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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 189.2: Gaining Obito’s Acknowledgment, Tsunade’s Wrath Bahasa Indonesia

After much consideration, Uchiha Tonan wanted to invite Sarutobi Hiruzen to celebrate New Year at the welfare institution. However, in the reception room of the Hokage Residence, the staff turned him away on the pretext that the Hokage was very busy due to the Chunin Exam.

Tonan knew that without the Tamamo-no-Mae ocular technique to absorb Hiruzen’s negative emotions, Hiruzen must have started to resent him again in his heart by now. But from his earlier experience, he figured Hiruzen had no plan to make another move against him for the time being.

Now, the best way was to not have any contact with him and wait for the war to start.

In the middle of the night, everyone went back to rest after eating and drinking. Tonan also returned to his room and used a toy to tease Hatake Kotoura, who was crawling on the floor.

Kotoura had an innocent smile on his face. He reached out his chubby little hand to grab the toy. However, because he was not tall enough yet, he couldn’t touch it for a long time. The baby was impatient and looked at Tonan with big round eyes as if asking for help.

Seeing that Tonan was just looking at him with a smile and had no intention to give him the toy, Kotoura staggered a few times and finally stood up. However, the moment he did so, he fell again because he couldn’t control his center of gravity.

After repeating this over and over again, he finally stood up and grabbed the toy. He then sat on the floor with it and laughed happily. A hint of surprise flashed in Tonan’s eyes. Generally, ninja offspring developed physically faster.

They could talk and walk when they were just half a year old, and when they were about a year old, they could go to buy sauce. However, Kotoura’s physique grew at an inhuman level compared to his peers. He was only three months old but he could already stand up.

It seemed that the cursed seal’s assimilation effect was very efficient. If Tonan remembered correctly, Itachi would be about the same age as Kotoura right now. However, Itachi was still an infant in swaddling clothes, unable to move.

He had planted the cursed seal on Kotoura after he had awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan. If the assimilation effect reached a certain level, Kotoura might be able to awaken the Sharingan in the future.

Kotoura played with the toy for a while and looked at Tonan who was silently sitting there. He stood up with difficulty holding the toy and staggered into his arms. He raised his beloved toy and moved his mouth a few times, making two incomprehensible sounds, “Bah~ Bah~.”

Tonan looked at the baby quietly and reached out to rub his head, “Be obedient, it’s time to go to bed. Go to bed and play.” Tonan picked up little Kotoura and put him into the cradle. He turned around and went to his study room, ready to finish today’s diary.

Unknowingly manipulated by him, Yakushi Nono would leak his diary to Shimura Danzo every once in a while. Danzo seemed to have become Tonan’s loyal reader. He couldn’t sleep at night if he didn’t read that exciting diary for a day.

He couldn’t wait to lock up Tonan and make him write more. Tonan opened the diary, and without thinking about it, he picked up the pen. His speed of writing was such that his right hand was more like an afterimage.

Generally speaking, Tonan wrote a diary of tens of thousands of words every day, but it didn’t take long.

“Ba~ Ba~”



Kotoura’s calls kept coming from the living room. Tonan was not in a hurry to coax him because he wanted him to practice his language skills. When he grew up some more, Tonan also planned to teach him to write with both hands. This would benefit him in learning ninjutsu signs in the future.

In the dark night, stars filled the sky flickering brightly and dimly like gems and pearls. Konoha was filled with bright lights on New Year’s night. Especially the shopping street, where the ninjas who were on vacation got together with three to five civilian women and drank together, making the scenery look peaceful.

Not everyone was immersed in joy though. The Hokage Building shook violently, immediately followed by two figures rushing toward the welfare institution at astonishing speed.

Tonan, who was speed writing, suddenly paused and rushed to the living room at lightning pace. Rumble… In the welfare institution, the ground around the house where he lived gave way and then the entire house collapsed.

“Tsunade, don’t fight here.”

“Get lost!”

Besides the ruins, Senju Tsunade had smashed the ground with her fist. Her eyes were red. At the welfare institution’s entrance, Jiraiya was holding Maito Dai with one hand and Maito Gai with the other.

Dai muttered in disbelief, “Jiraiya-sama… this…”

“Don’t bother about this… you shouldn’t care,” Jiraiya interrupted Dai’s question, and he raised his head to look at the figure on the Sunset Building roof of the welfare institution.

Wa, wa…” Tonan looked down at Kotoura whose right cheek was cut by debris. He created a shadow clone and made him carry the baby and go far away. Tonan opened his eyes wide, and three tomoe Sharingan spun slowly, staring indifferently at Tsunade below.

He slightly raised his hand and a pallid light rose from the ruins, landing in his hand. “Spies these days have become too bold. They dared to break into Konoha’s welfare institution to kill people, not even sparing a three-month-old baby.”

Tonan’s voice instantly spread throughout Konoha via the buff of Wind Communication. Countless Leaf ninjas rushed toward the welfare institution after hearing him.

Tsunade clenched her fists tightly and glared at Tonan, “Uchiha brat, I’ll kill you and avenge Orochimaru.”

Tonan sneered and shouted righteously, “Oh, so you are the remnant evil of the human experiments…. die!”


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