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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 142: Chigo’s Death, Inheriting Gift Of Hermit Group Bahasa Indonesia

The Fire Temple’s monks lowered their hands after listening to Uchiha Tonan. They were no longer wary of him. Instead, their gaze turned to Chigo. In their view, Tonan had almost nothing to do with this matter. If anyone would argue that Tonan giving the medicines to Chigo was a crime, then no one would agree.

Obviously, he had nothing to do with this, but he punished himself because of guilt. In addition, he went against the crown and punished the guilty. This was a real gentleman, a great man! If they stood against him, would they be human? But what about their abbot? Compared to this, the master whom they loved and respected was inflexible. He not only shielded the offender but also angered the deceased’s grandmother to death.

Chigo noticed the Fire Temple monks’ strange gazes and he subconsciously retreated two steps. He looked at the residents of Revered Fire Street behind him. He saw they looked at Tonan with admiration and respect but there was disgust in their eyes when they looked at him.

No matter who it was, it was terrifying being compared to others and falling short. At this moment, the boundary between good and evil had blurred. It seemed that Tonan had become a chivalrous man who upheld justice for the weak. And he, the Fire Temple master was a ruler’s lackey who didn’t know the right from the wrong.

Chigo’s mind fell into chaos. He had great doubts about himself, and he muttered, “You all… do you all think… I’m wrong…”

Tonan, who was bleeding continuously because the blade was still stuck in his body, walked to the square step by step. The monks surrounding him were silent, and with their hands lowered, they made way for him on their own.

Tonan walked over to Chigo and solemnly said, “Hypocrisy is a great evil. The millennium reputation of the Fire Temple has been damaged in your hands.”

Enduring the pain, he bent over and carried the corpses of the old woman and Naoko on his left and right shoulders respectively. Then, under everyone’s gaze filled with admiration, he left the Fire Temple. Tonan had a resolute look while carrying the two corpses and walking down the steps.

On the flight of stairs, an old monk was sweeping the stairs. When he saw Tonan going down the mountain, he quietly put away the broom. He stepped aside and lowered his head, putting his palms together.

In the Fire Temple, after Tonan left, Chigo’s heart was in chaos. Everything in front of him blurred. His body swayed. Fortunately, the sharp-eyed Chiriku supported him. After a long time, Chigo raised his head and glanced at the Buddha statue sitting in the hall. There was guilt in his eyes as he murmured, “Chiriku, take me to the main hall.”


After the onlookers saw that the matter was over, they all sighed and left the Fire Temple. But when they arrived outside the temple, they found the two corpses were placed at the temple’s gate and Tonan had long since disappeared.

“What’s going on?”

“I don’t know.”

“Perhaps, his injuries were too serious, and he wasn’t able to carry them.”

“Even so, he can’t just leave the corpses here.”

“Does he have any conscience? How can someone leave a corpse here?”

“Forget it, let’s carry the dead bodies. In any case, we are all neighbors, we can’t trouble others.”


At this moment, Chigo and Chiriku came to the main hall. Chigo declined Chiriku’s support and knelt in front of the Buddha statue. “Chiriku, do you think I was wrong?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“Perhaps, that girl’s death didn’t have much to do with me. But the death of that old woman was indeed caused by me. I’m guilty.” Chigo closed his eyes. His mind was full of the strange gazes of the believers and disciples when looking at him.

“Abbot, please don’t think like that.”

“Then, do you think I was right?”


Seeing Chiriku was unable to answer, clarity flashed through Chigo’s eyes. “Chiriku, I’m very optimistic about your talent and perception. My comprehension is lacking. I lack common sense, and I also don’t accept changes. I shamed Buddha, shamed that grandparent and grandchild, and also shamed the millennium reputation of the Fire Temple. From here onwards, the Fire Temple will be handed over to you.”

Chiriku asked in confusion, “Master Chigo?” But even after a long time, Chigo sat there cross-legged without replying. With a bad premonition, Chiriku extended his trembling hand and placed his finger below Chigo’s nose.


At the same time, in the forest outside the town. Tonan was continuously jumping from one tree branch onto another while carrying two corpses. Suddenly, a strong warm current came pouring into his limbs and bones. He stopped and placed those two on the ground, and pulled out the chakra tanto from between his ribs.

It was easy for him, who had Byakugan, to know which part of the body was the least fatal. This injury looked terrifying but it was not even a minor injury. Moreover, under the effect of the oncoming current, Tonan could feel his wound healing rapidly.

“This physique… is it the Senju or Uzumaki clan?”

Many secret techniques and Buddhist doctrines appeared in his mind. Most of the secret techniques were of little use to him but several others made him very happy. Especially the core cultivation secret technique: Gift of the Hermit Group!

At this moment, he understood what this secret technique which was not very different from senjutsu, was. Before the arrival of the God Tree, this world had gone through countless eras. In the past, the world had an extraordinary power that was not inferior to chakra. It was now called the power of nature or natural energy.

Self-healing power was a naturally produced special power, similar to spiritual qi in Xianxia novels. The energy had produced many monsters and powerful humans. For instance, many summoning beasts of today were these monsters’ descendants. In ancient times, after the God Tree was planted, all creatures in the entire world were marked with a mysterious imprint, and then, they were able to cultivate chakra.

But they were unable to absorb the energy in nature. Over time, most monsters instinctively absorbed natural energy and strengthened their bodies. And the monsters of the three great holy lands adopted a special method to absorb natural energy, combine it with their chakra, and created the so-called senjutsu.

Senjustu energy required cultivation. For example, the senjutsu learned by Jiraiya and the others were, in fact, already developed senjutsu energy bestowed by monsters. It was not that Jiraiya and the others had activated the Sage Mode, it was more accurate to say that they had obtained the energy of monsters. That energy was not absorbed from nature but passed on by monsters via summoning technique. This was also the reason why they couldn’t cultivate senjutsu themselves and non-human characteristics manifested every time they entered this mode.

The Gift of the Hermit Group was a method to use natural energy discovered by a certain genius human. By cultivating this secret technique, one could open up an illusory space within the body, just like the so-called dantian in the novels. It could also absorb strong emotions and store them.

Drawing the emotional energy in the illusory space, one could absorb the natural energy and combine it, finally forming the senjutsu energy exclusive to the human race. Even if this energy was not used, it could subtly strengthen a person’s physique. And when this energy was used, the senjutsu energy could be combined with chakra to enter the Sage Mode.

Because this senjutsu energy completely belonged to humans, there would be no change in appearance after entering the Sage Mode. But the biggest limitation of this method was absorbing others’ emotions. The emotional energy was very stable, and it was firmly locked within the mortal body. Only when people were emotionally stable, they would emit a small amount of emotional energy for the people around them to absorb.

However, Tonan had inherited Chigo’s legacy. He already had a considerable amount of senjutsu energy within his body.

“Are you going to bury them here, evil-hearted ninja youth?”


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