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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 190.1: Reversing Polarity, Antagonistic Trend Bahasa Indonesia

After shouting a warning at Senju Tsunade, Uchiha Tonan disappeared without a trace. Leaving a person like this alive who had such extreme hatred towards him was only a hindrance. The present-day Tsunade didn’t have much ability except for The Hundred Healings.

Since she did not have much use for him, Tonan couldn’t be bothered with her. People who had no value but created trouble should be killed. And it just happened that she had provoked him first, giving him the perfect excuse. Instantly, lightning flashed around his body and he appeared right above Tsunade with the Kusanagi Sword in his hand hissing loudly.

“Such speed!” Tsunade’s pupils shrank and she instinctively jumped back, narrowly dodging his lethal attack. She moved back in time but her necklace floated in the air due to inertia and was cut into two pieces by the Kusanagi.

Tsunade, who was already agitated. Seeing that not only did Tonan almost kill her but even the memory Senju Hashirama left behind for her was destroyed, she lost her mind completely. The moment Tonan landed on the ground, chakra erupted from her body, and she punched the ground.

A huge crack spread toward him but this level of attack was simply too easy to dodge. Without batting an eyelid, he moved to one side but the crack went straight towards the Sunset Building. Amid the battle, Tonan had no interest in saving the old people there. If they died, it was fine for him. In fact, it provided him with a good cover to kill Tsunade.

“Don’t!” Maito Dai shouted and was about to open the Eight Gates mode to save the old people in the building but Jiraiya, who was still rational, was one step ahead and had already formed hand signs.

“Art of the Raging Lion’s Mane.” Jiraiya’s hair grew long in an instant and it extended around the building, wrapping the entire Sunset Building.

“Tsunade, are you crazy? There are people in there,” Jiraiya was furious and shouted at Tsunade. Although Orochimaru’s death saddened him as well, it didn’t mean it was a good reason to kill innocent people.

Tsunade was startled, realizing that she was emotionally overwhelmed and was too impulsive, not caring about human lives. She began to control her strength and attack range, fighting Tonan carefully to not accidentally hurt others as much as possible.

Tonan, wielding the Kusanagi Sword, was not afraid of Tsunade’s monstrous fists. Regardless of how hard fists were, they were still made up of flesh. They were nothing in front of his sharp blade. Tsunade knew that she couldn’t face the Kusanagi head-on and kept wandering around looking for opportunities to attack.

Since they were in Konoha, the Leaf ninjas arrived quickly. At this moment, they had already made a circle but the Anbu members had blocked them. Seeing this, Tonan couldn’t help narrowing his eyes. Sarutobi Hiruzen must have already heard about the situation here. It seems that Hiruzen’s hatred recovered too quickly. He knew that the current Tsunade and Orochimaru had a good relationship and she would look for him to settle scores but he did not stop her.

At this time, after receiving an order, the Anbu members detoured from the place where the two were fighting and headed to the Sunset Building to move out the elderly people there. Once that was done, Tsunade would no longer be shackled and could go all out.

One punch after another hit the ground. There seemed to be a giant reptile under the surface, continuously breaking the ground and rising. Tsunade tried to disturb Tonan’s attack by changing the terrain. As long as he would land on the ground, he would be affected by the remaining power of her fists.

Rumble… The welfare institution had a large area. It was enough for the two to fight without hassles and release wide-range ninjutsu.

Jiraiya frowned and shouted at the crowd, “It’s not good here… Everyone step back and move the surrounding residents away. With me here, no one will die. It’ll be over as long as Tsunade’s anger subsides.”

At this moment, Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina who were far away had also arrived. At a glance, they noticed that Tsunade and Tonan were fighting all out. So, they wanted to step forward to stop them. However, after hearing Jiraiya’s order, they hesitated and backed away a little.

“Uchiha kid, apologize to Tsunade,” Jiraiya shouted. If this continued, the entire welfare institution might cease to exist and the nearby residents might also be implicated. It was better to stop the fight in time.

It had just been a few years since the end of the Second Great Shinobi War. The friendship between Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru was still very strong. Tsunade was furious when she heard Tonan killed Orochimaru. However, Jiraiya was different. Perhaps, it was because he had traveled to many countries in the past few years and had seen too much human suffering. Between justice and emotion, he was more inclined towards justice.

Kushina watched the dangerous battle between the two and she worriedly asked, “Jiraiya sensei, what did Tonan do to make Tsunade-sama angry?”

Jiraiya took a deep breath and solemnly replied, “It’s because of what happened with Orochimaru.”

As soon as his words fell, the surrounding Leaf ninjas frowned. When it came to Orochimaru, everyone’s feelings were complicated. Minato’s face shrank. He took a step forward and lowered his head, “Sensei, do you know about Orochimaru’s human experiments?”

Jiraiya didn’t look at Minato and sighed, “I know… this is not this brat’s fault but Orochimaru was Tsunade and my partner after all. You know her temper. Sometimes, she doesn’t care about right and wrong and needs to vent the sadness in her heart. Rest assured, if she had truly wanted to kill, she wouldn’t have taken the initiative to reveal her aura.”

Minato looked at Tonan who seemed to be forced to run all around the battlefield and shook his head, “Sorry, sensei, Tonan used to be my student. He has already endured too much injustice and grievance. I can’t let Tsunade-sama attack him like this.”

Kushina was already furious when she heard Jiraiya’s absurd words. She shouted, “Minato, why are you wasting time talking to this old man? I’ll stop him, you go save Tonan.”

Minato nodded and took out his kunai, preparing to enter the battlefield. Jiraiya sighed and said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, with me here, that kid will be fine. Besides, if my judgment isn’t incorrect, he is no weaker than Tsunade. Consider this your sensei begging you. I’ll stop them myself in five minutes.”

“F… Fine…” Minato hesitated after hearing Jiraiya’s plea. He slowly lowered his hand and gently pulled Kushina’s arm. Jiraiya was Minato’s sensei and since he had promised that Tonan wouldn’t be harmed, Minato pulled Kushina to stop as well.

Only the jonin levels could watch this battle. The chunin and genin had been blocked by the Anbu members and were persuaded to retreat far away. Tsunade’s identity was special and today’s incident was unreasonable. It would create a problem if this matter spread.

At some point, an Uchiha clan jonin in the crowd began to cheer, and the other Uchihas followed.

“You can do it, Tonan!”

“Long live Uchiha!”

“Long live Uchiha!”


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