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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 144: Peak Expansion, Myriad Heavenly Lightning Prison Bahasa Indonesia

After being momentarily shocked, Terachi had the look of facing death with equanimity. He crouched and clapped his hands together. His emaciated body instantly filled up and his muscles bulged.

The loose monk robe ripped because of bulging muscles, flying all around. Terachi’s eyes became round, and his eyeballs were protruding, filled with blood. Because of exerting himself excessively, his facial features became bright red and distorted like a boiled prawn.

He transformed completely from the emaciated old man just now. Not only did his body become stronger, but his height also increased by three feet, emitting great strength. He clasped his hands, forming a seal, and shouted, “Not only is your spirit darker than that of a tailed beast, but you have also learned to disguise yourself. I can’t let you get out of here alive. True Several Thousand Hands – Peak Expansion!”

“Good lord, he truly doesn’t fear for his life.” Tonan had inherited Chigo’s legacy, so he knew this move. However, it consumed too much senjutsu energy, and Chigo’s energy was not sufficient. Unexpectedly, Terachi could use it.

The image of Buddha behind Terachi enlarged, and in a short moment, a small hill-sized motionless King Ming appeared behind him. Now, the image of Buddha was golden, and he sat half lying on a golden lotus throne. Moreover, he had three faces and several thousand hands.

The left face looked compassionate, the right face had anger and the front face showed enlightenment. The thickly dotted arms looked like a peacock fanning out its tail. It made people feel dizzy looking at it.

“Demon! Receive death!” Terachi shouted angrily, and the motionless King Ming’s infinite arms made a fist and attacked Tonan from all directions.

Rumble~ The earth shook, boulders broke and flew everywhere. Just the wind generated by the movement of the fists was extremely fierce, causing dust, sand, and rocks to dance crazily in the mountain forest.

Countless trees were broken by the fierce wind, and the soil on the ground rose high into the air. The bombardment of countless fists produced thunderous sounds, which seemed to have the momentum of destroying heaven and earth. The clear sky turned dusky, grey, and chaotic. To completely kill Tonan, Terachi went all out and bombarded for no less than ten minutes.

When the smoke and dust that covered the sky and the sun dissipated, there was just a pool of blood in a huge crater.

Terachi sighed in relief. His hands were drooping, and his eyelids were also closing slightly. It was like he would collapse from exhaustion in the next second. He turned his head and looked at the two corpses protected by the palms of the image of Buddha. But just when he was thinking of removing the Buddha’s image to go bury the two dead bodies, his eyes filled with horror, and he looked around.

“How is this possible! How can there be such an intense evil aura?”

Step, step, step… As footsteps became clearer, Tonan walked out from the collapsed forest in the distance and entered Terachi’s vision. His entire body was covered with lightning that seemed to be able to assimilate people’s souls.

He raised his hand, rubbed his temple a few times, and frowned. He moved his hands away. “Hiss~ is this what it feels like to die? Old man, you should experience it as well.”

Tonan’s voice was coming from all directions. “Barrier – Four Red Yang Formation.”

Suddenly, a golden barrier rose isolating Terachi from the world. His forehead was covered in a cold sweat. He looked at Tonan and at the blood in the crater. Looking horrified, he asked, “Impossible… how can a clone have flesh and blood…”

Tonan didn’t bother to continue explaining to a man who was about to die. At this moment, Terachi’s mind was in chaos, but it was a good chance. Tonan opened his eyes, and three tomoe spun rapidly. “Genjutsu – Hell Viewing Technique.”

However, Terachi was confused for just a moment, and his mind became clear again. He took a deep breath, put his palms together, and said with determination, “Demon, my belief is indestructible, you can’t deceive me.”

“That’s good, old man, you truly opened my eyes.”

In the next moment, a stone pillar rose from the ground below Tonan’s feet, moving Tonan to a high place. He looked at Terachi below and activated the Lightning Style Secret Technique – Spirit of the Thunder God. He communicated with the natural lightning. The sky above the barrier became overcast and dark as if it was soaked with ink.

A great pressure covered the entire barrier as if doomsday was coming. The muffled thunders were like raging billows flying up to the sky, getting closer and stronger. A streak of blue lighting spread in all directions like the branches of a bizarre tree, splitting the entire sky into pieces.

Streaks of lightning flashed one after another as if they would strike Terachi in the next second. At this moment, Tonan’s eyes were pure indifference bereft of any human emotions. He raised his right hand and a lightning ball condensed in it.

The lighting around his body surged, and his hair fluttered. His demonic might was outstanding. In the next moment, the lightning ball exploded with dazzling white light. And that beam of white light pierced the sky. Soon afterward, the dark clouds in the sky seemed enraged, and the entire sky lit up with dazzling blue radiance.

The fierce wind howled like a demon. Dark clouds were churning and rolling rapidly. They seemed to be piling up, getting denser and denser. And like thousands upon thousands of men and horses, they pressed towards the earth.

“Lightning Style Secret Technique – Myriad Heavenly Lightning Prison.”

It could be said that Terachi was the strongest opponent Tonan had met so far. In the battle of life and death, he used his strongest firepower. Terachi looked at Tonan in the distance, forcibly raised his spirit, and controlled the motionless King Ming behind him to brandish the fists to attack Tonan.


Rumble~ Thick lightning fell, accurately striking every fist. Tonan simply stood there, frantically releasing chakra. His Sharingan spun continuously, capturing the trajectory of King Ming’s fists with its powerful dynamic vision.

While defending, he also controlled lightning to attack Terachi. At this moment, Terachi was trembling because of the huge chakra consumption. But his unparalleled willpower supported him. He controlled the motionless King Ming to smash the lightning falling from the sky.

The earth was shaking. Hills and trees within the barrier had been wiped away without leaving any traces. Suddenly, the old woman’s corpse that was being protected by the motionless King Ming’s palm twitched.

Hu~ cough, cough, cough~” The old woman seemed to have something stuck in her throat and coughed suddenly. Tonan’s eyes moved to her, and a strange devilish smile appeared on his face. “Oh, you are not dead.”

Terachi saw his ruthless appearance and thought to himself, not good! The dark clouds in the sky surged, and a thunder dragon stuck its head out from them. The moment it appeared, it opened its mouth as if it was roaring, and a muffled thunderous sound filled the sky.

The huge dragon aimed at the old woman on the ground and dived down.

Despicable! Terachi didn’t think too much in haste. He felt Tonan was forcing him to defend the life of an innocent person. He instantly rushed toward the old woman.


Following an earth-shaking explosion, the entire world seemed to have lost sound and became quiet for a moment. The entire barrier was filled with dazzling white light. Everything within it seemed to have been annihilated.

Even the sturdy golden barrier began to flicker, seemingly, on the verge of being shattered in the next second.


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