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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 47 Bahasa Indonesia

[I want the dress code to be pink. I want to show everyone the Empire’s one and only pink diamond that my Father gave me as a gift. So, according to this, Sir Isidor… (…)]

I made some unreasonable requests, but as he is the son of a family equivalent to Seymour, I sent him a polite letter, unlike my usual self.

He readily responded to the letter that only seemed plausible on the outside but contained absurd and nonsensical requests.

[I’m looking forward to it. I am also deeply moved by the filial piety of the Princess.]

Filial piety, it’s nothing like that.

‘I’m trying to resell it at a higher price…’

Anyway, it was a good interpretation, so I left it to be misunderstood.

Isidor not only accepted my irrational act, but also actively expressed his opinions.

It was he who arranged for Helen and Kallos, the menswear designer in charge of Isidor, to collaborate.

Today’s coordination was the result of the collaboration between the two talented designers, filled with their blood and sweat.

Thanks to this, Isidor and I were the only ones here with uniformity in clothing and accessories.

Those with a good eye would have noticed that we are wearing matching warm red fabric, and that Isidor’s handkerchief and the fan I’m holding are of similar colors.

‘In high-level terminology, it’s a similar look.’

Isidor’s light pink suit was quite shocking and was gathering attention from all directions.

The shock lasted briefly, and most people had friendly expressions on their faces.

‘Isidor’s face did everything.’

He suddenly looked down at me with a kind expression. Even though I was wearing pointed, high heels, he was looking down at me.

‘Just how tall are you? Must be around 185-190cm.’

“Is my stride alright? Let me know if it’s too fast.”

“It’s fine.”

Since it was an official event, I was very polite to him. Isidor escorted me politely.

“His Highness the Crown Prince has arrived!”

Soon after, the imperial family also began to appear under the spotlight one after the other; and the imperial spring flower ball, one of the highlights of the festival, opened its splendid curtains.


‘So that person is the Crown Prince.’

My greatest rival in this world.

Because we’re sharing my ivory-colored Master.

I glanced at him as if observing a competitor.

“Thank you to all the distinguished guests who accepted the invitation of the Imperial Family and made this event shine.”

The Crown Prince, who smiled kindly, politely thanked the nobles as the representative of the imperial family.

And as if to announce the start of the ball, the first thing he did was come out and dance with his partner.

As described in the novel, he had a handsome appearance and, as a sword master, a body that had been trained with swordsmanship.

The most amazing thing was that his hair was blue like the sky.

‘The symbol of the imperial family. Blue.’

In the Azutea Empire, blue was expressed as the supreme color of the sky and the sea.

Blue blood was an expression that symbolized the noblest bloodline.

If no unexpected event happens, the Crown Prince, who clearly reveals that color, the symbol of the Hystch Imperial Family, will later become the Emperor of the Azutea Empire.

‘So the Master must be actively helping the Crown Prince.’

There were two more princes as candidates for the emperor position, but their presence was not as strong as the Crown Prince’s.

The 2nd Prince had a weak body, and the 3rd Prince was born to a 4th Empress from a foreign country, so the social conventions and attention of the Empire’s nobles were a problem.

‘Even though the 4th Empress is favored by the current Emperor, it would be unreasonable to push the 3rd Prince to be the emperor because of severe internal opposition.’

As the Crown Prince danced with the Princess of the Serig family, the nobles also started to go one by one to the central stage.

‘It’s like a movie.’

It was something I had seen from fragments of memories, but I couldn’t take my eyes off it when I encountered it in reality.

The sight of gorgeous dresses fluttering in all directions was like a party of flowers.

As I watched the ball in an excited mood, Isidor made eye contact with me and gave me a pretty eye smile.

“Shall we dance too? Princess Deborah.”

He held out his white gloved hand.

‘Big hands. My ideal type.’

“Of course.”

As he raised his graceful hand that seemed to play the piano well with a gentle smile, I thoughtlessly accepted the dance request, and remembered an important fact a bit late.

‘I forgot to practice dancing because I was just concentrating on clothes.’

During the winter, all I did were a few social dances that the family tutor taught me.


Isidor gently wrapped his firm arm around my stiff waist.

My body slowly came into contact with his, and the scent of musk that he had permeated my lungs.

Even though I didn’t drink, I felt like my eyes were spinning for some reason.

As he got closer, the spot his breath touched was as hot as if it had been burned.

Isidor started to match his steps slowly to the music, and I also moved my steps carefully as my body moved.

“Are you perhaps nervous?”

He whispered softly in my ear, as if my steps felt stiff.

“That, my steps are usually like this.”

I was pricked for no reason and spat out nonsense.

‘Is it just me or am I improving my acting skills and bluff after coming to this place?’

“You’re not even a marcher, but you are overflowing with discipline. Concentrate on the music. Princess Deborah.”

He spoke in a sarcastic tone and turned me round and round to a fast beat.


My head went blank for a moment, but Deborah’s natural motor nerves instinctively followed his movements with agility.

I reacted and moved automatically without having to think about it with my head, maybe because the dance was familiar to my body.

‘Isidor’s lead is also great.’

The past partners were a bit clumsy and stiff, and Deborah hated them.

However, Isidor moved rhythmically according to the music, and it was easy to follow because he controlled the dynamics well.

When he pulls, I quickly follow him, when he releases his strength, I adjust my stride slowly, and when he turns, I turn.

‘This is really fun.’

I feel like I know a little bit why there’s a dance fever.

As the music progressed to a certain extent, I was able to naturally follow whatever steps Isidor took.


“Oh, I made a mistake.”

Of course, there was an accident in which I stepped on his foot hard in the process of adapting.

“You dance really well. Your stamina is also good.”


I was a little flattered to hear that I had good athletic skills.

I felt all the better because I was out of shape in my previous life.

“As expected, I think you stepped on me on purpose a while ago. Very strongly, too.”

“No way.”


“I don’t lie.”

While chatting with him, I suddenly felt a strong gaze over Isidor’s shoulder.


His red-brown eyes seemed to stare at me fiercely.

‘What was that?’

As soon as I felt a strange feeling, Isidor turned slightly and blocked my view.

The emerald-colored eyes that I faced seemed somehow cold.

The strength that wrapped around my waist became stronger than before, making me stick to his body.

‘The dance’s level of difficulty suddenly increased.’

As the music progressed to the climax, the steps got faster, and I had no choice but to pay attention to his movements.

My vision was all over the place, and at some point, the music stopped, and a loud applause burst out of nowhere near me.

“That was great!”

“What a wonderful dance!”

Isidor looked down at me without saying a word.

Because of the dance, he clasped his fingers tightly with mine.

And then, he slowly released his fingers.

I unconsciously swallowed dry at the feeling that slowly brushed past my fingers.

“No one can take their eyes off the Princess.”

He whispered slowly.

“They must be looking at Sir Isidor more than me. There is no radiantly beautiful gentleman that is more suitable for spring flowers than you are today.”

“I’m not sure.”

He slowly raised his head with a subtle expression.

Philap and Mia were standing at the spot where Isidor’s eyes turned.

‘Huh? Why is Philap staring at me like I am his mortal enemy?’

I thought he was staring at me earlier, and I wasn’t mistaken.

‘Don’t tell me, is the pink diamond making him uncomfortable?’

Who told him to fail at predicting the winning bid?

While I was feeling absurd, Isidor led me to a place lined with champagne and finger food.

I was hot because of the intense dancing, but after I quenched my thirst with a cold drink, I felt like I could live a little.

As I indiscreetly met Isidor with a glass, a handsome man with black curly hair approached us while frivolously waving his arm.

“Sir Isidor! You danced well.”

“Ah, there were more annoying people.”

Isidor clicked his tongue and talked to himself in a low voice.

‘Those people…’

“This is the 5th Princess and Thierry Orgo.”

Aha. I thought they were somewhat familiar; they were the faces I had seen at the fact-finding meeting last time.


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