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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 253.1: Sobbing Ghost Technique, Whoever Moves Dies Bahasa Indonesia

A few days had passed since the allied forces of the two villages attacked the Kikyo Mountain. After Uchiha Tonan returned to the cliff that night, Nara Shikaku immediately took out a blank intelligence scroll and went to meet him.

Shikaku figured out that since he had already chosen to submit to Tonan completely, he should no longer appear to be indecisive. Otherwise, he would be deemed as a person who went whichever way the wind blew, and such a person was very likely to meet a bad ending.

Tonan was not too polite either. He took the blank intelligence scroll and wrote down the report on the same evening on behalf of Shikaku. In most circumstances, things such as battlefield intelligence would be preserved. And after the war was over, the higher-ups would combine it with the results of the war to compare the battle achievements and battle losses.

Of course, the battlefield intelligence would be immediately handed over to Sarutobi Hiruzen. And logically speaking, Hiruzen had a certain leeway to manipulate battlefield intelligence. So, how to write battlefield reports itself was a kind of art.

It was necessary to retain the important details, but it was also critical to not highlight Tonan’s achievements too much at a glance. Otherwise, Hiruzen would know immediately that Shikaku had already betrayed him.

Tonan began writing on the blank intelligence scroll…

Iwa and Suna launched a surprise attack on our Leaf base camp late at night, with the Kamizuri clan as the vanguard. The Leaf base camp was understaffed, and as a result, it fell into a disadvantageous position.

For a moment…

Many pages describing how the Leaf ninjas fought heroically and struggled tenaciously under Shikaku’s leadership were filled in after that, finally coming to the information about Tonan.

In the end, Tonan, who is suspected to be injured, made a move and resolved the crisis. Then, he, whose strength was greatly reduced, pretended to be calm and appeared outside the Kikyo Mountain. As a result, after weighing the gains and losses, the allied forces of the two villages were unwilling to attack forcibly to avoid greater losses.

Note: Tonan’s eyesight has greatly reduced. I earnestly request Hokage-sama to send reinforcements in time to support this battlefront.

Although it was written like this, where Tonan similarly had outstanding military exploits, in the eyes of Hiruzen, it would be like Shikaku followed his strategy and successfully forced Tonan to take action. Taking the initiative to make a move and being forced into making one were two completely different things.

Although the results were the same, and the achievements were also the same, Hiruzen would think that his skill was superior and that he was able to play Tonan in his hands. Moreover, he succeeded in making Tonan’s injuries worse.

As the Hokage, he knew a lot about the Uchiha clan’s Mangekyo. Hiruzen was well aware of its side effects of going blind as well if it was used for a long time.

A very high-leveled hunter often used weakness as a disguise to lower his prey’s guard.

After that, for several days at a stretch, Tonan was totally absorbed in cooping in the laboratory. For a change, he was not conducting human experiments but rather he was researching ninjutsu.

The primary reason for this was that the ultrasonic wave released by his white pigeon ninja beasts on that day gave him an idea. The ultrasonic wave was able to locate the position and interfere with the action of bees, which could be regarded as a kind of special ninjutsu.

At that time, Tonan had a sudden insight, and he planned to develop a super ninjutsu that was contrary to the principles of ultrasonic waves. He wanted to create Infrasonic Waves.

According to his previous life memories and the vast amount of knowledge amassed in his current life, the sound waves with a frequency below twenty hertz were called infrasonic waves. As for the advantage of infrasonic waves compared to ultrasonic waves, it’s not easy to weaken, and not easy to be absorbed by air and water.

Moreover, the wavelength of infrasonic waves was often very long, so it could avoid some large obstacles and undergo diffraction. This allowed the infrasonic waves to have an extremely long distance of propagation.

But Ultrasonic waves were different. Because of too much energy, the resistance to propagation in the natural medium was also maximum, and the energy would also be consumed very quickly. Although the infrasonic wave was just a type of low-frequency sound, and it had no destructive power under normal circumstances, the essence of the sound is vibration.

And vibration has something called resonance. Once the frequency of the infrasonic wave was close to or even the same as the vibration frequency of the human organs, it would produce resonance with the organs within the human body, which was very harmful to the body.

If used well, it could even cause instant death due to organ failure.

Once the main principle was understood, there were just two things Tonan needed to do. The first was to get the sound source. This originated from the vibration of an object. Therefore, the sound source could be his own vocal cord or some kind of musical instrument.

Even the objects in the natural world could be controlled perfectly to create vibration.

After the first step to get the sound source was completed, the next was to integrate it with chakra or even the senjutsu chakra that had extraordinary energy. In this way, the power would be enhanced.

In the laboratory, Sasori had just finished tinkering with his puppet. He was bored with not much to do right now so he turned his head and looked at Tonan, who was ‘in a daze’ state, sitting on the sofa.

Tonan was sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed tightly. He looked very focused, and his mouth opened a little. And then, a deep sound could be heard. This voice was very low. In fact, it very much sounded like breathing.

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