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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 190.2: Reversing Polarity, Antagonistic Trend Bahasa Indonesia

Although Senju Tsunade had a special status and the title of the first medical ninja in Konoha who was widely respected among the people and the higher-ups, the Uchihas didn’t care much about this. As long as their clan member could defeat a sannin in front of everyone, they would be extremely proud. Nothing could stop them at this moment from cheering for Uchiha Tonan.

As for the other Leaf jonin, while they were inclined toward Tonan, Tsunade’s prestige was deeply rooted in their minds and hearts. It was not easy for them to side him openly. They instead chose to remain silent. The result was the one-sided cheer for Tonan.

Tsunade’s eyes were bloodshot with rage by now. The blue veins on her forehead were almost bursting out due to the repeated use of excessive force. Her chest heaved violently and she wanted to vent all her anger on Tonan. At this point in time, nothing was going in her favor.

Different positions represented the different views of right and wrong. For Tsunade, Orochimaru had sacrificed too much and made a significant contribution toward Konoha’s victory in the Second Great Shinobi war. While she too believed it was wrong of him to conduct human experiments, he shouldn’t have been killed in the way he was.

At the very least, he should have been caught and handed over to the village to judge what to do with him. Her belief was solidified when at the Hokage Residence earlier in the day, their sensei Sarutobi Hiruzen told her that he was planning to let Orochimaru go at that time, but it was Tonan to insisted to chase after him and even took the chance to sneak attack and seriously injure him, which then resulted in his death.

Tsunade’s primary intention today was to come here and beat Tonan to a half death condition. But now, because of the Uchiha clan’s applauds and shouts, emotions eroded her rationality completely.

“Sure enough, Second Grandpa was right… Uchiha is the most evil clan.” “So detestable!” Tsunade angrily yelled looking for a chance to get back at Tonan. She dodged his sword attack and turned sideways. Raising her leg high, she hammered it down towards his head.

A fierce force blew against his face but Tonan was undaunted and the three tomoe in his eyes spun rapidly. The Mangekyo-leveled ocular power gave him a super dynamic vision that was making this fight all too simple for him. He easily dodged her lethal attack using the Lighting Spirit Wind Flash.

Bang! With a stomp, the ground of the entire welfare institution turned into a deep crater. Large amounts of smoke and dust rose, shrouding the two people in their scope, making it difficult for others to see what was actually going on inside.

Jiraiya frowned thinking that high-leveled or even lethal and forbidden ninjutsu could be used at any time. He was worried there would be a casualty among the two. However, in the next moment, his eyes widened, and he angrily shouted, “How dare you!” His hair grew wildly in an instant and shot straight into the smoke cloud. The speed of his move was swift and as it penetrated the smoke cloud, it cleared up enough to reveal the situation inside.

At this moment, in the middle of the battlefield, Tonan had appeared in front of Tsunade wearing a smirk on his face. Tsunade was about to throw a fist but he sprayed a mouthful of blood on her face. Regardless of how despicable the trick was, as long as it was effective, he didn’t care about it at all. He really wanted to kill her.

The moment the blood was sprayed on her, Tsunade became weak and powerless. She couldn’t even stand steadily. Puchi… And at this time, Tonan’s Kusanagi ruthlessly stabbed her abdomen. The hit was made but just as the sword pierced her body, Jiraiya’s hair had dragged her out of the smoke not allowing any critical damage.

Tonan didn’t have the option to chase after his prey either because at exactly this time, a big stick dropped from the sky and stuck on the ground in front of him. As a result, he couldn’t deliver the fatal blow. “It’s a pity… had almost killed her.”

Tsunade’s situation was precarious. She was in Konoha and had blatantly attacked Tonan, the newly rising village hero. Since she had shredded all pretense of cordiality, there was no leeway to turn back.



Jiraiya was distressed as held an unconscious Tsunade whose stomach was dyed red with blood. His face was very unsightly. Tsunade’s apprentice Shizune, who was also a medical-nin and was in the distance, hastily ran over and began to treat her master’s injuries at this time as well.

Step, step, step… Steadysounds of footsteps came from the smoke cloud. In combat readiness, Jiraiya stood in front of Tsunade and stared at the person who was leisurely walking out of the haze.

Tonan’s eyes were scarlet and the tip of his Kusanagi Sword was still dripping with Tsunade’s blood cutting a strong image in people’s minds.


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