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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 143: The Sweeper Monk, Failing To Deceive Bahasa Indonesia

“Are you going to bury them here, evil-hearted ninja youth?” Suddenly, an old voice came from behind Uchiha Tonan. He got up and looked at the beautiful mountains and rivers around and nodded with satisfaction. He then leisurely replied, “Yes, the mountains and rivers are beautiful here. It’s a very good place to bury the dead.”

“Then why didn’t you bury them and stayed put for so long?”

A hint of a smile appeared on his face, and putting his hands behind his back, he said without turning his head, “I was waiting for you, Master.”

“You knew I was coming?”

Tonan chuckled and replied while shaking his head, “Master, when you sweep the stairs every day, you sweep from left to right. But today, when I was going down the mountain, you were sweeping from right to left. Your heart is in chaos…”

Immediately after Tonan spoke. Crackle, crackle, crackle~

The ground where that old monk was standing suddenly exploded. Tonan jumped out from the ground with a chakra tanto covered in lightning. Since the sunlight was bright, when it reflected on the chakra tanto, it dazzled people, making them unable to open their eyes.

The sharp tip of the chakra tanto was pointed straight at the old monk as if it was about to pierce through him in the next second. At that moment, the old monk’s otherwise cloudy eyes sharpened, and he stepped aside, dodging the sudden attack.

However, in the next moment. Bang! Bang! Bang! …

The sounds of explosions resounded continuously, and the trees around collapsed one after another. The bits and pieces of stones flew everywhere, mercilessly hitting the animals that hadn’t reacted yet. In the blink of an eye, a huge dust cloud mushroomed in the forest. Thick smoke enveloped the surroundings, and the sound of wind and insects that existed before disappeared.

There was also the faint smell of blood in the air. Tonan had used a shadow clone to plant dozens of explosive tags underground in advance, and he had ignited them now. The dust and smoke slowly dissipated, pits were faintly visible on the ground, and the red spattered blood drops looked like red roses.

Suddenly, a light flashed at the center of the smoke and dust. A pure white Thousand-Armed Kannon image had appeared behind the old man, and it used countless hands to protect the old monk.

The eyes of Thousand-Armed Kannon were closed. She sat cross-legged on a pure white lotus throne, and her appearance was filled with mercy and sympathy. The old man looked calm and relaxed. He looked straight at Tonan with cloudy eyes and leisurely said, “Sure enough, you are vicious. I wanted to know what exactly you wanted to do.”

Tonan adjusted his glasses, and replied in a natural tone, “I just want to save this messed up world in my way. Everything is for world peace and the great love for all creatures.”

The old monk snorted, not believing him. He pointed to the ground with one hand and pointed to the sky with the other as if entering another realm in the world. “I have achieved the heart eye, your lies can deceive them, but not me. You must have some hidden secrets.”

Tonan’s expression instantly became indifferent, and a powerful electric current appeared around his body. Crackle, crackle, crackle~

The current crackled around him, getting bigger and stronger. “Old man, you shouldn’t be so stubborn. Do you know who I am? Do you dare to touch me?” Tonan’s eyes were fierce. The exquisite eyebrows were knitted together. There was no gentleness on his face, and he seemed to be determined to win.

“I know you are Konoha’s Hokage’s student. That’s why I endured for so long. So that I can get rid of a calamity like you when there was no one around.” The old monk’s voice sounded a little ethereal, floating throughout the forest, giving others a boundless sense of suppression. Tonan moved his right leg a little and asked, “You are too daring, who are you?”

“The former abbot of Fire Temple, Terachi.”

After speaking, the old monk opened his eyes wide and roared angrily, “Welcoming Approach – Thousand-Armed Murder!”

Instantly, the pure white Thousand-Armed Kannon behind Terachi transformed into a red demonic-looking creature and each of her fists attacked Tonan like guided missiles. Tonan activated Lightning Spirit Wind Flash to dodge while rushing toward Terachi.

However, the fists he dodged made a turn and attacked him from behind, while more continued to attack from the front. Tonan didn’t want to fight head-on. He sped up and continued to dodge. Meanwhile, he made hand signs and slammed onto the ground, “Earth Style – Multi Mud Wall.”

Instantly, dozens of hard earth walls grew from the ground in front of him. Under the effect of his large chakra reserve, each earth wall was seven to eight meters high, protecting him both front and back.

“You can’t escape!” Terachi shouted, and his powerful chakra fluctuation blew his monk robe. The ground around him also cracked like a cobweb, and small stones floated in the air as if defying gravity.

Meanwhile, the angry demonic-looking creature behind him attacked more ferociously with the momentum of toppling the mountains and overturning the seas. The speed was so fast that naked eyes couldn’t see the attacks.

The earth walls were smashed into pieces, the debris flying in all directions, hitting the surrounding trees. And the dust and smoke formed by the powdered earth enveloped Tonan. At the critical juncture, Tonan’s indifferent voice came from the midst of the dust.

“Welcoming Approach… Thousand-Armed Murder!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!…

Sounds of fists came from everywhere and the residual power energized the air current, dispersing the dust and smoke. In the next moment, an unscathed Tonan appeared in front of Terachi.

Tonan had put his palms together with his eyes closed. He had a look of compassion. Behind him, there was a Thousand-Armed Kannon, which was similar to the one behind Terachi.

Terachi felt dizzy for a moment, and exclaimed in disbelief, “How is this possible? How can you know the Fire Temple’s secret technique?”

But Tonan just chanted with a compassionate face, “Merciful Buddha! All living creatures suffer. The good and evil in the world are constant. Since that is the case, it’s up to me to bear the weight of darkness. Feed the demon and deliver all common people from torment. Master Terachi, although you and I have different methods, the results we pursue are the same.”

After speaking, Tonan opened his eyes, revealing his scarlet Sharingan. He looked at Terachi with a sincere look. However, Tonan didn’t realize something.

The eyes of the Thousand-Armed Kannon behind him also similarly became scarlet, giving people a strange feeling. Terachi could no longer maintain the appearance of an enlightened eminent monk. He pointed at Tonan in horror and said, “Evil spirit… demon!”

A hint of strangeness flashed through Tonan’s eyes.

“This old man is much wiser than Chigo. It seems I can’t fool him. I did want to take advantage of the situation to fool him, and if I could gain his acknowledgment, then I could have added some senjutsu energy. But looking at the current situation, I’m afraid there’s no chance. What a pity…”


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