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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 253.2: Sobbing Ghost Technique, Whoever Moves Dies Bahasa Indonesia

After a long time, Uchiha Tonan closed his mouth and opened his eyes. He reached out his hand to stroke his chin and frowned tightly. He was still unable to reduce the sound frequency to the point where it was completely inaudible.

Although other things could be used to replace the sound source, Tonan always believed that all great powers should be on his own body as much as possible. Only in this way, he would have a sense of security.

Seeing the frown on Tonan’s face, Sasori put down the puppet in his hand and walked over. He sat down beside Tonan. Then, with a look of concern, he said, “Tonan-kun, you don’t need to be sad just because you can’t sing well.”

Tonan raised his eyebrows a little and waved his hand. He said, “Never mind, I’ll practice again. I feel that I have found the key point.”

Sasori hesitated for a moment but still nodded his head. In his heart, he was thinking that Tonan knew that his singing was too unpleasant on the ear so he was practicing it because he felt that he would lose face if others heard it.

Soon after, he quietly walked to another space in the laboratory and began to study puppets.

Once the infrasonic wave was successfully researched, it would become a mass destructive weapon for massacring villages and exterminating nations. Due to this, Tonan was unwilling to tell Sasori the truth about what he was doing.

After all, in his eyes, Sasori was just a toy he created that could be used. He left Sasori alone for two reasons. One, Sasori could help him run some errands, and two, he could steal Sasori’s research later.

Therefore, when Sasori inquired about this for the first time, Tonan said that he had become obsessed with singing and wanted to become a bass singer.

After a good while, Tonan seemed to have thought of some key aspects. He took a deep breath and opened his mouth again.

In another laboratory, Sasori could vaguely hear the continuous ‘ah’ah’ sounds, and he could only shake his head helplessly. In his heart, he thought, it seems that Tonan-kun is also not as perfect as I thought. He is completely tone-deaf.


After a long time, Tonan seemed to have given up singing. The entire laboratory fell silent. Suddenly, Sasori couldn’t help frowning. He noticed that the puppet parts in his hands had begun to tremble slightly.

As time passed gradually, the puppet parts shook more and more violently. Now, it could be seen clearly with the naked eye.

“Is there an earthquake…” Sasori muttered. After a long time, the puppet parts stopped shaking and Sasori also didn’t take this situation seriously.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Tonan’s figure had already appeared in Hatake Kabuto’s room. He saw Kabuto’s little face look deathly pale, and he was vomiting nonstop while taking support on the wall with his one hand.

The shadow clone, who was patting Kabuto’s back intimately, looked at Tonan’s main body and said, “Be a bit careful. Go and see if Isan is fine.”

Tonan looked at Kabuto’s situation and slightly nodded his head. He walked to the room where Hatake Isan was placed. He saw that traces of bright red blood had appeared in the green solution where Isan’s young body was soaked. Isan was bleeding from his seven orifices and was in danger.

Tonan hastily placed his hands on the glass container and used the Mystical Palm Technique to heal him. “Fortunately, I came in time. It seems it’s a success. This is the result without using the chakra. As for what to call it, let’s just call it the Sobbing Ghost Technique.”

After a while, Tonan repeatedly confirmed that Isan’s state in the solution was stable. Only after that, he left the room.

“Tonan-sama.” From outside the laboratory, Yamanaka Inoichi’s call came. Tonan went outside and looked at him. Inoichi had a respectful look.

Tonan asked, “Why did you come to see me?” Inoichi put his hands on his knees and bowed deeply at Tonan. He said, “Konoha has sent the information about the latest battle situation. Shikaku asked me to inform you as soon as possible.”

Tonan calmly said, “Speak.” Inoichi nodded his head and organized his words. He began explaining, “It’s the information about the Kumo battlefront. Not long ago, the Kumo eight-tailed jinchuriki became a perfect jinchuriki and entered the battlefield.”

“And the day before yesterday, Konoha received a piece of definite information that Sandaime Raikage will also enter the battle in person. So, considering that Kumo has a lot of top combat powers, the higher-ups of Konoha have permitted the nine-tailed jinchuriki, Uzumaki Kushina, to enter the battlefield as well.”

Hearing Inoichi’s words, Tonan’s eyes suddenly condensed coldly. He turned back and went towards the laboratory. He said, “Got it. Tell Shikaku, I’m going to the Kumo battlefront. And before doing that, I’ll minimize the pressure here for you all.”

Tonan didn’t care whether Konoha won or lost, or how many ninjas died in the process. But before Asura’s chakra was reincarnated, Kushina must not meet any accidents. Anyone who dared to touch Tonan’s power of the Six Paths would die.

Sandaime Raikage was no exception.


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