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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 254.1: Sobbing Ghost, Impressive Might Bahasa Indonesia

Towards the evening, there was a damp and oppressive undercurrent in the air. The sky was gloomy like water, and the dark clouds appeared to be accumulating power.

At the Sand Base Camp, just like the practice since time immemorial, people had chosen flat and relatively high places to set up their camps. The Sand ninjas had not filled the base camp with just tents. Due to the strong gusts of air blowing here from the Land of Wind every day, Suna’s forces had speedily built some semi-circular hunts while setting up the camp. They used special stones for this and put curtains as doors.

After the failure of attacking Konoha’s base camp some time ago, Sand ninjas began using a squad rotation system to continuously attack Konoha’s various strongholds. However, each stronghold was located in a small area, so it wouldn’t be of much help if they were to send many attacking personnel.

As a result, many of the Sand ninjas had to remain on standby and were stationed here. The camp’s center was also the highest point of this base. Ebizo looked at the information piled up in front of him and frowned. They hadn’t lost the war yet, but there had already been a certain scale of turmoil within the Land of Wind.

And the Land of Wind Daimyo was also putting great pressure on Suna. His topmost task right now was to break into the Land of Fire. Then, either rob the Land of Fire’s food and grains or force the country to open trade, and release the hoarded grains. However, Suna and Iwa’s combined allied forces were stopped by a single kid who had no war experience, Uchiha Tonan.

This situation couldn’t help reminding Ebizo of a person. Hanzo of the Salamander who had initiated the Second Great Ninja War had alone defeated the three nations. Eventually, only Konoha was able to resist him relying on its Sannin.

To put it nicely, it was resistance, but to put it bluntly, it was Hanzo who realized that Ame’s background was too weak, and relying on his strength alone was not enough to support his great ambition.

In this war, he chose to remain neutral. But Konoha produced Uchiha Tonan, who was very similar to Hanzo. He was troublesome and was unmatched on the battlefield in the same ways. The only good thing was that Tonan would suffer a serious backlash every time he fought.

Alas…,” Ebizo heaved a heavy sigh and got up from his seat. He walked to the window and pulled open the curtain to look at the distant scenery. “An individual’s strength can actually reach such a terrifying level.”

The rainwater swayed in the wind and fluttered into the tent, soaking Ebizo’s face. There seemed to be a curtain of water hanging between the sky and the earth. Along with the sound of gurgling water, everything seemed to become misty. Gradually, the wind became stronger, and the rain curtain shook more and more. It also became denser and stronger, turning into a heavy downpour.

As the rain became heavier, the entire world became clearer, no longer looking bleary. Seeing this, Ebizo gently closed the window and then the curtains. He turned around, preparing to return to his seat to continue and analyze the information. However, just as he turned around, he suddenly paused and frowned. He thought carefully.

Something was wrong.

Ebizo walked over to the window once again. He then not only pulled open the curtains but also narrowed his eyes slightly and stared into the distance with rapt attention. Vaguely, he saw a figure standing in a valley very far away from where he was.

Even though a ninja’s eyesight was extremely good, he was unable to see the figure clearly because coupled with the cover of the rain curtain which already decreased the visibility, the distance was too much.

That location would be considered very far even from the security line of the base camp, so there was no need to worry about it too much. Also, this person didn’t seem to be wearing a Leaf ninja uniform, so whether he was an enemy or not, couldn’t be determined…

“That person seems a little familiar,” Ebizo muttered to himself.

At the center of the valley, Tonan looked around and was quite happy with the terrain. He then closed his eyes and immediately began to make preparations. The senjutsu chakra within his body moved rapidly, maniacally circulating and gathering at his throat.

The aura around his body was rising rapidly.

Crackle, boom… Thunder rumbled in the midst of the cloud layer, buzzing in people’s ears. At this moment, the rainstorm had completely begun as well and the heavy downpour was like a huge waterfall, covering the sky and sweeping off the wilderness.

The black windbreaker Tonan wore was long since soaked by the rain, but the fierce chakra was lifting it. After a while, Tonan slowly raised his head, and spread out his arms, as if he wanted to embrace the entire world.

Crackle, boom… Thunderclaps struck the sky continuously as if heaven and earth were scared of something. “What is that person doing… I seem to have seen him somewhere…” Ebizo could see that the figure in the rain had spread his arms, and he instinctively felt a pang of fear in his heart.

Suddenly, a light flashed in his mind, and the lone black figure on the top of the cliff of that night appeared. Then, in an instant, the two figures overlapped. Ebizo’s pupils shrank suddenly. He immediately took a deep breath and pushed open the window. Taking support on the windowsill, he shouted, “Enemy attack!”

In the valley, Tonan suddenly opened his eyes. Due to the rapid circulation of chakra within his body, his eyes had involuntarily activated the Mangekyo Sharingan. The scarlet Mangekyo Sharingan spun rapidly, and a cruel smile appeared on his face.

Immediately afterward, he slowly opened his mouth as if he was yelling while holding his head high. Ebizo, who was staring at Tonan from the distance, held his breath subconsciously, and the muscles in his entire body tightened unnaturally.

The rain was still falling and the thunder was still rumbling. But the entire world seemed to have frozen.

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