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My shaft was doing its best to rival enchanted steel in its hardness while I examined the frustrated beauty trapped underneath. I wished that I had the ability to paint, because the mixture of emotions on her face was a sight to behold. There was resignation, anger, frustration, acceptance, and joy. Most importantly, above all, there was a burning need that left her nothing more than a toy to desire. “Tell me what you want,” I whispered throatily, still enjoying her surrender.

Her anger was a sight to behold. “I want you inside me, you bastard. And if you delay it any further, I promise that-” she said until her voice was suddenly cut off. The reason, the sudden presence of my shaft inside her, breaking through her barrier with one stiff move. My eyes widened in shock a bit, as I hadn’t been expecting her to be a virgin, not with her enthusiastic begging, but smiled with satisfaction, an expression she missed while her eyes stayed shut, trying to process the experience.

[+1000 Experience] 50% Penalty!

The grip of her walls was as tight as my hands around her wrists that pinned her on the ground. For another girl, I might have delayed the proceedings a bit, but her glare told me that any attempt to coddle her would have been met with a painful retaliation. So, I pushed forward sharply, earning a moan in response. It was a sharp moan, one that echoed in the forest, but both of us were too far gone to care about the consequences.

“Fuck me harder, you bastard,” she exclaimed, and like any gentleman, I picked up speed, invading her insides.

“Do you like it, you slut,” I said even as I let one of her hands go in favor of landing a slap on her dangling tits, one that earned a clear moan from her. However, despite her clear enjoyment, it almost turned into a big mistake, because her arm came swinging, and only my reflexes saved me from a punch that promised to be exceedingly powerful. “What the hell, you crazy bitch?” I said, but even as I said so, I was aware that I didn’t have any right to complain, as rather than pulling back, I started to impale her even deeper.

“You didn’t think I would just obediently allow you to have your way with me, right?” she said with a joyful smirk, her sentence interrupted twice by her moans. Despite the pain my intensified invasion clearly caused in her recently-virgin entrance, a fierce joy was the only thing I could see in her eyes.

“You are crazy,” I said, but even as I said that, I could feel my heartbeat picking up speed. It was impossible to deny the joy of pushing down such an amazing display of sexiness, each push creating another delicious contortion of pleasure even as she struggled. And the fact that even the smallest slip would result in a painful retaliation made the situation even more difficult, like I was riding an angry dragon, risking destruction with the smallest misstep.

And I liked it… It was an excellent change of pace from all the times I had shared with Helga and Marianne. Both were enjoyable, no doubt, but their obedience was starting to get monotonous. After experiencing Aviada’s rough ride, I was sure that I would appreciate Helga’s sincere lovemaking or Marianne’s obedient enjoyment a lot more.

But that momentary distraction proved to be a mistake, as I failed to react in a timely manner, when Aviada raised her head enough to reach my shoulder.

[-5 HP]

“You bit me!” I shouted, my loudness more about my shock than pain. Her biting was not a surprise, but I wasn’t expecting it to be hard enough to actually draw blood. Talk about violent sex.

“That should teach you not to get distracted,” she said, her expression the closest I had seen to pouting, though her bloodied lips added a violent edge to it.

“If that’s how you want to play,” I said as I leaned forward, my teeth clamping around her breast hard enough to leave a mark, earning a corresponding moan in response. And since she was clearly enjoying that part of the treatment, I started a barely-restrained assault on her body, biting and spanking even as I had done my best to ruin her entrance under my boundless pounding. Such a strategy wasn’t without a cost, of course, as whenever I let her hands go, she managed to extract a price, be it a painful scratch or even the occasional punch. But under my uninterrupted assault, her pleasure steadily built up, until the dam broke without a warning, and she turned into a shivering, moaning mess.

[+750 Experience] 50% Penalty!

Any other girl, I would have let her enjoy her first orgasm for a bit before starting the next round, but with Aviada’s usual attitude, pushing into the next stage was both safer and more fun. Pulling out for a moment, I grabbed her shoulder before flipping her into a position that had her chest was pressing against the ground. She gasped in shock when she realized what I was trying to do and tried to twist out, but her momentary delay gave me time to pull her arms to her back painfully, and grab them together, allowing me to keep her under control by just using one hand. I could have used my belt or a conjured rope to keep her occupied, but using my power and nothing else gave a clearer message.

“I’ll kill you,” she moaned when I started moving once more, my merciless pounding triggering her exhausted nerves once more. But despite her complaints, her enjoyment was clear, a chain of moans leaving her lips while I used my free hand to rain a formidable downpour of spanks, each harder than the last, coloring her bottom crimson, occasionally moving to her breasts for a painful squeeze. But the real joy started when I grabbed her hair, forcing her head back, giving me the perfect angle to invade her insides.

The sight of her sweaty body, glowing under the moonlight, her magnificent tits dangling freely, her tight ass turned crimson under my rough treatment… She was a luscious vision, and when she tightened around me a few minutes later in another orgasm, it managed to push me close to an explosion as well. “Damn, I’m cumming,” I moaned.

“Not inside!” she exclaimed, her panic clear even as she started to tremble with her orgasm.

Unfortunately for her, she was the one that turned it into a struggle of dominance, and I had no intention of allowing her to pull back. “Honey, you were the one that turned this into a battle. So unless you beg me mercy and admit to your weakness, the game goes on.” The mention of weakness was enough to stall her complaints for a moment, a stubborn expression appearing on her face. And a momentary stall was all I needed, because the next second, I exploded, filling her insides with my seed, intensifying her moan even further.

[+1000 Experience] 50% Penalty!

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 35%]

This time, I had no problems with letting her go, and she collapsed, barely able to turn enough that she was laying on her back, her chest rising repeatedly with her frantic breathing, adding another level of poetry to her vision. She looked enchanting with my marks all over her body, trying to process the rush of pleasure I just gave her to. Tempted, I leaned forward to capture her lips in a soft, lingering kiss.

Her expression of shock was simply too cute. She stayed passive under the soft caresses of my lips, the sudden intimacy catching her flat-footed more than my other actions. A fleeting, vulnerable expression appeared on her face, a cute one even though I would never dare to say that out loud. I had a feeling that she would react violently to such a claim. I let my hands drift over her body, this time, my touch fleeting and gentle as my fingers danced along her curves. Her lips started to respond, slowly and hesitantly at first, but soon, her enthusiasm passed even mine, our tongues in an enthusiastic battle.

Then, her movements slowly changed, obviously planning for something. I was curious enough to act oblivious, and kind enough to act shocked when she pinned my arms to the side while she climbed over me in a mirror of the first position. “It’s payback time, you bastard,” she threatened, but unfortunately for her, my sight was sharp enough to catch her intensifying blush. I made sure to put up a token struggle while she smirked, trying to seem threatening, but only coming across as excited and aroused. Then, before I could say anything, she lowered herself to my shaft, engulfing me with her presence once more, and started to ride me wildly.

I did nothing even when her grip around my wrists weakened under the rush of pleasure, giving me the opportunity to escape. Why should I, when the sensation of being ridden filled me with pleasure, while giving Aviada the win she desperately needed? It was clear that she wanted the struggle, and even though she knew I was stronger, she still wanted to be strong enough to get the occasional win.

Maybe I should bring her to my leveling trips. With her addition and my recent power-up -not to mention the level I was about to receive- we would be strong enough to form a hunting party, potentially with much stronger rewards. But that was a discussion point for another time, I decided, when I saw her face contorted with pleasure, indicating that she was already building up to another orgasm. And since my earlier surrender was sufficient for a freebie, I chose that moment to slip out of her grip. My legs wrapped around her while I hugged her. I rolled, and she was trapped between my body and the ground.

I didn’t bother to immobilize her arms, her fingers digging into my back to add a dash of pain to my pleasure. After all, not only did I have HP to spare, but I also had the healing spells to cure myself if she went too far. Indulging her was a small sacrifice while I pinned her on the ground under my weight, drilling her mercilessly… The position lasted for around twenty minutes, and ended predictably, with my seed filling her once more.

[+1000 Experience] 50% Penalty!

Level UP!

[Select one of the following skills: Master Melee, Basic Ranged, Basic Tactics]

I was tempted to get tactics with my upcoming expedition, but I was acutely aware that our team would be extremely small, and I would be the pillar. The individual capability would have been much more useful, so I chose to enhance my melee capabilities. And with that momentary distraction gone, I leaned forward once more.

“Again?” she murmured dazedly.

“Don’t you want to see who has the better stamina,” I said, and the mention of competition was enough to awaken her from her daze, our lips connecting with an unmatched passion. It was sunrise when we finally stumbled out of the forest, though the only reason Aviada was able to walk was my healing spells. I was the victor of our little endurance challenge, something she found hard to be dissatisfied with after an endless number of orgasms she had experienced on the way.

[+5000 Experience] 50% Penalty!

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 45%]

[Achievement: Endless Endurance. Prove the superiority of your endurance against a worthy rival, and through a worthwhile competition. +1000 Experience, +3 Endurance]

“So, that was something,” she murmured sleepily after we sneaked around the guards and closed into the building with Aviada’s room.

“It definitely was,” I approved enthusiastically even as I let my hand drift down to the small of her back, happy to see that touch was all I needed even after several rounds of rough, sweaty sex. The rewards I gained were impressive, but it was nothing compared to the pleasure I earned in the process.

“When are we going to meet again?” she asked even though she had a blush on her face.

“How about tomorrow evening,” I said, and she nodded enthusiastically. “Actually, I’m planning to make a small expedition to outside tomorrow morning, to see what I could hunt, would you be interested?” I added, acting like I just thought of that.

“Of course,” she answered, and after one last kiss, she walked away, the sway of her hips enough to tempt me for another round if I already hadn’t been exhausted to the limit.

I had thought that after spending the whole night with Aviada, leaving only an hour to nap before I had to dress in my robes and start working at the library would have left me exhausted, but on the contrary, I was bursting with energy. Maybe it was about my new level, or maybe I was underestimating the impact of a three-point increase in my endurance. Regardless of the reason, it didn’t change the fact that after a bit of drudgery work, I was feeling randy again. Not enough to make me drop everything and search for Helga or Aviada, but enough to create a low-key annoyance.

Which was why when I saw Marianne walking toward the obscure part of the library, the decision to follow her was easy to make. I made sure to stay hidden, and soon, we were in a relatively obscure part of the library that held some obscure texts on healing, peripheral stuff that was rarely used, but still useful to someone trying to push for the mastery in the area of healing. Since she was in front of the shelves rather than walking around to catch my attention, it was obvious she was in the library for research purposes rather than to fool around, but that didn’t stop me from closing in unnoticed, until I was close enough for my breath to caress her skin.

“Can I help you?” I whispered throatily, and she jerked in panic, turning her back, her lips ready for a shout she forced herself to swallow at the last moment when she noticed my identity.

“What the hell, Gaius,” she asked, her chest moving violently under her out of control breathing as she tried to keep her breathing controlled.

She was even worse at handling shock than I presumed, a poor ability in a Melius, even for a healer, as ambushes by creatures weren’t completely unheard of in the field, and such a delay might result in a total slaughter. I took a note to fix the issue later on, but for now I just needed to distract her a bit. “You’re spooked,” I said even as I pressed my hand to her chest, her heart thumping under my touch. And if that gave me an opportunity to cup her breast, it was completely incidental. “Take a deep breath,” I said even as I moved my hand a bit, enjoying the sensation of her rather spectacular breasts.

She looked like she was about to complain, but a glare from my end was enough to make her change her mind, proving that she was getting more obedient. She followed my directions for a minute before her breathing was back under control, and as panic slowly drained from her face, my hand started to wander around her chest, exploring her breasts over her robe. “Um, I’m better now,” she said hesitantly, pointing at my hand. Her meaning was clear.

Naturally, I ignored her wordless request, softly squeezing her breast instead, adding a small touch of magic to intensify her sensations. “So, what are you searching for?” I said, repeating my earlier question even as I explored her body, ignoring her rising panic.

[+50 Experience] 50% Penalty!

I was barely able to hold back a frown at the notification. I had been hoping her to be an even higher level, which, unfortunately wasn’t the case. I didn’t know whether Aviada or Marianne had a higher level, but even under the best of circumstances, it was clear that I wouldn’t be able to reach level twenty without leveling them further -or finding a new assistant. “Gaius, what if-” she tried to start, trying to warn me about the risks, but I interrupted that by squeezing her breast hard, and she had to stop to prevent a moan from escaping. My earlier discoveries about her sensitive spots were coming in handy.

“I asked you a question, sweetie,” I said even as I took a step forward. She tried to retreat, but pinned between my body and the shelf, my arms were enough to cut off her escape route. I was close enough for my breath to caress her lips. She licked her lips nervously, but it only made them more delicious. I leaned forward, and she tilted her head readily, but I waited without touching, and going as far as to pull back when she tried to close in, maintaining our sensual distance.

Soon, she realized that she had no option but to play along. “I was looking for alternative ways to establish healing fields,” she explained. “I feel like my current method is not working as well as I hoped.”

“Which method are you using?” I asked.

“I’m using a variant of the double-matrix reduction, but for some reason, my spells are destabilizing in a few minutes,” she explained, more to follow my order rather than believing I could help her. After all, what she mentioned was an advanced topic that belonged to the healing field. Of course, she didn’t know that I had a decent biomancy knowledge.

I just chuckled and waved my hand, and two books pulled themselves from the shelves and started floating in front of her. “I believe these two should help you abandon such inelegant methods,” I said with a wide smirk, enjoying the expression of shock on her face. “Now, about the reward…” I added, and before she could say anything, my lips closed over hers, enjoying the touch, my hands caressing her body adventurously.

Then, my sixth sense went haywire even worse than the time I had been attacked by the shadow wolf, but it wasn’t the sense of an impending assault. It felt more like the silence before the storm, a certain pressure that would doubtlessly ruin me in one wrong move. I pulled away from Marianne immediately. “Go to the corner and hide behind the shelves,” I whispered to her, my voice had never been more serious. She looked like she was about to argue, but another angry glare silenced her.

Marianne dashed away, and just in time, because not just a second later, the head librarian appeared around the corner in her usual calm demeanor on the surface, only my rather impressive wisdom allowing me to see that things weren’t as straightforward. Never in my life I was so glad to pick advanced subterfuge, because even under her casual gaze, I felt that my mask was being assaulted. Luckily, I had the necessary acting ability to cover it.

“Boy, follow me,” she said before continuing forward, not even bothering to check whether I was following. Why would she, when she ruled the library with an iron fist, so much that even rest of the faculty hadn’t dared to intrude her domain? It was unthinkable for a lowly assistant to actually dare to ignore her order.

I followed, doing my best to maintain my mule persona, curiosity rising in me despite fear. It was the first excuse I had to interact with her, and I was curious about what kind of secrets I would be able to unearth…

[Level: 13 Experience: 84200 / 91000

Strength: 17 Charisma: 19

Precision: 12 Perception: 11

Agility: 12 Manipulation: 17

Speed: 12 Intelligence: 16

Endurance: 13 Wisdom: 18

HP: 858 / 858 Mana: 658 / 1053 ]


[Master Melee [68/100]

Expert Arcana [72/75]

Advanced Subterfuge [50/50]

Advanced Biomancy [50/50]

Basic Speech [25/25]


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