the forest three hours later, I was exhausted and drained, but victorious.

[-438 Mana]

[+8 Arcana]

[+4 Biomancy]

[+26 Melee]

I couldn’t help but smile at my gains. After three hours, my magical aptitude had increased, but it was nothing compared to just how much my physical abilities improved. The blade in hand felt like it was a part of my limbs, every swing optimized to create the maximum effect, their casual look hiding their deadly nature.

I was ready to meet with Aviada…


[Level: 12 Experience: 66000 / 78000

Strength: 15 Charisma: 19

Precision: 12 Perception: 11

Agility: 12 Manipulation: 17

Speed: 12 Intelligence: 16

Endurance: 10 Wisdom: 18

HP: 732 / 732 Mana: 234 / 972 ]


[Expert Arcana [72/75]

Expert Melee [63/75]

Advanced Subterfuge [50/50]

Advanced Biomancy [50/50]

Basic Speech [25/25] ]


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